Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spiced Tea on a Brisk Day

Happy Autumn everyone!  For the start of Autumn, I figured I would put on a new fall outfit I bought recently, and it may look familiar to some of you who were at FaMESHed's August round.  This outfit was there and is done by makers of Valentina.  If you did not get this sweater/caplet set at FaMESHed, don't worry, it is now up at the store inworld. The link for it will be at the bottom of the blog.

Old rounds are closing up, new ones should be opening soon in the middle to the end of next week for some of the amazing monthly events. There is an event I went to for the first time called the "Four Season's Market". It has a lot of Autumn items, from outfits, to home decor, to poses.  All decently priced, and the items look to be of an okay quality. I didn't buy any of the outfits, but I did buy a few poses, and one of those poses I used for the blog today. I really liked it.  Four Season's Market kind had me hoping it would be like Season's Story...but it really is nothing like it...yet it makes me want Season's Story to start up like not as patient as I should be when it comes to Season's Story. Love that event, but I digress.

I love the different smells of the seasons, and Autumn is one of my favorites.  I don't think I have a favorite season, but there are aspects to the different seasons I prefer to the others. Like I LOVE the smell of cool crisp air, bonfires, and the spice from the falling leaves.  So excited it is Autumn now--it is sad Summer went by so fast, but Autumn means Halloween, and Halloween means the start to the Holidays, and the start to the Holidays means Christmas!!!! Haha, although by the time Christmas comes we will all be tired of the Holidays.

Uber will be starting up soon, and so will the new round of FaMESHed, We <3 Role-Play, Collabor88, and many other of the amazing monthly events. So please people, go check out the rounds before they close for September.  Also, get your shopping lists ready for October, I have a feeling it is going to be an Awesome month.

Outfit: Valentina Inverness Wool Shorties, Cable knit Sweater, Cape; Shoes: LaRoo Ellie Sock Pumps in Blue Foral; Necklace and acorn ring: MaxiGossamer Royal Autumn Forest; fox ring by Tea.S; bracelet: Yummy Heart Locket; Hair: Truth Cameo, Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India, Eyes Redgrave CatGreen and Boudoir's closed eyes natural

SURL: Valentina's:
             Four Season's Market:

~Update: So when I logged on this morning, I had a notice from We <3 Role-Play stating there would not be an October round due to the Mystic Realms Faire going on in October. So no WHRP, BUT there will be an awesome new event...and LOTS of designers for it! ~

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mint Tea for the Soul

Rosh Hashanah starts Wednesday evening, and not many people know I come from a multi-religious household.  One of my sisters is Jewish, another is Buddhist, while I am Hindu. We have Catholic, Evangelical, and Agnostic cousins--my point, MulticulutralFamilyR'Us.  Overall, Holidays for us are all year round, not to mention Christmas time is always fun, sometimes hectic and confusing (but when is Christmas time not). Back to Rosh Hashanah, it is the beginning of the Jewish New Year.  For my family that means my sister makes a wonderful Jewish meal, the whole family comes over to my parent's house, and have dinner say prayers and have family time.  Our whole family celebrates each others' Religious Holidays.  My family really does break conventions and norms when it comes differing beliefs.  We are all about love, acceptance, and cuddle times.

I know I normally post on Sundays, they are my normal posting days, but since the Jewish New Year is this Wednesday evening, I thought why not do a Rosh Hashanah post. I can't lie, I have also been inspired by the fantastic photographer/blogger Strawberry Singh's posts on "Ethnicity in SL".  She is such an amazing photographer and blogger, I often go over to her blog for inspiration, for tips, and for laughs. Monday was her birthday, and I thought in her sort of honor, I would open up about my sort of "Ethnicity in SL" except it is more of multiculturalism in my Real Life, that filters into my Second Life...which goes in with Berry's Blogs.

Berry has done posts on Ramadan, and I was inspired by her most recent Ramadan post. So this is my Rosh Hashanah post...even though I am not Jewish, but this Holiday is still very important to my family and I.  So, take some time this week and appreciate your family, your culture, your religion, your life.  And let's all start this Jewish New Year right, stuffing our faces with amazing food, having laughs, and having good times! 

Dress: Zaara Anusha Striped Dress Sky, Shoes: LaRoo Medusa Pumps Mimosa, Hair: Truth Posy Blonde, Bindi: Lumae Minu (Genre), Necklace: Earthstones Mosaic Star of David, Crop Top: Peqe: Bali Shrug (Genre), Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India, Eyes: RegGrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural

Location of pictures: Isreal Sim,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't Spew Your Tea...But....

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday's post is all about Zaara! Zaara is having her annual 50% off sale!!!!!!!!!! So, I have the link to Zaara's store at the bottom of the blog, all her items are 50% off...all. Everything. Did I stutter?! NO! Go now, check it out. This sale doesn't last long (it's last day is September 30), so please please please go check it out.

There are dresses, shirts, pants, Indian outfits, jewelry, shoes, accessories....Did I mention everything is 50% off? Why are you still reading this? Go to Zaara now! Gentlemen, there is a men's section, too. It is in the building next to the main building.  There is also an outlet store (The outlet store is not 50% off, but it is still cheap).

Dress: Zaara Ritika Maxi Dress in Ivory, Shoes: LaRoo Zoey Heels Cocoa, Hair: Truth Freya, eyes: Redgrave Cat Green and Boudoir's closed eyes Natural

Zaara SURL:

Why aren't you at Zaara yet?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's All Heat It Up...The Tea I mean....

Happy Sunday my Sunday Tea readers!  This week, we are going to talk about Collaor88's September round, which is Miami Heat!!! Lots of bright colors, and sexy sexy clothes! It was hard to find something that was in keeping with the style I have (though there are a lot of amazing items). I really was under a sensory overload. I was able to find a dress done by Atomic called Miami Fun. It really is a fun dress. Just by looking at it, it seems simple.  And on both sides are these cut outs, which is sexy, but not overdone...this will sound corny, but the dress stays classy, while making you feel sexy.  It comes with a color changer hud, that has three different colors, two solids, and one combo. I really like the pale blue and pink combo, which both colors are really me so the combo is perfect.  The jewelry set of pink and blue is done by Yummy and is very reasonably priced at 88L per item.

The hair is done by Exile, and is also at Collabor88, it is called Locomotion, and is 188L.  Love this hair. I can already tell I will be able to use it for quite a few outfits in the future. It is a very classic hair.

I was able to use a skin with the outfit that I bought at The Cosmopolitan Room. It is done by WoW Skins and it is called Eshe. What was great about this skin, I didn't have to change my skin tone on my feet and shoes, it matches my Ethnic India skin great. This skin is a little darker, but it blends so well.

Like I mentioned before, I really like this new outfit from Collabor88,--I even went to a few new beach sims and some clubs in it.  Great for dancing and lounging.  The dress is very versatile.

Dress: Atomic Miami Fun @Collabor88, Hair: Exile Locomotion @Collabor88, Shoes: N-Core Group Gift Ibiza "Summer Edition", Necklace and Earrings: Yummy Beaded Statement Pink/Aqua @Collabor88, Ring: Earthstones: Splendid Love wedding set, Handbag: Zenith Jewelry Leather Clutch Rose, Skin: WoW Skins Eshe Dark Tan, Eyes: Redgrave CatGreen, Nails: Salt. Babe Blue Gloss, Eyeshadow: Senzafine: Safira Seafoam, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural

Here are the Surls to the two events mentioned in the blog:


The Cosmopolitan Room:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rose Petal Tea for the Boudoir

Hey everyone! I took a small vacation from the blog last Sunday due to it being a holiday weekend in the States. Lots of family time and cook-outs, even though I was online most of the time.  This week's post is going to be about a few new rounds that have started, including a little about We <3 Role-Play.

FaMESHed:  A new month is up at FaMESHed, and lots of amazing mesh designs are out and ready for purchase. Zenith has a new dress called "Braces" which I am wearing in this weeks photos that come in an array of colors and a few select prints. I of course am wearing the pink floral print, but there are solid colors and a non-floral print you can choose from. The dress isn't expensive, and the leather belt comes with a hud so you can change the color of the leather to match whatever accessories you might have. I chose to go with the lighter color belt to go with the mesh necklace done by Xylon Bigbear (designer/creator of Zenith) for the Kustom9 round. Both of which go together, and you can see how well they look in the display picture at FaMESHed.
                       There is also this really gorgeous dress and sweater combo done by Lumiere, the only down get both the dress and the sweater it is over 600$L. It is a beautiful combo, but the price is way out of my budget for a combo. Other than that, the round is pretty awesome, and lots of nice mesh items.

Kustom9:  The round at Kustom9 is getting ready to close up, like I mentioned before in another post, the theme is Kawaii.  The Zenith necklace is there, and does pair well with the dress which is at FaMESHed, but you be the judge on what you want. Remember--every single round is good to the last drop.

We <3 Role-Play:  WHRP just started with a new round and lots of pretty head pieces for all. I haven't seen so much head gear, ever. There are tiaras of many kinds, hair decor, you name it.  There is one dress done by Luminary which I like, and it can be done for a fantasy look, or a modern look, depending upon how you pair your hair and accessories.  I have the dress (Victoria is what it is called) paired with a pearl necklace with a large pendant, black pearl bracelet, and a red floral bracelet.  So it looks like I am going to a night at the theatre, all I need is a cute fur coat/cape.

Uber:  This month's theme at Uber is the Apocalypse, and while the styles and looks are not Sunday Tea at all (very grungy and dark and well...Apocalyptic), the items are all five star. I ended up getting a few different items to create a whole new look, and I actually ended up liking it a lot. It is nothing like what I normally wear, and I can't even say my Anti-Sun would look right with the items either...So I named it my Apocalyptic Survivor outfit.

As these new rounds begin, old ones are closing and will be opening back up with some new amazing items.  Go ahead and grab as much as you can from the old, and take a look at the new--Plan ahead, and take some time to relax, and have a cuppa.

Hair: Magika Harmony (August round of Collabor88), Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India, Dress: Zenith Floral-B Braces Dress (FaMESHed), Necklace: Zenith Rattan Neckbag in Milk (Kustom9), Shoes: LaRoo Emily Wedge Sandals in Tan, Eyelashes: Natural by Redgrave
Here are the surls to the events:



We <3 Role-Play: