Sunday, September 13, 2015

Earl Grey for the Muted Coven

Happy Sunday! I hope this week has been another amazing week for everyone. I was glad to have Monday off from work due to Labor Day, and I have been so ready for the weekend. I think it is time for a long vacation. Especially since kids are back in school now.

Outfit: ISON Occult @Collabor88, Shoes: Samantha Booties @Collabor88, Hair: Olive The Pumpkin Pie with #5 Bangs @TheArcade, Ring: LaGyo Layered Rings1 @TheChapterFour, Earrings: Maxi Gossamer The Moon and Stars For You, Lip Gloss: Maxi Gossamer Romy Goddess, Skin: Glam Affair Marta @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Collabor88 opened on Tuesday with the theme Muted Coven. I took the theme to mean understated/subtle witchcraft. While most of the colors are dark, they are not "Bold" dark--to me everything looks to have some sort of grey shade. Still a few other color options available (I bought a few white and blue pieces).

There were a few outfits I fell in LOVE with, like immediately just had to have. ISON has this dress/overcoat outfit where there is an option for a moving coat. The dress has a look of sophistication and the coat gives the dress some flare. But the moving tailcoat option is like...the best thing ever. Here is a short video of it moving; it is really fast in the main picture shown, but a small way down there is another video with the actual movement speed. I bought the midnight blue color because the moving of the coat made me think of ocean waves...but I had to go back for the white set as well. Love this outfit! I also bough a lace outfit by Pixicat. I am a sucker for lacy, so when I saw this skirt with the lace overlay. The top is cute as well, kinda like a bralette.

Dress: M.Birdie Lexy @Collabor88, Coat: Schadenfreude Thessaly (men's size) @Collabor88, Shoes: Pure Poison Ingrid Pumps @Collabor88, Hair: Little Bones Hexxed @Collabor88, Wand: Boom Swish and Flick Cedar 10 1/3 inch, Ring: LaGyo Layered Rings1 @TheChapterFour, Skin: Glam Affair Marta @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Mesh Teeth

I also fell for a dress by MBirdie. Very tight fitted, and the triangle cutout in the breast area adds so much. I saw the ad for the dress and I did a bad thing, I bought without trying the demo. BUT it worked out and the dress fits perfectly. I have a few MBirdie pieces which require lots of editing of my shape in order to fit properly, but this dress fits so well. And while I was putting the outfit together I had to teleport back to the event (after it taking me an hour to get there...and the lag was HORRIBLE) and purchase a coat/cloak from Schandenfreude. I decided the whole ensemble reminds me of a Hogwarts professor. AND the dress looks good with the ISON overcoat as well! Big plus.

Foxy also as a cute dress and hat outfit. Makes witchcraft look more modern and updated. And the hat fits with the Exile hairs at the event pretty well. Only minor adjustments to make them fit. On a bit of a side note...I hate editing hats. I love fancy hats, but editing always kills me. I make the hat too small, too lopsided, not enough tilt, not the same size. I am just horrible. All I had to do with this hat was move a small bit and do a small little rotation. Then Viola! Perfect look.

Dress: Foxes The Craft @Collabor88, Hat: Foxes The Craft Hat in Tan @Collabor88, Hair: Exile Songbird @Collabor88, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Soul Catcher Book of Spells @Collabor88, Ring: LaGyo Layered Ring1 @TheChapterFour, Shoes: Pure Poison Ingrid Pumps @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Marta @Collabor88, Eyes: IKON Charm and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Enough of my crazy shopping addiction for now. I hope you get a chance to take a look at Collabor88 this month; its a wonderful round. Enjoy the rest of your week. Don't forget to take some time for yourself. Have a cuppa and stay safe!



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