Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peppermint Tea to Help After the Holidays

Happy Holidays and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas; if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful winter weekend! I was debating whether or not to post this weekend, but after I went to N21 and Uber I thought I would do a short and sweet post.

Dress: Blueberry Gwen Cardigan Dress @Uber, Boots: Reign Laced Moon Boots RARE @N21, Hair: NEW Truth Austen @Uber, Skin: Glam Affair December, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Slink Hands

I haven't mentioned the event N21 much in my blog, but this event opens every month on the 21st. It doesn't really do themes, but all the items there are very original and fun. This round I bought some cute navy leggings by Blueberry, and I played Reign's gacha and won some cute boots which reminds me of Uggs.

Jumpsuit: Pixicat Chic Jumpsuit @Uber, Hair: Monso My Hair Claire @Uber, Shoes: ChicChica Princess Gold, Jewelry: Yummy Crystal Drop Earrings and Crystal Ribbon Necklace @N21, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Bracelets: Noodles Initial Bracelet Gold, Nose Ring: Zaara Ayanna Nosering, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Slink Hands and Feet 

Uber opened on Christmas with a freestyle round! Really exciting. I bought another piece by Blueberry--a fun sweater dress. It comes with a color change hud for the sweater's buttons and fur lining. Also Pixicat has a wonderful jumpsuit! I adore the glitter colors. Baiastice has a really cute lace dress. And Nylon Outfitters released this really cute Beauty Pageant dress and make-up and tiara with sash's which to me makes small fun at the Miss Universe Pageant. Really funny. All of you should go check it out~ The creators really did a great job! I am always excited to see all the creativity.

Super short post, but I figured everyone is still going to be busy with family and friends! Happy Sunday everyone! And I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!!!  Hugs and Smooches~




Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hot Cranberry Tea for the Holidays

I have to apologize due to not having anything fashion to post, but I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! I hope all of you stay safe and have fun this upcoming weekend!

Sweater: Moon Amore Alba Cardi @Collabor88, Hair: Tableau Vivant Starry Night Windy with Flakes @TheArcade, Skin: Glam Affair Sophie @Collabor88, Shirt: Pixicat Stockholm Knit @Collabor88, Scarf: Izzie's Infinity Scarf, Nosering: Zaara Anyanna nosering, Slink Mesh eyelids

Just a quick reminder, The Arcade ends at the end of the month. And The Arcade would be a great way for you get presents for your friends on Second Life since all the items are transferable...or you can keep them all to yourself! No judgement.

Stay Safe! Have Fun! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my loves! Lots of Hugs and Smooches~~~~


The Arcade:

Saturday, December 12, 2015

After a Workout Have Green or Black Tea

Happy Friday! I am posting this week's post early, because I will be out of town this weekend running in a marathon, and I won't be home until late Sunday evening. Wish me luck everyone!

Outfit: Moon Amore Cureless Charming Xmas @TheArcade, Shoes: Moon Amore Curelesss Charming Xmas Shoes @TheArcade, Hair: Tableau Vivant Starry Night Ponytail @TheArcade, Fox: The Secret Store Winter Foxes Hold Me @TheArcade, Nutcracker: MadPea Nutcracker Follower @TheArcade (gift under the tree, wear your Arcade tag), Skin: Glam Affair Ellie Skin, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

The Arcade opened at the beginning of the month, and I was lucky enough to get to the event in a relatively decent time. And on top of the luck of getting in rather quickly, I was also lucky in all the gachas I played! I was able to get every item I wanted without going broke!!! How often does that happen?! My favorite gacha this round doesn't have anything to do with fashion, but all to do with foxes. The Secret Store has a gacha with all these cute fox friends. They come in two different colors, White, and the rares are holdable pets! I love them! I have both colors of the rares, and I can't pick a favorite. Fawny has a pretty sweater gacha that comes with reindeer decor and attachable pets as well. Moon Amore has a really pretty dress out for the event and the shoes in the gacha are really cool--they have Christmas trees on the back of the heel, very flirty and fun.

Coat: Pixicat Stockholm Coat and Knit top @Collabor88, Jeans: Blueberry Tink, Boots: Reign Mishi Thigh High Boots, Scarf: Zaara Kashmiri Shawl @Collabor88, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Nosering: Kibitz Tulip Nose Chain, Hair: Tableau Vivant Champagne @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Emma @Collabor88 (make-up included), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands

Collabor88 opened on Tuesday and again, like with a lot of Collabor88 rounds....I almost went broke. All the Linden$ I saved from being lucky at the Arcade went to this round. Nordic Winter is the theme, and there are lots of sweater, fun hairs and scarves and hats. Zaara is at this round!!! And she has an updated mesh version of her pashmina scarves. I bought two so far.... so far.... Don't be surprised if you see me there again buying more... I maybe should of bought the fatpack...but we will wait and see.... The scarves textures have been hand painted by Zaara Kohime and are so gorgeous. They are worth the Linden (288L$), even if you only buy one.

Pixicat has a fun coat available at the event, and it looks to me like a Navy Peacoat. The coat is called Stockholm--it comes with a sweater and an optional dress add on for it. I prefer the sweater so far. I detoured from my normal color choices and chose to purchase the gray coat. I love the coat paired with the scarf from Zaara. The scarf splashes color into the outfit, and to me it brings it to life.

Dress: Foxes Dip Dress @Collabor88, Necklace: Foxes Drip Necklace @Collabor88, Shoes: Veronica Platforms, Hair: Tableau Vivant Cristal @Collabor88, Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Skin: Glam Affair Yolandi, Make-up: Emma Eyes and Lipstick @Collabor88 (included with Emma Skin), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth

There are two dresses I bought at the event, one by ISON and the other by Foxes. Both are more cocktail appropriate, but depending on how you pair it, you could make it more casual. The Foxes dress is a sweater dress which has an opened deep cut back. It comes with a long necklace for the back--very simple and elegant in my opinion. The only issue I can see people having with this dress... It is made to fit Mesh Bodies. If you do not own a Maitreya, SLink, or Bellza Mesh body, this dress will not work for you. It does NOT come in standard sizes for the default avatar. It also does not come with an alpha (since the mesh bodies come with an alpha hud).So buyer beware. Again, ALWAYS TRY DEMOS!

The ISON dress is default avatar and mesh body compatible. AND!!! You can buy the sweater also sold at the event, and wear the sweater with the dress. I ADORE this dress. It reminds me of a dress Emmy Rossum wore in her music video for "Slow Me Down". I love this dress. I like the sweater option, I really do...but this dress...... I love it. It is probably my new favorite. I won't lie.

Dress: ISON Skater Dress @Collabor88, Shoes: ChicChica Princess Gold, Necklace: Mandala Yolo necklace @Collabor88, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring and CAE Phases Rings, Watch: Izzie's Watch silver/copper, Bracelets: Noodles Initial in Gold,  Hair: Truth Solace @We <3 Role-Play, Nosering: Zaara Ayanna Nosering, Skin: Glam Affair Emma @Collabor88 (make-up included), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

I will stop there for tonight. I don't want to overwhelm too much. I would recommend checking out The Secret Store's sweater and pant, also Moon Amore has a fun sweater as well at Collabor88 worth looking at. Lots of Hairs and fun skins as well at this round. Go check it out whenever you have the time and the spare Linden$. Hugs and Smooches Tea Readers!!!!



The Arcade:

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Irish Coffee to Start Your Holidays

Sun has had a busy week, and when she asked me if I would consider doing this week's post I jumped at the chance. This has been both a busy and wonderful week for me. But this is not about me. This is about fashion--if there were an Uber theme made for me, it would be their current theme for the month, Androgynous. So settle in for a moment with some Irish Coffee or a cuppa.

Outfit: Jacket by Emery Andy Over the Shoulders Coat. Pants by Emery Adilet Jogger Black. Both at Uber. Bralet: Miss Chelsea's Bralet Black. Shoes: Pure Poison Dani Oxfords, at Uber. Hair: Truth Harmony Ponytail. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II America. Freckles: Glam Affair. Necklace: Cae :: Timey Wimey Things. Eyes: EarthStones Eyes of the World. Eyelashes: Redgrave 1 Daily.

I usually do not do much when it comes to fashion events on Second Life. Sun is usually the one to tell me all about it and shows me what I might want to get, or what she thinks will look good on me. Sun told me she thought this month's theme of Androgynous for Uber reminded her of me and that I would love it. I went, and I spent much more Linden than I had planned. Oh my goodness. I was in fashion heaven. I loved every outfit. I do not think I could pick a favorite for this round of Uber. I will be going back to get more once I get paid.

Outfit: Blazer: Ryvolter:: Kirsten Crepe Blazer. Skirt: Ryvolter:: Kirsten Lace-up skirt, both at Uber. Necklace: ISON Nova Tribe Necklace. Hair: Truth Harmony Ponytail. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II America. Freckles: Glam Affair. Eyes: EarthStones Eyes of the World. Eyelashes: Redgrave 1 Daily.

It was nice to see an event that has so many different styles which can be worn by both genders. This is not generally something I tend to think about when I'm out shopping for my avatar; I hardly ever go shopping for my avatar because nine times out of ten I'm in my dragon avatar. But after walking around Uber, I was pleased to see that both genders can use some of these outfits and styles. So if you have a boyfriend, husband, male avatar, or if you just want to get some awesome clothes, go to Uber. You have a plethora of chic options to choose from.

Outfit: Miss Chelsea Erin Blazer and Combats, Both at Uber. Hair: Truth Posy. Earrings: aru Suzanne Brass. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II America. Freckles: Glam Affair. Necklace: Cae :: Timey Wimey Things. Eyes: EarthStones Eyes of the World. Eyelashes: Regrave 1 Daily.

And since the opening rush is done and over with for Uber, it should not take you more than one try to get into the event. Just be sure to bring plenty of Linden. 



Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TEA READERS! Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you for reading my blog, and how thankful I am that you take some time out of your day to take a look at my blog. It is a real joy for me.

Coat: New Blueberry Asia Leather Jacket, Jeans: GizzA Nico Skinny Jeans, Scarf: Izzie's Infinity Scarf, Hair: BesomxReign Quite Spoiled @N21, Shoes: Flite First Winter Boots, Septum Ring: CAE Septum Piercing Bali 4,  Earrings: Earthstone Gemstone Globe, Socks: EB Atelier Mesh Socks, Necklace Jewelled Hand of Fatima, Henna: Letis Tattoo Mehndi, Rosy Cheeks: The Wicked Peach Rosy Full, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6

Don't forget tomorrow is Black Friday and even in Second Life a lot of creators are having sales. Stop by Seraphim to look at all the Black Friday Specials! I will update the link when they post their Black Friday page. I hope you all have a wonderful day willed with food and family. For those of you not celebrating, I still hope you have a wonderful day. Remember to give Thanks to all the good in your lives. HUGS AND SMOOCHES!



Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's All Have Some Verbena

Happy Sunday! I hope this week has been a positive one for everyone, and all my Tea Readers have been safe. On with this week's Second Life Fashion.

Outfit: Foxes Woodland Wonderland Peacoat Dress and Ear Muffs, Skates w/ Warmers: N-Core Skates @Kustom9, Hair: NEW Truth, Amoret, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Skin: Glam Affair December, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Kustom9 opened last Sunday, and unfortunately I was not drawn to any of the items. I saw a few items for friends, but for myself...nothing really jumped at me. I will say I did buy some skates from N-Core which double as ice skates and roller skates. If you want to check out some of the items at Kustom9, click this link to Seraphim's Gallery of all the items and prices for this round. Even though I was a tad disappointed at Kustom9, something even better was purchased on Sunday because guess who had a late set-up at Collabor88?

ZAARA! OMG! My SL designer crush. She has this cool tunic which is fitted specifically for the Maitreya Mesh Lara Body. She has not done any standard sizes and it will not work with other mesh bodies...I don't think. I can't really test it with other bodies since I only have the Maitreya body. There are both sheer and solid versions when you purchase your color. I have been wearing both around. Everywhere. I LOVE IT! Of course I doubt Zaara could create something I dislike. I have been wearing the plain white tunic with some mermaid leggings by ISON and some simple black booties by I have also been wearing the nude floral print tunic in the sheer, but I won't show those pictures. Got to keep this blog classy~

Tunic: Zaara Kavita Tunic for Maitreya Lara Mesh Body @Collabor88, Leggings: ISON Fish Scale Leggings, Shoes: Samantha Booties, Hair: NEW TRUTH Louisa, Ears: Mandala Steking Ears Season 5, Necklace: Mandala Princess Dogtag, Nose-ring: Yummy Kelly Septum, Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Well, Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and don't forget to go to Seraphim for some Black Friday Sales on Friday!!




Truth Hair:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some English Breakfast

Happy Sunday everyone! I feel a winter chill in the air, yet it still feels like Autumn just started. This new round at Collabor88 is a perfect "warm-up" for this coming winter. The theme is Autumn Blues.

Sweater and Shirt: Tres Blah Strappy Cami and Catby Shrug @Collabor88, Jeans: Tres Blah Grace Cropped Jeans, Hair: Little Bones Hello @Collabor88, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Necklace Autumn Fox @Collabor88, Boots: N-Core Winter Boots, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly Lovely Day, Eyes: IKON Charm eyes and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands

Autumn Blues makes me think of well....sadness and depression; Collabor88's Autumn Blues is everything but. Lots of cool and dark colors, but everything looks so warm and comfortable. When I went last Sunday I was cuddled up on my sofa with a thick blanket wearing an over-sized sweater. It just felt perfect. There are sweaters and scarves and boots and so much more!! Tres Blah has a fun sweater/camisole set out. In the promo picture the set is paired with shorts, but I pulled out some skinny jeans Tres Blah released not too long ago. Perfect casual attire for shopping or hanging out with friends.

Another outfit I really like is by The Secret Store. The dress is paired with a sweater and I like the attached leather belt. I went a bit different with it than I was originally planning. When I was picking out my colors, I was going to go for the sky blue cardigan, but I ended up being really drawn to the mauve color. I still went with the white dress. It took me a while to pair the outfit with the right shoes, but I made it work. Maxi Gossamer also has a few necklaces out, but the one I bought (and I think this will be my new favorite go to necklace) is a vial with some leaves and a cute chibi fox inside. I ADORE IT. Simply adore. I love foxes and this necklace is so cute. We need more pretty fox jewelry in our lives, both First and Second. Just my opinion.

Outfit: The Secret Store Annabelle Dress and Leonie Cardigan @Collabor88, Hair: Elikatira Estelle, Bracelet: CAE Wanderlust London, Shoes: *Your Skin & Your Shape* Rapallo Chic, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly Skin Lovely Day, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

Now onto my favorite buy. There is a sweater by Erratic which is exclusively for the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body...and I LOVE IT! So much. There is a lace underlay, and you can change the color of the lace or hide the lace depending on how you want to pair it. The sweater is over-sized, and I am sure you already know by now how much I love comfy sweaters. Erratic does have some packs of leggings to go with the sweater, and you get quite a few colors in a pack, but for 388L$ I could not justify buying the leggings when I have plenty other leggings I could use. Turns out I didn't end up wearing leggings with it at all; ISON released these fun boots with some sock add-ons. I think the boots with the sweater look amazing--like they were made for each other.

Outfit: Erratic Shannon Sweater @Collabor88, Shoes: ISON Leather Knee Boots @Collabor88, Hair: NEW Truth Vienna, Scarf: Plastik Bitter Chill Braided @Collabor88, Earrings: Earthstones Madison Pearl Earrings, Skin: Glam Affair Caroline @Uber, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend, and a great week! Enjoy the crisp Autumn air, have some hot tea, and please take some time out and go check out Collabor88.



Friday, November 6, 2015

Chai Karak to Stay Calm

Hey Tea Readers! I know this week's post is early, but I have a crazy weekend planned--my best friend is getting married and since I am the wedding planner, well....I have my hands full. I have recently been trying to keep my posts short and sweet, so hopefully this week's post keeps with the others.

Outfit: Baiastice Cara Dress in Sheer @FaMESHed, Hair: NEW Truth Morgana, Lipstick: Glam Affair Romy Goddess, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands

FaMESHed opened on Sunday for November, and I didn't go crazy, but I did buy two cute outfits! Baiastice has a really pretty, almost period type, dress which I LOVE! The dress comes in two different versions, sheer and non-sheer. I prefer the sheer version, but I have long hair in the front covering my breasts, so no flashing from me. I like a bit of an edge and I feel the sheer does give it a bit of an edge.

The other outfit is by Rebel Hope, and it is a cardigan/shirt and skirt combo. You pick your pieces and thankfully the cardigan comes with a hud to change the shirt textures so you can add come color to go with your accessories. I love the red/white color combination, so guess which combo I purchased? Red and White. Which is kind of funny because the wedding this weekend, it's color is navy and white.

Outfit: Rebel Hope Katina Mesh Skirt and Sonoma Mesh Cardigan @FaMESHed, Hair: NEW Truth Morgana, Shoes: Marsali Flats, Necklaces: Maxi Gossamer Heart and Skull Jewelled, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Nose Ring: Yummy Diamond Flower, Lipstick: Glam Affair Romy Goddess, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend! Send out positive thoughts for my bestie and for me. I am just hoping everything goes as smooth as possible and I will actually be able to enjoy the wedding and reception. Cheers~



Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos! I hope everyone's weekend has been a lot of fun. I also hope everyone had fun dressing up for the holiday! I dressed like Jack the Ripper this year. And let me tell you, my costume was EPIC! I had mutton chops and everything!!! Since Halloween is over, people can now fully enjoy the Autumn season, which has been gorgeous.

 Outfit: Erratic Ava Sweater and Meg Leggings @Uber, Hair: Olive Hair Vana @Uber, Nose Ring: Yummy Diamond Flower Nose Ring, Earrings: Yummy Double Diamond Studs, Necklace: Yummy Shining Crystal Necklace, Headband: Zenith Happy Halloween Headband, Shoes: Pure Poison Ingrid Pumps, Skin: Glam Affair Caroline @Uber, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, Whatever Fang Mesh Teet

Uber opened last weekend and the theme is Pumpkin Spice....LOVE! All the items have fall colors and are just amazing. I had to set a spending limit for this round, because if I did not set a limit I would buy all the items...All the items...

Erratic has a sweater legging combo exclusively for the Maitreya Mesh Body. I love the textures on the sweater. It looks like wool and I love it. Just LOVE. ISON has a fun poncho out for the event as well and the texture options to pick from are fun. Fashionably Dead has a cute dress and sweater combo, and the combo just reminds me of when I have the windows open on a crisp Autumn day and have the kettle on. It looks like something I would wear while bundling up on the sofa with a throw-blanket. Just deliciously wonderful. Reign has some really cool moccasins, and Emery has a shirt which reminds me of Coco Chanel with the simple colors and stripes-and as I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for Coco Chanel. Zenith has a wonderful dress which has a hud to change the texture of the skirt and the leather belt. I always love it when creators include huds to change textures. It gives you so much more options, like buying a fatpack...except not.... You know what I mean.

Outfit: Emery Ambrosio Flared Jeans with Apache Striped Top @Uber, Hair: NEW Truth Foxy without Hat @Uber, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Wedding Ring, Shoes: Rebel Gal Starry-Eyed Leather Boots (not shown), Skin: Glam Affair Caroline @Uber, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teet

I don't often talk about the hairs I am wearing but for the Pumpkin Spice round, I feel I have to. Truth's hair is just...Adorable! Just Adorable!!! It comes with a hat option, and the hat is a fox! You can even change the fox's colors with a hud. I ADORE IT!! And I am not often one for hats. Olive also has a cute side braid and I am a complete sucker for braids. Due has a cute hair as well, again it is a side braid, but it reminded me too much of Truth's Ishya. Still really cute.

Outfit: Zenith Sweater with Skirt @Uber, Hair: NEW Truth Foxy w/Hat @Uber, Necklace: CAE Juno, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Wedding Ring, Shoes: Reign Moccasins @Uber, Skin: Glam Affair Caroline @Uber, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Sort of short post again this week, but I just really hope everyone has enjoyed Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Remember to pay your respects to your ancestors and don't forget--pour yourself a cuppa.



Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Cup of Omijacha to Calm Your Spirit

Happy Sunday! This week has been, yet again, another long and busy one. I will try to keep this post really short and sweet so everyone can go about and enjoy the rest of their weekend~

Sweater: Pixicat Cozy Sweater @Kustom9, Leggings: ISON Marble Leggings, Hair: Olive The Roz no Brainz @Kawaii Project, Shoes: Pure Poison Vika Boots, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring @FaMESHed, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Triumph and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet and Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Kustom9 is celebrating it's Anniversary this round and OMG! All the presents are amazing! They are all 9L a piece and really nice! I love a cool sweater/shirt I got from Kitja (which is the gift), and Kitja also has a really fun shirt and jacket combo. You can change the color of the shirt under the jacket, and I thought this makes a fun outfit for going out with friends. Also there is a fun sweater by Pixicat which is really nice. I love oversized sweaters. They are so comfy, warm, and perfect on a chilly day. It was harder for me to pair the sweater with leggings due the way the sweater is positioned on my avatar, but I did finally find some leggings which worked.

Outfit: Kitja Jacket and Pia Shorts @Kustom9, Shoes: [monso] My Flower Sandals, Hair: Oleander Boone, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring @FaMESHed, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Triumph and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

Fun side note~ One of my friends took me to this fox village called Foxville last weekend and I immediately fell in love. It's done in a Japanese Forest Village set up and is furry friendly. Not many people know this, but I used to dress up at as kitsune back in my early days of Second Life. So just imagine me as a newbie, running around in a ballgown with ears and 9 fox-tails. I like to think I was super adorable! Anyway, I really fell in love with this place and I think everyone should check it out. It is really simple; it has a few shops, a cafe, apartments for rent, and lots of forest to explore! So far I have explored 2 sims, I don't know if there are more or not, I keep getting lost in the forest. There are roads that are basically straight shots through the middle of the sims. Really fun if you want to explore. Check it out if you have the time!

Outfit: Moon Elixir Roguish @Wayward Carnival, Hair: Truth Neria, Bracelets: Zaara Banjara Kada Bracelets, Necklace: Zaara Banajara Silver Chocker and Hasli Necklace, Kitsune Items: [D]oki Kitsune Blonde Ears and Kitsune Multi-Tail, Tikka: Shi Maang Tikka, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Tattoo: Letis Tattoo Bohemian, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Spectral and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

Happy Sunday my Tea Readers! Enjoy your cuppa and remember to relax! Halloween is coming up! Don't forget to get your costumes ready~!




Saturday, October 17, 2015

Orange, Cocoa, and Masala Chai for a Spooky Blend

Happy Sunday! I hope this past week has been amazing for all. I know for me it has been super busy, and the rest of this year is just getting busier and busier for me. I don't think I have any really "free" weekends until December.

Outfit: Tres Blah Collins Top and Lovett Skirt @Collabor88, Necklace: Jungbug Rhinestone Necklace in Rose, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring @FaMESHed, Shoes: Pure Poison Vika Boots @Collabor88, Hair: Oleander Kkyung, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Triumph and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Collabor88 opened last week and the theme is Burtonesque. It reminds me of Tim Burton with the swirls and a bit of the creepy--Perfect for Halloween time! I have fallen in love with Glam Affair's sugar skull appliers for the Lelutka Mesh Heads. Unfortunately I do not have a mesh head yet, so the appliers won't work. Really disappointing.

There are only a few things I purchased this round, and The Secret Store's sweater is probably my favorite. It comes with a hud to change the textures of the shirt underneath and I just love how comfy and posh the sweater looks.

Sweater: The Secret Store Helena V Neck Sweater @Collabor88, Pants: COCO Cropped Flare Pants @Uber, Hair: Exile Walking on Sunshine, Ring: Ariskea Poetic Women Wedding Ring @FaMESHed, Shoes: Poute Victoria High Heels, Skin: Glam Affair Marta, Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Tres Blah also has a fun outfit in what looks like leather. I LOVE the skirt. The skirt is very professional looking, but has a fun twist with it being leather. Also Birdy Foxes has a cool dress and leather jacket available. They both come with a hud to help change the alphas built into the dress so you can wear the jacket with it or any other jacket you own. Very COOL!!!!

Outfit: Foxes The Pagan Leather Jacket and Tunic Dress @Collabor88, Shoes: Pure Poison Vika Boots @Collabor88, Hair: Truth Effie, Necklace: Yummy Crescent Necklace and Lotus Necklace, Ring: Ariskea Women Wedding Ring @FaMESHed, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Triumph and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

I hope you all enjoy your week and I hope you are all planning out your costumes for Halloween! I think this year I will go as Jack the Ripper. FUN TIMES for sure! Huggles my Tea Readers~



Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spiced Apple Rooibos to Fight the Autumn Chill

Happy Sunday Tea Readers! I have had a crazy fun weekend! I went with my sisters on Thursday night to a showing of The Addams Family. And on Friday and Saturday in the town my twin and I live in there was an Cultural Festival going on! So much fun had, and I hope everyone has had a great weekend like I have!

Outfit: Coquet Maritza @FaMESHed, Boots: Just Design Penny, Hair with Scarf: Clawtooth Snug as a Bug, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes, Slink Hands, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, The Wicked Peach Rosy

When FaMESHed opened last week, I didn't go right away. I only ended up purchasing two items at this round, one dress by Baiastice and a cute coat/dress by Coquet. I LOVE the coat/dress by Coquet. It is so elegant and yet so versatile. Perfect for just about anything! Zenith has some fun heels with long socks. The shoes are cute, but the extra long socks aren't really my style. There is also a really pretty wedding ring set by Ariskea-- I really like the setting. It has three stones cut in teardrops. And you can buy the men's and woman's separately.

Dress: Baiastice Clya Dress @FaMESHed, Hair: NEW TRUTH Ryleigh, Rings: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring @FaMESHed and ieQED Persephone Ring Rose, Necklace: Tea.S Just a Rose, Bracelet: Aisiling Endora Bracelet, Shoes: Ingenue Ninette Heels Dogwood, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Sorry for such a short post! I have had a long and busy week and weekend. Please go check out FaMESHed, lots of other fun items out.



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Loose Leaf for the Best Taste

Happy Sunday! Hugs and Smooches Tea Readers. I hope this past week has been fun for everyone. I have been busy with work, helping plan a friend's wedding, and with family birthdays and anniversaries. October is a very busy month for my family and I. Despite being busy with all the crazy going around, I have been able to check out Uber!

Dress: Zenith Spice Dress @Uber, Hair: Moon Unit @Uber, Necklaces: Yummy Lotus and Crescent Necklace @N21, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Teeth

Uber opened last week as a freestyle round. It is always fun to see what has been created when the creators/designers are given free-reign. I was disappointed Truth did not release a hair this round, but Moon has released a fun curly hair for this round, and we all know I love fun and curly.  Olive also has a cool hair which is like a side ponytail...almost. There is one thing I don't like about Olive hairs--the Olive hairs on me have gaps in the forehead region with me. I don't know if it is because I have a narrow forehead, or if my forehead isn't "full" enough. It was an easy problem to fix though because I edited my shape a bit to have a fuller forehead. It has helped with the gap for most of the Olive hairs. Again, try demos, ALWAYS, before you buy. And if something doesn't fit right, don't be afraid to edit your shape and Save As (I have a few shapes saved for different things--one for pictures where I am smiling, one for Olive hair, and a few for different designers).

Sweater: Vinyl Walsh Sweater @Uber, Jeans: Blueberry Flare Jeans, Bracelet: Izzie's Pride Bracelet, Ring: LaGyo Layered Rings Ring 2, Hair: Argrace Konomi, Glasses: Yummy Quinn FramsEarrings: Yummy Double Diamond Studs, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly, Eyes: IKON Charm eyes and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Shoes: Ingenue Danja Oxfords, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth

The clothes and home items at this round are fun, and the funnest item for me is a sweater/shirt combo from Vinyl. I love the "Coffee, Books, & Rain" printed option, and there is a hud for changing textures for the sweater. When I was putting the outfit together, it was fun and reminded me of when I was in college. Very nerdy but chic. I had to wear these over-sized glasses by Yummy with it. It just completed the look.

Also Zenith has a really pretty dress which reminded me of a toga....I love togas. Erratic also has a really sexy dress which is specifically fitted to the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. It is short, has partially corseted sides, and look perfect for clubbing! And we all know I love to go clubbing!

Dress; Erratic Adriana @Uber, Rings: ieQED Dream Ring Set, Hair: Olive Sharni @Uber, Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, Shoes: Gos Skull Chain Sandals, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth

I didn't get as buy happy as I normally do for Uber this round, but that does not mean there aren't awesome things there! Check it out this month to see what the creators' minds have thought up for this freestyle round!



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Start Blending Your Spices for the Perfect Chai

Happy Sunday! I hope this weekend has been awesome for everyone. This week has been crazy busy, but lots of fun! I have spent this whole weekend with my college besties. I haven't been online much this week, but I have been to Shiny Shabby. Go ahead and have a cuppa and enjoy this week's fashion picks.

Coat: Moon Amore Abril @ShinyShabby, Shirt: Senzafine Sohma Tank, Leggings: Coquet Janey Denim Skinny Leggings, Necklace: CAE Juno, Rings: ieQED Jessi Rings Bronze, Boots: Rebel Gal Starry-Eyed Leather Boots, Hair: Tableau Vivant Eastern Wind @TheArcade, Lip Gloss: Glam Affair Romy Goddess, Skin: Glam Affair Ellie Skin, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth

Shiny Shabby opened on Tuesday, and I was so excited to see quite a lot of outfits and items I liked. I ended up making a list and planning my shopping out; I have noticed I have been planning out my Second Life shopping a lot lately. It makes keeping myself on a budget easier, and then I can save lots more money this way.

Moon Amore has a COOL coat for the autumn. I love the windblown look, and it goes so perfectly with an editorial hair I got at The Arcade (The Arcade's last day is Wednesday September 30). It reminds me of taking evening walks around the woods and fields around my family's home and the wind gusts blowing through my hair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Outfit: GizzA Annie Pleated Shirt and Short @ShinyShabby, Shoes: Flite Yacht Shoes, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Forget Me Not Flower Heart, Hair: NEW TRUTH Emerson, Skin: December II, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

GizzA has a fun shirt and shorts set. You can choose between colors they come in color combo packs. You still have to buy the shirts and shorts separate from each other. I love the tucked-in shirt. It just looks so laid-back and comfy. Zenith also has a fun dress out for this round. It is a really pretty simple long dress with sleeves that scrunch up at the elbow. It comes in very neutral colors, different shades of brown and white. There aren't any pinks or blues or blacks.

The dress by Valentina is really pretty and elegant looking. It really does look like cashmere and makes me want to pull out my cashmere sweaters for the Autumn. The pearls scattered around the skirt make the outfit flirtatious... in my opinion. And come on, who doesn't like to be a little flirty in the Fall? It is starting to get colder, people are starting to add on layers and the leaves are changing colors. The air is getting crisp and people are starting bonfires and hay rides....Lots of opportunities to cuddle up next to someone special or spend extra time with your loved ones. Love it.

Outfit: Valentina Pearl Cashmere Ensemble @ShinyShabby, Jewelry: Aphorism Bijou Collection in Moonstone (Waist Chain, Ring, Bracelet), Shoes: Maxi Goassamer 60's GoGo Boots, Hair: NEW Truth Emerson, Lip Gloss: Glam Affair Romy Goddess, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, and I hope the start of Autumn has been wonderful. Hugs and Smooches my Tea Readers!!!!


Shiny Shabby:

The Arcade:


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pumpkin Spice to Welcome Fall

Happy Sunday! Seems like sickness is going on all around me at work and at home. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping the bad germs away.

Outfit: Zenith Autumn Coat and Dress @Kustom9, Shoes: Zenith Leather Heels @Kustom9, Handbag: Zenith Autumn Leather Bag @Kustom9, Hair: Truth Honey, Necklace: Geek Spun Gold Necklace, Glasses: Gos Custom Eyeware Intution, Ring: Tea.S Starfleet, Skin: Glam Affair Angelica V2, Eyes: IKON Charm, Lipstick: Glam Affair Goddess Romy, Tattoo: Joli Atma, Slink Hands and Feet

Not much to show this week. I have been to a few events, but the only thing I really liked was an outfit by Zenith at Kustom9.  It is a gacha, and the items are dress/cardigan piece, heels with sock, handbags and some big kitties to hold. Two of the dresses and the two kitties are rares. I was lucky enough to get the black and red dress I wanted as well as the tabby kitty I wanted. It took a while, but I got them!!! The outfit is really well done, as is all of Zenith's items, and it makes me want to take a nice stroll downtown in the art district sipping on a latte.

Headphones: Soy P/R/O HeadPhone for Monitoring Head @Kustom9, Shirt: Lunarsugar The Wolf, Skin: Glam Affair Ellie, Hair: Truth Harmony, Eyes: Senzafine Under the Milky Way Sky Clear @Genre and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Jewelled Hand of Fatima, Earrings: Yummy Pearl Stud, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth 

I am not much for techie accessories, but I liked these headphones by Soy at Kustom9. It is a gacha as well, and the vendors are close together. I was lucky enough to get the rare on the first go. The Rare comes with a color change hud. So I was able to match the headphones to a shirt a friend of mine made (super cute shirt, and I haven't really taken it off since she sent it to me). I also want to mention briefly Genre. The theme this month is Twilight Zone, and my FAVORITE thing are these mesh animated eyes to look like the night sky and celestial formations. The picture does not do these eyes justice, but here is the plurk which contains a brief showing of the animations.

Not a very long post for this week. I hope every stays healthy! Hugs and Smooches Tea Readers!!!!




Sunday, September 13, 2015

Earl Grey for the Muted Coven

Happy Sunday! I hope this week has been another amazing week for everyone. I was glad to have Monday off from work due to Labor Day, and I have been so ready for the weekend. I think it is time for a long vacation. Especially since kids are back in school now.

Outfit: ISON Occult @Collabor88, Shoes: Samantha Booties @Collabor88, Hair: Olive The Pumpkin Pie with #5 Bangs @TheArcade, Ring: LaGyo Layered Rings1 @TheChapterFour, Earrings: Maxi Gossamer The Moon and Stars For You, Lip Gloss: Maxi Gossamer Romy Goddess, Skin: Glam Affair Marta @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Collabor88 opened on Tuesday with the theme Muted Coven. I took the theme to mean understated/subtle witchcraft. While most of the colors are dark, they are not "Bold" dark--to me everything looks to have some sort of grey shade. Still a few other color options available (I bought a few white and blue pieces).

There were a few outfits I fell in LOVE with, like immediately just had to have. ISON has this dress/overcoat outfit where there is an option for a moving coat. The dress has a look of sophistication and the coat gives the dress some flare. But the moving tailcoat option is like...the best thing ever. Here is a short video of it moving; it is really fast in the main picture shown, but a small way down there is another video with the actual movement speed. I bought the midnight blue color because the moving of the coat made me think of ocean waves...but I had to go back for the white set as well. Love this outfit! I also bough a lace outfit by Pixicat. I am a sucker for lacy, so when I saw this skirt with the lace overlay. The top is cute as well, kinda like a bralette.

Dress: M.Birdie Lexy @Collabor88, Coat: Schadenfreude Thessaly (men's size) @Collabor88, Shoes: Pure Poison Ingrid Pumps @Collabor88, Hair: Little Bones Hexxed @Collabor88, Wand: Boom Swish and Flick Cedar 10 1/3 inch, Ring: LaGyo Layered Rings1 @TheChapterFour, Skin: Glam Affair Marta @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Mesh Teeth

I also fell for a dress by MBirdie. Very tight fitted, and the triangle cutout in the breast area adds so much. I saw the ad for the dress and I did a bad thing, I bought without trying the demo. BUT it worked out and the dress fits perfectly. I have a few MBirdie pieces which require lots of editing of my shape in order to fit properly, but this dress fits so well. And while I was putting the outfit together I had to teleport back to the event (after it taking me an hour to get there...and the lag was HORRIBLE) and purchase a coat/cloak from Schandenfreude. I decided the whole ensemble reminds me of a Hogwarts professor. AND the dress looks good with the ISON overcoat as well! Big plus.

Foxy also as a cute dress and hat outfit. Makes witchcraft look more modern and updated. And the hat fits with the Exile hairs at the event pretty well. Only minor adjustments to make them fit. On a bit of a side note...I hate editing hats. I love fancy hats, but editing always kills me. I make the hat too small, too lopsided, not enough tilt, not the same size. I am just horrible. All I had to do with this hat was move a small bit and do a small little rotation. Then Viola! Perfect look.

Dress: Foxes The Craft @Collabor88, Hat: Foxes The Craft Hat in Tan @Collabor88, Hair: Exile Songbird @Collabor88, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Soul Catcher Book of Spells @Collabor88, Ring: LaGyo Layered Ring1 @TheChapterFour, Shoes: Pure Poison Ingrid Pumps @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Marta @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Enough of my crazy shopping addiction for now. I hope you get a chance to take a look at Collabor88 this month; its a wonderful round. Enjoy the rest of your week. Don't forget to take some time for yourself. Have a cuppa and stay safe!



The Arcade:

The Chapter Four:

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Tea Readers!!  The first day of Autumn is fast approaching, and this my only Holiday weekend until November, so I am soaking in the sun and family time as best I can. I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, and I hope you all have a long weekend. If you don't have Monday off, try and break away from work or from your normal routine and enjoy the sun and have cuppa.

Shirt: Pixicat Bastet Top @TheArcade, Jeans: Blueberry Luna Rolled Cuff Jeans, Hair: NEW Truth Josette, Eyes: IKON Triumph @Shiny Shabby and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Nosering: Mons Mesh Septum Ring, Bracelets: Noodles Gold Initial Bracelets, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Slink Hands and Feet

I am not going to post much; I have been to The Arcade and to this new round at FaMESHed, but didn't buy much. The Arcade doesn't have many outfits, but Pixicat has a fun dress and shirt/jacket out along with some really cute sphinx cats. And Birdy has cute witchy items and familiars. I will go more into it next Sunday. For now, Hugs and Smooches my Tea Readers! Enjoy your weekend!!!


Truth Hair:

The Arcade:

Shiny Shabby:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chocolate Croissants for a Sinful Experience

Yay for Sundays! I hope this week as been amazing. I know for me it really has been. I am back to a normal work schedule, and I have been trying to spend as much time as I can soaking up the end of summer--who knows how this winter will be.

Dress: Baiastice Vania Sheer version @FestivalofSin, Hair: Truth Posy, Necklace and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Solaris Pearl Drop set Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Bracelet: Noodles Initial Bracelet Silver, Shoes: Narcissa Heels @FestivalofSin, Panties: Erratic Alicia, Skin: Glam Affair Fiona, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Slink Hands and Feet

Festival of Sin opened last Sunday, and I was so shocked at how easy it was to teleport in and to find everything. The layout is very fun; each sin is separated (lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth, vanity) and it was so fun exploring the different areas. I only made purchases in envy and vanity. Envy's set is my favorite. It looks like a pleasant suburb with trees, birds and cute little houses.

The two outfits I bought were from Baiastice and Junbug. Baiastice's dress is really opulent looking to me. You have choices between solid and ombre colors. In each pack there is a solid and a sheer version. In my opinion the sheer version is the best. It shows off your legs, and leaves your privates covered enough so you do not have to wear underwear if you do not want to (and still don't really "show" anything). The Junbug outfit isn't a dress; it is a "bloomer" set. I personally love the flowers. The openness of the front with the complete coverage in the back makes it look fun from every angle! I don't think I will be wearing the outfit "out" much, but I will probably be running around my studio and home in it. Yay!

Outfit: Junbug Envy This [Darling] @FestivalofSin, Hair: Due Wendy, Necklace: Aphorism Bijou in Moonstone, Shoes: Poute Victoria Heels @FestivalofSin, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Skin: Glam Affair Fiona, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Slink Hands and Feet

Uber opened on Tuesday with an Athletic theme. I bought more than I thought I would, but my real purchases were some skins by Glam Affair. They are a bit brighter and cleaner, and I love them! I bought a few sports items,but my favorite has to be a cropped t-shirt from Bueno which says, "Yoga and Wine". The shirt is a darker purple, not my normal color, but it looks great with my new pair of Yoga pants from Blueberry which are AMAZING! I know this picture is kind of random, but I like this look a lot as well.

Shirt: Bueno Cropped Tshirt @Uber, Pants: Bluberry Yoga Pants, Bangles: Noodles Positivity Bangles, Hair: NEW Truth Olympia @Uber, Bag: Bueno Workout Bag @Uber, Shoes: The Forge Strider Plus @Uber, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina @Uber, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Tattoo: Letis Mehndi

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend/week. Go outside and play for a bit. Hug your friend, family, significant other, pet, pillow, or whatever. Then log on to Second Life and shop till you drop!


Festival of Sin:
                             Where you are teleporting is right at the Vanity portion, but all the other locations are on the same sim. Vanity is at the top of the sim, so you can work your way down--just follow the road.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fashion Flashback#5

So, after posting my last fashion flashback of Zaara, and Earth's post on Utopia..... I had no idea who I would post on.  See, in my early days of Second Life I was at a lot of Medieval and Tolkien Sims. Even now I still enjoy going to Medieval and Mythical Sims (I might still live on one *wink wink*).  So I was talking to Earth about what the heck I was going to do a fashion flashback on, and she said, "Well, why can't you do Evie's Closet?" And I got to thinking... Why not?!

Outfit: Evie's Closet Iseult Witching Hour, Hair: NEW Truth Rumi, Necklace: CAE Reverse, Neck Ribbon: Junbug Highland Ribbon, Wolf Familiar: Alchemy Dire Protector, Eyes: IKON Charm Field and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II, Slink Hands

Evie's Closet... Let me start with how I like literally just randomly stumbled upon it.  I was at an Elven Market on an Elven Sim, and the shops area at the time (for me and my dinosaur of a computer I had) was laggy. I was trying to get to one area of the pier to shop and my mouse and arrows weren't helping me navigate and I ended up crashing into a vendor stall in front of another shop on the opposite side of the pier. As I was trying to rez everything, this pretty white dress (Evie's Iseult Winter) came up and I decided to check to see the price. It was, I believe, around 250-300L and I figured why not. It was and still is a pretty mesh dress. I bought it, then I was informed I had 500L store credit... or some crazy number. So I IMMEDIATELY searched for a landmark to her main store, went and proceeded to spend my store credit and more Linden$ on outfits. And that is my Evie's Closet story...

Dress: Evie's Closet Nimue Gown, Hair:Truth Priya, Necklace: Junbug Pearls of Wisdom, Eyes: IKON Charm, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Slink Hands and Feet

Evie's Closet is usually at We <3 Role-Play every month, and though sometimes her dresses are for role-play, a lot of the time (more times than not) you can wear her outfits around anywhere.  Her dresses range from elegant to flirty.  I like the versatility of the outfits and the prices are very reasonable for such good quality.  And for some of you who like lingerie (and really, who doesn't)...Evie has that, too!  When I say she is versatile, I mean it.  She normally does a color theme per outfit, some are just in brights, some are in pastels, and some are in darks. Not much mixing of the color themes. One really cool thing Evie does with ALL of her outfits is she includes a notecard with the styling credits for each from the Vendor/Ad pictures. It is really helpful if you see a hair or an accessory you saw and really liked. Really awesome and helpful--Thanks Evie.

Dress: Evie's Closet Sylfai Primrose, Hair: Olive The Show Queen, Skin: Glam Affair December, Slink Hands and Feet, Slink Mesh Eyelids, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth
This outfit was partially put together with the help of Evie's Notecard included with the dress when I bought it. So if you need styling help, or like how she does her ad looks, you can easily do it~

I haven't known about Evie's Closet for long...well, it depends on your definition of long on Second Life... I discovered her about a year or year and a half into my Second Life, and like I said, I just stumbled upon her. I know this is really short, but I wanted to mention how amazing and show how versatile Evie's Closet really is.


Evie's Closet Marketplace

Evie's Closet:

Evie's Closet Blog

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lavender Tea for Pleasant Daydreams

Happy Sunday Tea Readers! I hope this week has been awesome for all, and your weekend has been a long joyful one. I only have today off, then back to the crazy work week tomorrow. Time sure does fly when you are having fun... or working.

Collabor88's Fourth Birthday is this month, and for the birthday round the theme is.... DREAMER! Lots of  light colors, and very whimsical designs. I tried to be more responsible with my linden, as I have been trying to do lately while out shopping, and as usual Collabor88 just brings out the shopaholic in me. I think we all consider ourselves dreamers. I know I am a HUGE dreamer; whether it be fanciful or practical my mind never ceases to wander at certain moments. And who doesn't like a good daydream?

Dress: Pixicat Dreamy Dress in Clouds @Collabor88, Hair: D!va ft Bauhaus Movement "Ride with the Sun" @Collabor88, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Dream Orb, Shoes: Pure Poison Artizan Cloud Pumps @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Luna @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm Forest and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth, Flying Books by Intrigue @Collabor88 (They are SUPER COOL~)

First, my FAVORITE item at the event is by Pixicat. The dress is a cute poof of a dress, and there are lots of color options available. My favorite (I am guessing it is everyone's favorite, because I have seen LOTS of people wearing these prints) are her animated cosmic and sky prints. Oh. My. Goodness. So mesmerizing. The cloud print--you guessed it--has clouds all over it. The sheer overlay is animated so there are clouds floating "around" on the skirt. Now it isn't like a cloud add-on. It is an actual print... And I know my pictures don't do it justice, but just look at this plurk! The video is of the cosmic print, and I just love both dresses. Both animated prints are 288L$ instead of 188L$ for the regular colors, but are so worth it. I can not say enough about these dresses. AND the dresses are mesh body compatible. AWESOMESAUCE~

ISON has a really pretty formal gown at Collabor88, called the Orchid Gown. Very pretty, and again, very formal. It would make a nice dress for a wedding, a ball, or hell to go shopping in. I don't judge (I have been known to go grocery shopping in cocktail attire just for a bit of a pick me up). I like the orchids on the bodice of the dress--it adds a fanciful feel to the gown. It comes in a few solid colors and a few ombre colors. I bought the blue ombre, and it goes so well with one of the new hairs by Truth. I just really liked putting this dress together.

Dress: ISON Orchid Gown @Collabor88, Hair: NEW Truth Priya, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Dream Orb @Collabor88, Rings: ieQED Dream Ring Set in Gold @Collabor88, Shoes: Pure Poison Artizan Cloud Pump @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Luna @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm Forest and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

There are some other items I felt compelled to purchase due to the wow factor and the price was oh so right. D!va has partnered with Bauhaus Movement on two hairs. Bauhaus movement did this cute antler/floral headband (which using the included hud you can resize and turn on/off). I bought "Ride with the Sun" because.....of reasons. Also Foxes (Birdy Foxes) has some cute lingerie items. I bought the bra-panty set and nightie of the cosmic print because of my cosmic feels for the event. Also Junbug has an evening gown which to me seems very Modern Fae. It appears to almost be a mermaid cut and then the bottom of the dress just spreads out and appears to be a fluffy cloud. Really cute. Tres Blah also has a cute styled dress. Well, there are two styles of dress for Tres Blah at the event; I only bought the turtle-neck flower collared dress. There is another dress which reminds me of a school girl....and I didn't like it. For some reason it reminded me of a peppy Wednesday from the Adam's Family. Maxi Gossamer has a gorgeous, and I do mean GORGEOUS, necklace at the event and it is a dream orb. It comes in two different tones, and the two tones come in two different lengths! You can color change the orb to match whatever outfit you have on or add it to an outfit which has been missing a little "umph" as my dad used to say. I thought the necklaces when great with the Pixicat dresses.

Dress and Balloon: Moon Amore Papillion Dreams and Blue Butterfly Balloon @Collabor88, Shoes: Aisling Wraps in Cloud @Collabor88, Ring: ieQED Dream Ring set in Gold @Collabor88, Hair: NEW Truth Heloisa, Skin: Glam Affair Luna @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm Forest and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

The layout of Collabor88 is the same...but different--it looks really dreamy. I recommend looking up at the sky! Very magical. It is the same structure as last year's birthday round, and double the designers/creators of a normal round. Lots and LOTS  of guest designers. Only two stalls have gifts out for the event. Milk Motion and Moon Amore. Milk Motion's is just a mesh belt to go with their outfit. Moon Amore's gift are a bunch a bunch of balloon's with butterflies in them! It matches their dress and it can be worn on with something else. Super cute.

Outfit: Pixicat Dreamy Dress in Cosmic @Collabor88, Hair: NEW Truth Sakina, Rings: IeQED Dream Ring Set in Gold @Collabor88 and Schadenfreude Fox Wee Beastie, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Dream Orb @Collabor88, Shoes: Pure Poison Artizan Cloud Pumps @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm Forest and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Skin: Glam Affair Luna @Collabor88, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth

Well, I think I may have overloaded everyone with the awesomeness that is Collabor88 this month. Please go check it out. It should be much easier to get into now since it has been open for over a week. Much love! Hugs and Smooches my Tea Readers~