Monday, December 29, 2014

Champagne Oolong for Your New Year

Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy and Safe New Year!

I started this blog this past May, because I felt like my shopping and such needed more of a purpose besides me just spending my Linden$ on outfits.  At the end of my first post, I stated I was going to eventually try to talk to a few creators and designers. I do see this eventually happening, I have to  message a few creators and work around our hectic schedules(I always picture the schedules of the creators to be chaotic and overloaded).  This will be my goal for the year.  I want to talk to a designer/creator.
Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II Jamaica @Collabor88, Hair: Tableau Vivant Sample Hair Ladies Group Gift, Jewelry set: Maxi Gossamer Ashira Teardrop, Ring: Yummy Ice Ring @Collabor88, Dress: Baiastice Kylie Dress (November/December Round of Uber), Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural
Thanks for reading my blog this year, and I hope you have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my posts. Hugs and Smooches~

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ginger Tea to Help Recover from the Holidays?

Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday with family, friends, and loved ones.

Skin: Glam Affair December Jamaica4 @The Arcade, Hair: Spellbound: SweetDreams @The Arcade, Rings: Earthstones Splendid Love and Sparkle Ring, Necklace: Earthstones Bells n' Holly, Dress: GizzA Holly @Creation.JP, Slink fingernails, Eyes: RedGrave Catgreen, Headband: Mango Cheek's Animal Headband Deer/Dark Red, Shoes: Gos Victoria Garnet, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural 6

The end of the year is upon us, and the beginning of 2015 is going to be here in a blink.  With the New Year, new fashion trends will be popping up.  I am going to get more interactive with my readers--I want to hear from you!  What do you think will be upcoming fashion trends in Second Life, or in Real Life?  Do you have any aspirations for the New Year in your Second Life (or Real Life)?

Personally, I think there will be more short hairs in Second Life coming up, and as it comes to fashions, I think there will be more modernistic, if that is even a real word, look when it comes to clothes...i.e. harder lines and edges, blockier (again, I don't think this is a real word) shapes. Of course, I could be completely wrong with this, but from what I have seen towards the end of this year, the clothes look hard.  Maybe I am just seeing too many things from a handful of similar designers... Maybe I am just crazy.

As for my goals and aspirations for this upcoming year, I just want to further develop my blog and get to meeting and spending more time with friends.  I really do want to get my old love of Second Life back--where everything feels new and exciting.  I already have met a few cool people at the club I go to often The Woods; so I am halfway there!

Quick info into a few of the events which opened up last week, N'21 opened last Sunday and the outfit by Tres Blah. It is a short jumper and a jacket combo. I bought the rose gold jacket and the black jumper. I thought it was perfect for parties and clubbing.  Also at Creation.JP there is an outfit by GizzA which is the same style as their Nordic outfit from November's round of Chapter 4.  ONLY DIFFERENCE-- the presents and cute teddy bear print on the front.  So of course, I bought it.

Skin: Glam Affair December Jamaica3 @TheArcade, Hair: LeLutka Elsa, Earrings and Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Annoushka Black Diamonds Group Gift, Fingernails: Slink, Outfit: Tres Blah Lame Cropped Jacket and Ione Romper @N'21, shoes: Gos Victoria Nude, Tattoo: Joli Atma
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, and has fun on New Year's Eve.  Be safe, be merry, and be AMAZING! Hugs and Smooches.




Sunday, December 21, 2014

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now

Arcade opened up at Midnight on December 1st.  I know this post for the Arcade is late, but it doesn't close till the end of the month (31st to be exact), and it is perfect for getting last minute Christmas, Chanukah, and any other holiday or "just because" gifts.

Okay, so as I have mentioned before in earlier posts, and on my info page, I do enjoy gachas.  And the Arcade is really well done this round....well, it is really well done every round... BUT, it is Christmas time, and there are 25 gifts from the designers under the tree in the center of the room.  I haven't opened all my boxes, but I did open a few, and I liked them. Thank you designers! On a bit of a different note, I was excited about Zaara's Tuk-Tuks, and I got the RARE Unicorn one--so excited.

As I was looking at the guide for the Arcade this round, I noticed Birdy/Foxes has a very girly winter set out.  The Peacoat and boots come together as a common, as well as the earmuffs, scarf and necklace. The rare is the cute little kitten--well, the kitten isn't very little, but it sure isn't large.  I LOVE little attachable pets. Alchemy at the Mystical Realms Faire had the Dire Wolf Familiars... There used to be a store (it closed down due to the owner/creator having Real Life problems they needed to take care of) called Manticore which had lots of different attachable familiars, and the kitten familiar is similar in "design"....if that makes any sense.  I have another kitty familiar by Birdy/Foxes from a while ago, another Rare from a gacha a few months back.  Anyway, I have the whole set. And at first I thought the outfit could do without the kitten, and it does look great on it's own...but the kitten....oh the kitten is just so cute, and makes the whole ensemble look innocent and more girly.

Complete outfit: Birdy/Foxes Woodland Wonderland in Mint (with gray Ear Muffs and Fur Muff, pocket watch necklace, and Kitten) @The Arcade, Skin: Glam Affair December Jamaica1 @The Arcade, Hair: Splellbound SweetDreams @The Arcade, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave 6 Natural

The hair I am wearing in the above pictures, as well as the skin, are also both from the Arcade.  The hair is by Spellbound (my first hair from this creator) and the skin is by Glam Affair--also at the Arcade.  I lucked out in getting the blonde first thing at the gacha, and the skin, well...I am the odd person who wanted to common more than the Rares.

Overall, I am very happy with all my Arcade purchases/wins.  I lucked out more in this round than I have in others. Plus I got a few awesome presents. Take some time before the end of the month and check out The Arcade.

Now is the time to enjoy a nice hot cocoa or mulled wine (if you are within legal age).  I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and any other holiday you and yours may celebrate. Hugs and Smooches~


The Arcade:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hang a Shining Star Upon the Highest Bough

Sorry for such a late entry for the blog. Tuesday was the start of Chanukah, and the Holiday season has been crazy so far. So, this post was wonderfully done by my guest blogger Earth Tvilling...My Twin Sister!!
When asked if I would write another blog entry naturally I said yes. Though, the theme of this post should coincide with Christmas, or some type of winter-esk holiday. I had to think of something to tie the holiday season with my post. Holiday fashion maybe? Holiday decorations, perhaps? Why not Holiday parties?  Hard decisions, truly. Let me tell you a little about a fabulous holiday special while I have a coffee.

As a Second Life user, any excuse to dress up is a good one. Parties, holidays, seasons, literally anything. It’s also this time of year that advent calendars are popular. Take KittyCatS annual holiday advent calendar for example. There are many exclusive items that would help make a fabulous holiday outfit. Take mine for example in the following pictures.

There are many items to make either holiday outfits, decorations for the home, and everyday winter wear. I would highly suggest taking a look at this completely free advent calendar. The dress and jewelry are from exclusive designers and most items will only be available through this advent calendar.

There are quite a lot of nice items for folks. The dress is :::B@R::: and looks absolutely stunning while walking around. The jewelry is called Hearts of Hope by Belle Roussel for Chop Zuey. It’s quite amazing. The jewelry seems to sparkle in a natural manner, not like past ‘sparking’ jewelry with the annoying strobe light effect as I like to call it.

This outfit was mostly free from the KittyCatS advent calendar. Everything else was already in my inventory. I can think of no better way to shop for yourself for Christmas by not spending a dime.

What are some of your favorite advent calendars in SL? What about other kinds of holiday gifts by designers? Please share.

Dress: ::: B@R ::: Snow Xmass Tree Dress by June Dion for Bare Rose, GIFT available exclusively in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar

Makeup: #adored – cruz shadow – purple by Constance Daehlie for #adored, GIFT available exclusively in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar

Jewelry: Hearts of Hope Gold Necklace, Hearts of Hope Gold Charm Bracelet, Hearts of Hope Gold Earrings by Belle Roussel for Chop Zuey, GIFT available exclusively in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar

Hands: Elegant Avatar Enhancement Hands, by Slink

Hair: Isla by Truth

Skin: Jessica 06 (Peach Glow), by FAQ

Boots: Belt Ankle Boot, by N-Core

SURL: KittyCatS ->

Sunday, December 7, 2014

If the Fates Allow

New month, new rounds... Thank God.

Uber opened last Sunday, and the theme this month is Vogue. Let me just say, this month's round is amazing!!!!

The outfits are all classy, and all have a high fashion feel.  The hair done by Truth for this event is completely my style, long and curly.  There is a pearl necklace by Maxi Gossamer, and I am a firm believer in how every woman should have a set of pearls.  Pearls can class up any outfit--at least that is what I think.  The necklace by Maxi Gossamer has multiple strands; you can change the texture to match any outfit you have.  I love the classic white when it comes to pearls.

I ended up getting a dress by League, also classic black.  I love the wearing simple black dresses at Holiday Parties, and then pairing the dresses with colored heels.  One year I wore a black shoulder dress with silver sparkle heels (in Real Life).  A few years ago I got a lace dress and I wore it with these black/gold heels that had beading and a lot of fine detail (again, in Real Life).   The dress by League reminded me of those dresses, so I bought it and paired it with my gold/black heels.  Once the whole look was put together, I just felt my avatar looked beautiful.

Dress: League Yve Pencil Dress @Uber, Hair: Truth Vivi @Uber, Skin:  Belleza Ashley Glamour Puss, Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Wile Parisienne Pearl Color @Uber, nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement, ring: Earthstones Splendidlove, eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave 6 Natural (not shown are the shoes, but LaRoo Khloe in black)

I am so happy with this month's round of Uber.  I feel it is so much better than last month. The Designers, I feel, really captured Vogue.  The fashion is just top notch.  Everything is high fashion--and come on, who doesn't really like high fashion?

FaMESHed opened up as well earlier this week, and I almost went broke. There are lots, and I do mean lots, of dresses that are my style. Elegant, simple, all well done.  I am so excited. I bought a dress that looks great for ice-skating (but I know I can work it for clubbing and for hanging around) from Coquet, I got a sweater dress from NYU, and the sweater dress is very versatile, I think.  You can wear it like a dress, or you can wear it like a tunic.  It is long...not mini-skirt long, but like mid thigh long. So it is very classy, at least to me.

Dress: Coquet Victoria @FaMESHed, Hair: Truth Vida, Ice Skates: KH Ice skates, comes with the KH Ice Skate AO, Skin: Belleza Ashley Glamour Puss, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural
Also there is a dress by Valentina, called You Won't Forget me...and you really won't be forgotten in this dress. The scarf that goes around the top and back has a hud were you can change the transparency of the scarf to 0% transparent (so no scarf) or 100% (completely covered)...I think that was how it worked, I know when I tried the demo it was not what I thought. But I bought the dress, and I love it. I have been wearing it to The Woods.  I really like this dress. I do have the scarf a little transparent, but my hair covers everything, so I am keeping it tasteful.

Just an FYI, Truth is having a 50% off of every hair in their Mainstore from now until December 15th. So go ahead and stock up on some awesome hairs now. I just spent quite a bit of Linden on a few new hairs I had been debating on getting. So go now before the event ends.  This is quite the Holiday deal.

I hope everyone has or is in the process of getting their Winter clothes out, and their Party Dresses on.  I do love party season. Don't forget to raise your glasses and toast for good times and happy memories. Hugs and Smooches to you and yours!





Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Tea for the Holidays...

Hey everyone. I am going to be doing a post today, Friday, instead of on Sunday due to today being Black Friday.

I can not even begin to dream of listing all the sales going on right now across Second Life for Black Friday, but thankfully Seraphim has listed all the stores having Black Friday sales (Thank you Seraphim Bloggers for doing the Black Friday Sales List!).  Click the link and you have the list with the surls.

I often shop at Junbug, and am a group member--right now she is doing a sort of Flash Sale, where items with the black bow are marked 50$L or 100$L.  I don't know how long the sale is going to last, whether it is 24hours, or just for Friday, or all weekend....I don't know.  I ended up getting a really cute long fur coat/dress called Duchess.  I have been looking at this coat/dress for a while, and when I saw it was on sale, I bought it. I would recommend checking it out.

Coat/Dress: Junbug Duchess in Sable, Jewelry set: Earthstones: Vintage Romance Princess, Hair: Truth Eden, Skin: Glam Affair Sia Jamaica, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen
Go check out the Seraphim link above, check out some of the sales.  The sales will not last long. Happy Black Friday, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving.



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tea Room Flashback #2

Since this month has proven to be a bit disheartening when it comes to some of the rounds, for me, I have decided that this week I will do a fashion flashback...Plus I am way past do for a flashback.

My first flashback was over Salt and funny enough, while I have been exploring around during events and such, shortly after one event I found another designer whose store goes by the same name. I hope I didn't confuse anyone.  So this Fashion Flashback is going to be over an oldie, but goodie.  This designer reminds me a lot of Salt, and the only reason why I know of them is because I found it right next door to Salt's.  This outfit is done by Laughing Academy.

Laughing Academy does a lot of period pieces, and again(like with Salt) it does not have any mesh items, all are prim dresses and such. Don't let the "primitiveness" fool you--the detail and the textures are really well done.  The dress I have on in the pictures is the creator's flapper girl dress from the 20s.  I used to wear this dress to clubs and parties.  The skirt looks so whimsical while dancing, yet the dress is "form-fitting" when standing/lounging around.  Again, this is a dress I got lots of compliments on, and I still do--it is really well made.

Skin: Uniqu Megastore Ethnic India, Hair: Truth Guinevere, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Elemental, Lipstick: Senzafine Moonglow  Dress: Laughing Academy La WiniRose, Crown: Lark Olive Crown,  Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love, 

In this picture, I have it paired with a mesh olive crown I bought a few months back at The Liaison Collaborative.  I think it gives a more Tuscany feel for the dress, especially with the ivy back drop...but this isn't a blog about photography. This is a fashion blog. I guess you can say this picture shows the dress's versatility.  If you are looking for a fun and pretty period dress, check out Laughing Academy.


Laughing Academy:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cup of Tea

So last week I posted about Collabor88, and this week not a lot rounds opened up until Saturday, yesterday. So let me tell you what I found...

Genre's theme this month is post-apocalyptic, same as Uber's from two month's ago.... Not too impressed with it, but I know a few people who will be excited to see some of the items, they are cheaper than Uber, and still of a good quality. Everything is under 100$L.  So for those of you into the Apocalypse, Zombies, etc. this is the Genre round for you. 

The Liaison Collaborative opened Saturday as well, and the theme this month is Winter Harvest.  It was interesting to see what designers were there and what exactly they created for the theme.  I liked the sweater by Coquet, due to it having snowflakes on it (one of my worst kept secrets is I LOVE snow).  One thing at TLC which I immediately bought was the "Let it Go" pose pack by Exposeur.  It includes the magical snow with each pose and it is just awesome.  The only "bad" thing is, only you can use it. It is not a pose ball, or an animation. It is a pose you wear.  BUT, it looks amazing. So....there is that.

Skin: Glam Affair AngelicaV2 Jamaica @Kustom9, Eyeshadow: Wicked Peach: White Witch, Outfit Fishy Strawberry: Winter Bliss with Cardigan @Kustom9, Necklace: Schandenfreude Sun @Collabor88, Hair: Truth Aida, Skates: KH Ice Skates (comes with the ice skating AO), Earrings: Earthstones Smoky Topaz studs, Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural, Nails: SLink Nail Enhancements with Wicked Peaches Winter Moon Hud
Kustom9 opened, on Saturday, and I enjoyed this round better than the last one.  Zenith has a sweater dress that I bought. I liked the style. Upon pairing it up with items and such I found out the dress, which is not a long dress....not short either, but defintely not long enough for this, has slits on the sides.  I paired the dress with some black/brownish lace leggings I had laying in my inventory and then put on some large boots.  It looks good finished, but the slits were a surprise. This just gives me, and everyone as well, a reminder to please try the demos before you buy.  Also Fishy Strawberry has a nice sweater/skirt outfit that you can also by a matching cardigan with.  The whole set together looks cute, not quite business-casual not quite informal.  I liked it, and I paired it with large boots AND a pair of teal pumps. Both look good, but I am not sure what looks better.  (I am wearing the outfit in this post, and I have on ice skates with it, so it really looks good with just about anything.)

The Secret Room opened up on Saturday, too (it seems everything wanted to open up at once this week).  The Secret Room is sort of a fanciful event that has some gotchas, some items you by separately, and all items are supposed to have a theme... This theme is Harvest Moon.  I can see autumn in a few of the items, but I did not really see much Harvest Moon. I ended up getting these lipsticks that turned out way to candy colored than I thought, and I did fancy a robe by Peqe; alas for 399$L I thought the robe was a bit too much.  I guess I am just picky like that.

I did find out about a shopping event called Cosplay--I teleported there to check it out. Again, as with a lot of events this month, was not very impressed, but I did like Glam Affair's skin and Hair pack inspired by Chobits.  The skin comes with the hair, the hair comes with the skin. So you have to pick out the color and style of skin and look at the colors of the hair it comes with.  Be sure you know which one you want.  At 699$L, buyers remorse for this pack might be ghastly--which is why even though I like the packs, I have yet to buy one.  This event is going on until November 30, so go check it out if you can.



The Secret Room:


The Liaison Collaborative:


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who Doesn't Enjoy a Good Herbal Tea?

Hey everyone! I wasn't going to post this week, due to mild disappointment with some of the new rounds, but Collabor88 opened Saturday, yesterday, and I have to blog about it!!!

Okay, last week when I said I was looking forward to all the new rounds opening up, I wasn't lying. I was really excited about them. FaMESHed, Uber, We <3 Role-Play, and such.....held so much promise...but alas they were not as amazing as I was hoping.  FaMESHed had a few items I really liked--Zenith has an oversized sweater that is cute, it was hard to pair it with mesh bottoms, but I managed to get find something decent to go with it. The one item I really liked was by LaGyo, a Hamsa jewelry set. Now the necklace is really pretty, but for me the earrings leave something to be desired, after pairing it with a beautiful hamsa, the earrings look like blah in comparison.  Erratic  also has a very pretty coat out at FaMESHed, and I did pick that up. It looks like it is something to keep you perfectly warm on a romantic winter autumn night out.

Uber....Uber....Uber..... This month's theme at Uber is Macabre, and to me Macabre seemed very promising. There is so much you can do with death. It doesn't have to be horrific and bloody. And at least to me there is much potential in Macabre, but some of the designers left SO MUCH to be desired.  I did get the leather long sleeved shirt by [Foxy], the hair by Wasabi Pills, and I even got the white dress by Fishy Strawberry...but like I mentioned much left to be desired. I left the event somewhat disappointed.  I have seen people across the grid in some of the items from Uber, and I am glad everyone else is enjoying the Macabre. Alas, I will have to wait for next round to be uber impressed.

We <3 Role-Play opened up earlier this week, and again, another wave of disappointment for me, BUT I had so much fun at the Mystic Realms Faire and the designers had so much amazing stuff, I feel like I have to cut them some slack.  I can't compare the next year's rounds of WHRP to Mystic Realms...I can't. So, I only ended up getting some poses and a Chinese/Korean-Bindi-type thing at the event.  I am going to go back in a week or two to check it out again, hopefully with a clearer mind.

There were some other events that have opened up that were given a lot of Promotion on Facebook and by some designers..... Sad November and Xiasumi School Festival.... Sad November was...sad. The sim was designed amazingly! And there were a TON of shops and designers there. I only ended up getting a fang tooth attachment from [whatever].  And for the Xiasumi School Festival.....I got a fox pet-companion.... But for those two events, I know the styles of the outfits were just not my style, so it was legitimately a ME thing, others seem to really like the events, and I am always excited to see people across the grid in the items I have seen at these events.  As I always do with events like this, I go back through the month to see if there was anything I missed or if anything else catches my eye.

skin: Glam Affair Skye India1 @Collabor88, teeth: [whatever] teeth Fangs 2.0 @Sad November, Hair: Tableau Vivant Wicca, Necklaces: Schandenfreude Alchemy Necklaces @Collabor88, outfit: GizzA Nordic Outfit @Chapter Four, Boots: LaRoo Riding Boots, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement(with nail polish  by (NO) called feathers @Collabor88), Bangles: Zaara Banjara Kada stacked, Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love

Finally, the big event for me this week...COLLABOR88!!!! Okay, please go check it out. I mentioned briefly at the end of last week's blog Modern Alchemist was going to be exciting see....and the designers did NOT disappoint.  Zaara is one of the guests at the event this round, and I broke down and bought the fatpack of the jewelry she released.  Necklaces and bracelets/bangles......amazing.  So worth it. And the items are at a discounted rate again just for the event. So be sure to pick them up while they are discounted.  Glam Affair has some skins out at the event, like they normally do, and the India skin-toned Skye is Gorgeous! I am wearing the skin in all the pictures, and I think I might have to make this one of my normal go-to skins.  Also, there is a necklace set by Schandenfreude, necklaces of different lengths you can wear together and pair up with of astrological symbols and such. LOVE THEM! At 88$L I bought a few....but I am going to go back for more!!! Also the hairs at this round.....None of them disappoint. I bought three of them. I went a little Linden happy at the event when I was finally able to teleport in.

Also Chapter Four is open, and there are some cute outfits there this round.  I am wearing in the pictures the dress by GizzA.  There are other cute Fall/Autumn items there. So if you get the free time, and have some extra Linden, go check it out.





Chapter Four:

Sad November:

Xiasumi School Festival:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween and that you all have a happy Dia de los Muertos!  Earth did a great job with her guest post last Sunday, and I just wanted to thank her. Hopefully she will be able to do more guest posts for me.  Go ahead and put on the kettle, it's going to be a long post.

Now time for the awesome stuff. Utopia has a new Halloween outfit (one of the colors is set at a special group price of around 599L$) and it is more of a Dia de los Muertos. The dress is purple, and it is modeled after La Calavera Catrina, or the elegant skull. Saby Claire came out with a few different colors, but the purple/teal one is the one I bought due to the discounted price.  I really like candied skulls, and I like La Calavera Catrina style. And it is funny because this year in Real Life I will be dressing up as a candied skull, so this was a great way to combine my Real Life with my Second Life...granted I will probably look more put together in Second Life than in Real Life...not that great at drawing, but I will do my best.

The outfit won't be have the special group price for long, so if you are a member, go now. If you are not a member of Saby's Claire's Utopia group, the price to join is 500L$ one time only. For me the price to join was worth it for the quality of the outfits and for the quality of the group gifts.  As you know I am willing to pay the price for a great quality item, and the outfits at Utopia are well worth least for me they are.

So, I have a short little story to add to this week's blog post. I haven't done a story in a while, so it is long overdue. Lately I have been trying to put myself "out there" more. I have been craving people interaction. Normally when I log on, I go straight to fashion events, look around, and sometimes I talk to friends who are on.  This past weekend I went to the first annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  I saw a post on my Google+ feed posted by Second Life's Destination Guide, and as I was looking through the event's website I decided what a great way to give to the American Cancer Society and meet people.  If your kettle is whistling, take it off, and get ready to steep.

Outfit: Utopia Khalida Purple Candy Skull complete outfit with Sugarskull Tattoo C, Hair: Truth Thalia, Shoes: N-core Noir Intense; Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen

I ended up going around 11:45 SLT. I caught the end of the survior and caregiver walk. I wore a jogging suit by Gizza Creations, and I had a pair of earbuds in that I later changed the color of to pink.  I didn't walk, I ran the whole time, figured if I don't run much in Real Life, I could run in Second Life.  I was there for about two hours running. I saw quite a lot of people, but I didn't talk to anyone who were at the event, but I put myself out there. I have talked to a few friends in the last few weeks, and one friend in particular who I think completely understands why I am the way I am when it comes to new people. He and I were talking and we have found we are both more shy when it comes to meeting new people due to past experiences in Second Life. Unfortunately, some people bring drama from Real Life into Second Life and try to ruin the game for people. My friend stated we are both just more cautious when it comes to meeting new people due to our past dealings with "drama" and we are just trying to protect ourselves from strangers. Steep your tea, let it soak the flavors.

Outfit: GizzA Work Out White with Sneakers, Hair: Truth Honey, Earbuds: Volmaak

I miss the new days of joining Second Life, where you meet what seems like lots of people at a time, and you all friend each other and you spend time discovering and talking all night getting to know one another.  Alas, my friend is right, as you spend more time on the game, sometimes your get burned by people. So as to help myself gain back the "new" feel, I have been trying to put myself out there. So I did the Making Strides walk.  After I got done with the walk, I visited another friends SIM, and I met a member of his family who I got to talking to and we both ended up going to The Woods club and dancing. I am excited about putting myself out there to meet more people.  I want to regain some of that "I am new" feeling.

Back to the fashion, most of the rounds are closed and won't be open until later this week for the month of November.  Please take the time now to save up.  Mystic Realms fair closed last Monday, and I was so thankful to everyone who helped put that event together, and I can hardly wait for next year's!  Uber has started (theme is Macabre), We <3 Role-Play should be starting up soon again, FaMESHed should begin soon, and the next round of Collabor88 (which I am totally stoked for. It is  Modern Alchemist) starts on the 8th. Save your Lindens, get your lists ready, and drink your cuppa.  This is going to be another busy month! Only a few more weeks till Christmas!

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!





Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

This week's post is done by a Guest Blogger, Earth Tvilling, my Real Life and Second Life twin sister. Enjoy:

It’s a wonderful honor to be your guest blogger this week. As Sun would tell you, I’ll drink tea, but I’m much more of a coffee person. I’m actually working on my second cup while writing this post. It will be tough to write as well as my darling twin, but I will do my best. So sit down, have a coffee, tea, or whatever refreshing beverage fits your taste at the moment.

Second Life is quite the place; every user has a story about how they joined. I have my own as well as I joined for a college class to do research for a project on how Second Life can benefit those with disabilities. During the project I learned much and fell in love with it, thus when the project was over I kept playing and learning. I kept making friends, meeting new people, learning so much about Second Life beyond the scope of the research I was doing for class. To this day, I still get fascinated, especially with avatars and unique fashion.

For most of the time, when I’m not working my KittyCatS business, I’m a dragon in world. As a dragon it’s hard for me to find places to roam freely throughout Second Life, but I get by perfectly fine despite my large avatar.

Zenith Black Noble Queen, whole outfit in black @FaMESHed. Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant. Skin: Jalwa Evil Queen group gift @ Jalwa/Bilo/Apsara

Halloween there are a multitude of parties, costumes, SIMS to go to in a unique outfit/costume of your choice. With so many options it can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s part of the fun I believe. As far my choices for costumes, I love trying to get costumes that completely change my appearance for Halloween, quite like a whole new avatar whether it be a quadruped, furry, Harpie, etc. For the past two years I have done multiple costumes no more than three and usually made up of avatars and such already in my inventory that I do not wear hardly ever or free costumes from some of my favorite designers, such as Utopia. This year, by my standards, I went overboard on my costume. Sun told me about a Zenith costume that I would very much enjoy and at first I was skeptical, however I was quickly converted to her line of thinking. Zenith came out with a Maleficent outfit I had to have. It was not a matter of if I should or should not, it was a matter of could I wait all month for Halloween so I could wear it and could I wear this during the year?

Of course the answer was yes. As a dragon for the majority of the time, getting to be Maleficent for Halloween was a dream. I had looked last year at similar costumes and none were to my liking, so when Sun said Zenith had one I was wary. By far this is my favorite costume I have ever gotten for my avatar. I will definitely be wearing this outfit for costume parties, special themed events, and the like. It also helped that the skin that I have paired with the outfit is a group gift at Bilo, which has a pale skin and light green tinted skin you can chose from.

Though we can change our avatars on a whim on Second Life, we definitely love to costume up for Halloween. Why not participate in Halloween in world, even if it’s just wearing a costume for the month, the week, the day, etc?  It’s another way to express the endless creativity which makes up Second Life. Not everyone has a lovely twin sister to help them find amazing outfits and costumes, but with it being October there are so many events that can help inspire you. Or go through your inventory, piece together different parts of outfits. One of my continued favorite costumes is males in dresses. It’s funny, it’s classic, it’s always a hit.

Sun: Outfit(including hat) Evie's Closet: Iseult Witching Hour @Evie's closet(discounted until Halloween), Eyeshadow: Senzafine Safira Gold, Lipstick: Senzafine: Moonglow Carmine, choker: Junbug Highland Ribbon Necklace in black, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural, familiar: Alchemy Dire Wolf Shadow @Mystic Realms Faire, Hair: Truth Thalia @Mystic Realms Faire

My coffee is now room temperature, which means my time with you is at an end. Before we part, I want to know about you.  What are you going to be for Halloween (In World and/or in real life)? How did you come up with your costume? I would love to know.



Evie's Closet:

Mystic Realms Faire:
Faire closes today!!! Make sure you go and check it out before it is gone! This faire won't be back until next year!!!!!!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Hey everyone! Two posts in only three days time! I feel so accomplished. So, picking up where I left off on Thursday night from all the events/rounds that have opened in the last week...

Collabor88's theme for October is Spoopy Motel (the theme name makes me giggle). The items are all very nice, as usual; Not too many risqué items. Most of the outfits are classy enough, and have some have a bit of a spooky twist, or will remind you of a horror/thriller movie.  I bought two outfits, one from Fashionably Dead and the other is from UFO.

The outfit from Fashionably Dead I bought is pretty cocktail dress--the sleeves are a little lax and partially see through, and it is knee length with a bit of cleavage. I thought it was classy with just enough sexiness to still be tasteful...if that even makes sense.  I bought the red dress, and there are two different reds to pick from (as well as other colors). A deep red/crimson, and a brighter red. Both are pretty.

The UFO outfit from Collabor88 is comely. It consists of three separate pieces: The partial lace blouse, the longer wool skirt which goes just past the knee, and the large heavy knit sweater.  The look you get if you wear a loose pony tail with the complete outfit is very relaxed--looks perfect for an autumn day on a porch or on a walk looking at leaves. I think it is a very charming outfit.

Outfit: UFO Annabelle in wine with white blouse @Collabor88; Hair: Truth Posy; Boots: JK Penny Belleza Venus Black @FaMESHed; 

Also from this round at Collabor88 I bought a hair from Lamb, my first one from this designer.  It is perfect for Halloween, because it has a cat mask you can attach with the hair(comes with a color change HUD so you can match the mask with whatever outfit). I tried a demo of it with my typical dark blonde, and it wasn't dark enough, and the light browns had one color similar to my typical dark blonde, but it still didn't look right, so I tried the blacks, and the red/black looks great. Not my normal color, but the look with it is very bewitching.

Dress: Fashionably Dead Sweet Pleated Dress in Deep Red @Collabor88; Shoes: LaRoo Khloe Pumps; Eye Shadow: Senzafine Safira in Safron; Lipstick: Senzafine: Moonglow Vintage Reds; Necklace: Amorous Ankh; Ring and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Angelica's Ankh of Power in Red and Gold; Hair: Lamb: Pussycat in Black @Collabor88

The Theme Park opened this week...or maybe it was last week.....Anyway it is open, and it is SPOOKY as well....not really, but the items are cute, and have a fun Halloween thing going on. I got a Halloween dress from Leri Miles Designs. It has cute voodoo dolls on the front and back with pumpkins. The dress itself is black, and very tasteful. I immediately liked it, so I bought it straight away. It looks good with my hair from Collabor88.

Dress: Leri Miles Designs Lexy Dress Halloween @The Theme Park; Shoes: LaRoo Khloe; Hair: Lamb Pussycat@Collabor88; bracelet: Utopia Black Pearl

The Liaison Collaborative opened up this week as well, and there is no set theme. The designers just created something from the sparks of genius in their heads and I thank them for it. I liked some of the dresses, but nothing really jumped out at me...  There are these boots there I might end up picking up before the round is over...who knows.  I did get some furniture there, so there's that.

Lastly, Genre's theme this month is androgynous, so everything is neutral and unisex. I only bought a skin by Lumae(there is an option to by the flat chest tattoo as well as the skin for it to make you even more neutral). The outfits are too unisex for me, and not very colorful. But what can you do with androgynous...besides be neutral... So I am going to stay neutral on the topic.



The Liaison Collaborative:

The Theme Park:



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Of Chai and Red Teas

Sorry for the late update everyone. Last week was a fall festival in the town I live, a few relatives from out of town came to visit, and it was my Alma Mater's homecoming weekend! Lots of activities last weekend, and not enough time to get much done. And the funny thing is everything opened last week. Mystic Realms Faire, Collabor88, Season's Story, I believe the Theme Park opened, the Liaison Collaborative opened earlier this week as well Genre. Everything opened at once it feels like. So, let's get talking about the awesomeness that is the Mystic Realms Faire.

Outfit: Zaara Chandi @Mystic Realms Faire; Hair: Truth Neria @Mystic Realms Faire; Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India

As you are all aware, I am in love with Zaara Kohime's designs. She uses such beautiful, simple designs with such bold colors, and the best part of some of her outfits and patterns is they have an Indian twist or flare. So, when I found out she was contributing to the Mystic Realms Faire I thought I was going to go crazy from excitement. She came out with a completely mesh Sari called Chandni. And it is RAVISHING! I have not bought a fatpack before of an outfit; this was the first time...and I love it. Absolutely love, love, LOVE! I could not pick a color to buy, usually I buy reds, pinks, whites, and blues...but this one, I liked the purple, the black, the green.  It made sense buying the fatpack, which is cheaper to buy right now than buying all the outfits of course...being a fatpack. Zaara has mentioned the Chandni outfits have a bit of a discount on them since they are at the faire and once they are put up at her mainstore, she is going to increase the price. This means you should buy them now, buy what colors you want, or do what I did and buy the fatpack (around 3,500$L for the fatpack, individual is around 550$L). There are nine colors. All gorgeous...I keep saying that.......I need to stop....I can't, I am in love with them. Hurry to the faire now to grab it.

The Mystic Realms Faire covers two sims, which are done really well. Finding the stores and walking around is kind adventure. The layout is very picturesque, but it is kind of difficult to shop and navigate, at least it was when I first went when it opened and was laggy and filled to the prim with people (eh, see what I did there! Nudge nudge).  I was able to go to Zaara first, then Alchemy has some dire wolf familiars for sale, so I bought one.  I explored as much as I could on the first sim, and on the second sim I got two new Truth hairs (also amazing and long and curly and perfect) and some other outfits. When I went back on Wednesday to do a more thorough look through, it was much easier to navigate after I have been there once, and thankfully it wasn't as crowded (still lots of people, but I wasn't denied via teleport a gillion times due to the sim being at max capacity). Link to the Mystic Realms Faire is at the bottom of the blog, check it out before it closes at the end of the month.

Outfit: Zaara Chandni @Mystic Realms Faire; Necklace and Head chain: Pekka Third Eye @Mystic Realms Faire; Hair: Truth Neria @Mystic Realms Faire; Nose Ring: Zaara Ayanna Nosering; Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India; Ring: EarthStones Splendid Love Bridal Set

(Quick tip: What I like to do is research who is going to be at an event or what is going to be there via the Seraphim blog. When I get to the event I do an area search with the beacons showing and the items are then highlighted. I did this at Mystic Realms Faire and I do this at other big crowded events. It makes things easier to find when I know what I want. But that is the thing, you have to KNOW who or what is there in order to do an area search. Also you have to wait for everything to load in order for the search to go through the whole area. But 1 hour searching through a crowded laggy sim and not finding an item/designer, or 1 minute doing an area search and find right where the item/designer is--What are you going to do?)

I was surprised to see Season's Story open up last week as well, and I immediately left the Mystic Realms Faire to Season's Story and checked it out. I am not quite sure what the theme is...there are train tracks and box cars, and it looks very scenic and a few of the vendors have a few Japanese elements.  I really like Junbug, and she has a new dress and vest at Season's story. It dress's colors are not fall colors at all; the colors are bright, light pink, light blue, light green, and an ivory.  There are two vests, one floral (also bright colors) and one white plaid.  I bought the floral vest and two of the dresses, the blue and the ivory. The dress is knee length, kind of "puffy" at the bottom and tight at the top, with a small turtle neck. It reminds me of a cheerier Lolita dress.  I like it a lot. The blue dress does not really go with the floral vest (I think the white plaid would be better, but I had my twin Earth pick the combo and she said it looked fine), I think I just need to work on accessories for it, and then it will mesh better. But the ivory with the floral combo is perfect.

Skin: Glam Affair Liv Skin India; Dress and Vest: Jungbug Dolly Dress and Vest @Season's Story; Shoes: Fanatik: Classic Pumps Nude; Ring: EarthStones Splendid Loved Bridal Set; Hair: Truth Thalia @Mystic Realms Faire; Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural; Eyes: Redgrave CatGreen

Also, it is Season's Story first birthday and a lot of the designers have free gifts, you can tell who has a gift because of little boxes with the cute floating balloons. There is a skin from Glam Affair which is pretty(very pale but cute) that is free, and a unisex hair as well from one of the designers. Some of the gifts I did not like, and you can't always tell what is in the box until you open it, but overall, it was fun to check out to see what was there, to grab some free stuff, and to celebrate the event's 1st Birthday!


Mystic Realms Faire:

The Season's Story:

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Twist of Lemon

This week's post is going to be over the new round at Uber.  The theme this month is uber sexy (couldn't help it); the actual theme is 50 Shades. Lots of sexy corsets, shoes, some awesome furniture, and just....sexiness. I am in love at Uber this month....or is it Lust..... I am lovin' the lust.  The hair and dress in this outfit are both found at Uber.  Please, please take a look at Uber asap. I am not even really into short hair, but the hair from Truth is gorgeous.  I have been wearing it all week. A definite must have.

Dress: JunBug Highland Wedding Gown Passion @The Gathering Gacha; Hair: Truth Dariela Blonde; Crown and Necklace: Junbug Highland Commons @The Gathering Gacha; bracelets: .Asling. Elyan Gold Bracelets @The Gathering Gacha
Earlier this week I was invited to a preview of The Gathering Gacha event. Junbug has got a very pretty highland wedding dress there that comes in simple, but perfect colors. The dresses themselves are the rares, the jewelry (necklaces and crowns) are commons. I was excited about the dress, and I took some photos right away. When I was there, the prices for the gachas were very reasonable. Junbug's was 30L a play. It was nice to play and not go broke.  There is also a dress there by Moon Amore that doesn't look quite right unless you are using one of the poses that come with the dress. There are photo poses, and then there is one pose you can wear while walking around.  To better explain the dress, you have to hold the skirt up to properly see it. It is pretty, but I wish there were two different visions included, the photo ready dress, and then one that you can just wear with the skirt down.

Dress: Moon Amore Zonda Dress @The Gathering Gacha; Hair: AD Pop Scotch Dark Blonde; Nose Ring: Zaara Ayanna Nosering in Clear; Eyes: Closed Natural eyes by Boudoir; Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India
This week has been awesome in regards to events. Both Uber and The Gathering Gacha.  Both links to the events will be at the bottom of the Blog.  Next week Collabor88 will be open, with a spooking Motel/Horror/Halloweenish theme...the picture posted on the blog makes more sense then what I just put.....but anyway, and the Mystic Realms Fair will open! Yay for awesomeness.

I may not be posting next Sunday due some Real Life plans. I will be getting online to go to some of the new fashion events/rounds of course, but I don't think I will have time for working on pictures for the blog, and to write. I may be writing a Fashion Flashback, or there may be a guest blogger posting next Sunday. We shall see what happens. Hugs and Smooches my lovely Tea Readers.

Dress: Hucci Baudette Dress Sangria @Uber; Hair: Truth Vixen Blondes @ Uber; Shoes: LaRoo Khloe Pumps in Black; Rings: Earthstones Splendid Love, Zenith Mirror Pearl Stone Ring @Uber; Necklace: Junbug Highland Pearls Black @The Gathering Gacha; Bracelet: Utopia Black Pearls; Eyelashes: RedGrave Natural; skins: Unique Megastore Ethnic India



The Gathering Gacha:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spiced Tea on a Brisk Day

Happy Autumn everyone!  For the start of Autumn, I figured I would put on a new fall outfit I bought recently, and it may look familiar to some of you who were at FaMESHed's August round.  This outfit was there and is done by makers of Valentina.  If you did not get this sweater/caplet set at FaMESHed, don't worry, it is now up at the store inworld. The link for it will be at the bottom of the blog.

Old rounds are closing up, new ones should be opening soon in the middle to the end of next week for some of the amazing monthly events. There is an event I went to for the first time called the "Four Season's Market". It has a lot of Autumn items, from outfits, to home decor, to poses.  All decently priced, and the items look to be of an okay quality. I didn't buy any of the outfits, but I did buy a few poses, and one of those poses I used for the blog today. I really liked it.  Four Season's Market kind had me hoping it would be like Season's Story...but it really is nothing like it...yet it makes me want Season's Story to start up like not as patient as I should be when it comes to Season's Story. Love that event, but I digress.

I love the different smells of the seasons, and Autumn is one of my favorites.  I don't think I have a favorite season, but there are aspects to the different seasons I prefer to the others. Like I LOVE the smell of cool crisp air, bonfires, and the spice from the falling leaves.  So excited it is Autumn now--it is sad Summer went by so fast, but Autumn means Halloween, and Halloween means the start to the Holidays, and the start to the Holidays means Christmas!!!! Haha, although by the time Christmas comes we will all be tired of the Holidays.

Uber will be starting up soon, and so will the new round of FaMESHed, We <3 Role-Play, Collabor88, and many other of the amazing monthly events. So please people, go check out the rounds before they close for September.  Also, get your shopping lists ready for October, I have a feeling it is going to be an Awesome month.

Outfit: Valentina Inverness Wool Shorties, Cable knit Sweater, Cape; Shoes: LaRoo Ellie Sock Pumps in Blue Foral; Necklace and acorn ring: MaxiGossamer Royal Autumn Forest; fox ring by Tea.S; bracelet: Yummy Heart Locket; Hair: Truth Cameo, Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India, Eyes Redgrave CatGreen and Boudoir's closed eyes natural

SURL: Valentina's:
             Four Season's Market:

~Update: So when I logged on this morning, I had a notice from We <3 Role-Play stating there would not be an October round due to the Mystic Realms Faire going on in October. So no WHRP, BUT there will be an awesome new event...and LOTS of designers for it! ~