Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peppermint Tea to Help After the Holidays

Happy Holidays and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas; if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful winter weekend! I was debating whether or not to post this weekend, but after I went to N21 and Uber I thought I would do a short and sweet post.

Dress: Blueberry Gwen Cardigan Dress @Uber, Boots: Reign Laced Moon Boots RARE @N21, Hair: NEW Truth Austen @Uber, Skin: Glam Affair December, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Slink Hands

I haven't mentioned the event N21 much in my blog, but this event opens every month on the 21st. It doesn't really do themes, but all the items there are very original and fun. This round I bought some cute navy leggings by Blueberry, and I played Reign's gacha and won some cute boots which reminds me of Uggs.

Jumpsuit: Pixicat Chic Jumpsuit @Uber, Hair: Monso My Hair Claire @Uber, Shoes: ChicChica Princess Gold, Jewelry: Yummy Crystal Drop Earrings and Crystal Ribbon Necklace @N21, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Bracelets: Noodles Initial Bracelet Gold, Nose Ring: Zaara Ayanna Nosering, Skin: Glam Affair Katra Ballerina, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Slink Hands and Feet 

Uber opened on Christmas with a freestyle round! Really exciting. I bought another piece by Blueberry--a fun sweater dress. It comes with a color change hud for the sweater's buttons and fur lining. Also Pixicat has a wonderful jumpsuit! I adore the glitter colors. Baiastice has a really cute lace dress. And Nylon Outfitters released this really cute Beauty Pageant dress and make-up and tiara with sash's which to me makes small fun at the Miss Universe Pageant. Really funny. All of you should go check it out~ The creators really did a great job! I am always excited to see all the creativity.

Super short post, but I figured everyone is still going to be busy with family and friends! Happy Sunday everyone! And I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!!!  Hugs and Smooches~




Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hot Cranberry Tea for the Holidays

I have to apologize due to not having anything fashion to post, but I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! I hope all of you stay safe and have fun this upcoming weekend!

Sweater: Moon Amore Alba Cardi @Collabor88, Hair: Tableau Vivant Starry Night Windy with Flakes @TheArcade, Skin: Glam Affair Sophie @Collabor88, Shirt: Pixicat Stockholm Knit @Collabor88, Scarf: Izzie's Infinity Scarf, Nosering: Zaara Anyanna nosering, Slink Mesh eyelids

Just a quick reminder, The Arcade ends at the end of the month. And The Arcade would be a great way for you get presents for your friends on Second Life since all the items are transferable...or you can keep them all to yourself! No judgement.

Stay Safe! Have Fun! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my loves! Lots of Hugs and Smooches~~~~


The Arcade:

Saturday, December 12, 2015

After a Workout Have Green or Black Tea

Happy Friday! I am posting this week's post early, because I will be out of town this weekend running in a marathon, and I won't be home until late Sunday evening. Wish me luck everyone!

Outfit: Moon Amore Cureless Charming Xmas @TheArcade, Shoes: Moon Amore Curelesss Charming Xmas Shoes @TheArcade, Hair: Tableau Vivant Starry Night Ponytail @TheArcade, Fox: The Secret Store Winter Foxes Hold Me @TheArcade, Nutcracker: MadPea Nutcracker Follower @TheArcade (gift under the tree, wear your Arcade tag), Skin: Glam Affair Ellie Skin, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

The Arcade opened at the beginning of the month, and I was lucky enough to get to the event in a relatively decent time. And on top of the luck of getting in rather quickly, I was also lucky in all the gachas I played! I was able to get every item I wanted without going broke!!! How often does that happen?! My favorite gacha this round doesn't have anything to do with fashion, but all to do with foxes. The Secret Store has a gacha with all these cute fox friends. They come in two different colors, White, and the rares are holdable pets! I love them! I have both colors of the rares, and I can't pick a favorite. Fawny has a pretty sweater gacha that comes with reindeer decor and attachable pets as well. Moon Amore has a really pretty dress out for the event and the shoes in the gacha are really cool--they have Christmas trees on the back of the heel, very flirty and fun.

Coat: Pixicat Stockholm Coat and Knit top @Collabor88, Jeans: Blueberry Tink, Boots: Reign Mishi Thigh High Boots, Scarf: Zaara Kashmiri Shawl @Collabor88, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Nosering: Kibitz Tulip Nose Chain, Hair: Tableau Vivant Champagne @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Emma @Collabor88 (make-up included), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands

Collabor88 opened on Tuesday and again, like with a lot of Collabor88 rounds....I almost went broke. All the Linden$ I saved from being lucky at the Arcade went to this round. Nordic Winter is the theme, and there are lots of sweater, fun hairs and scarves and hats. Zaara is at this round!!! And she has an updated mesh version of her pashmina scarves. I bought two so far.... so far.... Don't be surprised if you see me there again buying more... I maybe should of bought the fatpack...but we will wait and see.... The scarves textures have been hand painted by Zaara Kohime and are so gorgeous. They are worth the Linden (288L$), even if you only buy one.

Pixicat has a fun coat available at the event, and it looks to me like a Navy Peacoat. The coat is called Stockholm--it comes with a sweater and an optional dress add on for it. I prefer the sweater so far. I detoured from my normal color choices and chose to purchase the gray coat. I love the coat paired with the scarf from Zaara. The scarf splashes color into the outfit, and to me it brings it to life.

Dress: Foxes Dip Dress @Collabor88, Necklace: Foxes Drip Necklace @Collabor88, Shoes: Veronica Platforms, Hair: Tableau Vivant Cristal @Collabor88, Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Skin: Glam Affair Yolandi, Make-up: Emma Eyes and Lipstick @Collabor88 (included with Emma Skin), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Mesh Fang Teeth

There are two dresses I bought at the event, one by ISON and the other by Foxes. Both are more cocktail appropriate, but depending on how you pair it, you could make it more casual. The Foxes dress is a sweater dress which has an opened deep cut back. It comes with a long necklace for the back--very simple and elegant in my opinion. The only issue I can see people having with this dress... It is made to fit Mesh Bodies. If you do not own a Maitreya, SLink, or Bellza Mesh body, this dress will not work for you. It does NOT come in standard sizes for the default avatar. It also does not come with an alpha (since the mesh bodies come with an alpha hud).So buyer beware. Again, ALWAYS TRY DEMOS!

The ISON dress is default avatar and mesh body compatible. AND!!! You can buy the sweater also sold at the event, and wear the sweater with the dress. I ADORE this dress. It reminds me of a dress Emmy Rossum wore in her music video for "Slow Me Down". I love this dress. I like the sweater option, I really do...but this dress...... I love it. It is probably my new favorite. I won't lie.

Dress: ISON Skater Dress @Collabor88, Shoes: ChicChica Princess Gold, Necklace: Mandala Yolo necklace @Collabor88, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring and CAE Phases Rings, Watch: Izzie's Watch silver/copper, Bracelets: Noodles Initial in Gold,  Hair: Truth Solace @We <3 Role-Play, Nosering: Zaara Ayanna Nosering, Skin: Glam Affair Emma @Collabor88 (make-up included), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

I will stop there for tonight. I don't want to overwhelm too much. I would recommend checking out The Secret Store's sweater and pant, also Moon Amore has a fun sweater as well at Collabor88 worth looking at. Lots of Hairs and fun skins as well at this round. Go check it out whenever you have the time and the spare Linden$. Hugs and Smooches Tea Readers!!!!



The Arcade:

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Irish Coffee to Start Your Holidays

Sun has had a busy week, and when she asked me if I would consider doing this week's post I jumped at the chance. This has been both a busy and wonderful week for me. But this is not about me. This is about fashion--if there were an Uber theme made for me, it would be their current theme for the month, Androgynous. So settle in for a moment with some Irish Coffee or a cuppa.

Outfit: Jacket by Emery Andy Over the Shoulders Coat. Pants by Emery Adilet Jogger Black. Both at Uber. Bralet: Miss Chelsea's Bralet Black. Shoes: Pure Poison Dani Oxfords, at Uber. Hair: Truth Harmony Ponytail. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II America. Freckles: Glam Affair. Necklace: Cae :: Timey Wimey Things. Eyes: EarthStones Eyes of the World. Eyelashes: Redgrave 1 Daily.

I usually do not do much when it comes to fashion events on Second Life. Sun is usually the one to tell me all about it and shows me what I might want to get, or what she thinks will look good on me. Sun told me she thought this month's theme of Androgynous for Uber reminded her of me and that I would love it. I went, and I spent much more Linden than I had planned. Oh my goodness. I was in fashion heaven. I loved every outfit. I do not think I could pick a favorite for this round of Uber. I will be going back to get more once I get paid.

Outfit: Blazer: Ryvolter:: Kirsten Crepe Blazer. Skirt: Ryvolter:: Kirsten Lace-up skirt, both at Uber. Necklace: ISON Nova Tribe Necklace. Hair: Truth Harmony Ponytail. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II America. Freckles: Glam Affair. Eyes: EarthStones Eyes of the World. Eyelashes: Redgrave 1 Daily.

It was nice to see an event that has so many different styles which can be worn by both genders. This is not generally something I tend to think about when I'm out shopping for my avatar; I hardly ever go shopping for my avatar because nine times out of ten I'm in my dragon avatar. But after walking around Uber, I was pleased to see that both genders can use some of these outfits and styles. So if you have a boyfriend, husband, male avatar, or if you just want to get some awesome clothes, go to Uber. You have a plethora of chic options to choose from.

Outfit: Miss Chelsea Erin Blazer and Combats, Both at Uber. Hair: Truth Posy. Earrings: aru Suzanne Brass. Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II America. Freckles: Glam Affair. Necklace: Cae :: Timey Wimey Things. Eyes: EarthStones Eyes of the World. Eyelashes: Regrave 1 Daily.

And since the opening rush is done and over with for Uber, it should not take you more than one try to get into the event. Just be sure to bring plenty of Linden.