Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Tea for the Holidays...

Hey everyone. I am going to be doing a post today, Friday, instead of on Sunday due to today being Black Friday.

I can not even begin to dream of listing all the sales going on right now across Second Life for Black Friday, but thankfully Seraphim has listed all the stores having Black Friday sales (Thank you Seraphim Bloggers for doing the Black Friday Sales List!).  Click the link and you have the list with the surls.

I often shop at Junbug, and am a group member--right now she is doing a sort of Flash Sale, where items with the black bow are marked 50$L or 100$L.  I don't know how long the sale is going to last, whether it is 24hours, or just for Friday, or all weekend....I don't know.  I ended up getting a really cute long fur coat/dress called Duchess.  I have been looking at this coat/dress for a while, and when I saw it was on sale, I bought it. I would recommend checking it out.

Coat/Dress: Junbug Duchess in Sable, Jewelry set: Earthstones: Vintage Romance Princess, Hair: Truth Eden, Skin: Glam Affair Sia Jamaica, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen
Go check out the Seraphim link above, check out some of the sales.  The sales will not last long. Happy Black Friday, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving.



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tea Room Flashback #2

Since this month has proven to be a bit disheartening when it comes to some of the rounds, for me, I have decided that this week I will do a fashion flashback...Plus I am way past do for a flashback.

My first flashback was over Salt and funny enough, while I have been exploring around during events and such, shortly after one event I found another designer whose store goes by the same name. I hope I didn't confuse anyone.  So this Fashion Flashback is going to be over an oldie, but goodie.  This designer reminds me a lot of Salt, and the only reason why I know of them is because I found it right next door to Salt's.  This outfit is done by Laughing Academy.

Laughing Academy does a lot of period pieces, and again(like with Salt) it does not have any mesh items, all are prim dresses and such. Don't let the "primitiveness" fool you--the detail and the textures are really well done.  The dress I have on in the pictures is the creator's flapper girl dress from the 20s.  I used to wear this dress to clubs and parties.  The skirt looks so whimsical while dancing, yet the dress is "form-fitting" when standing/lounging around.  Again, this is a dress I got lots of compliments on, and I still do--it is really well made.

Skin: Uniqu Megastore Ethnic India, Hair: Truth Guinevere, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Elemental, Lipstick: Senzafine Moonglow  Dress: Laughing Academy La WiniRose, Crown: Lark Olive Crown,  Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love, 

In this picture, I have it paired with a mesh olive crown I bought a few months back at The Liaison Collaborative.  I think it gives a more Tuscany feel for the dress, especially with the ivy back drop...but this isn't a blog about photography. This is a fashion blog. I guess you can say this picture shows the dress's versatility.  If you are looking for a fun and pretty period dress, check out Laughing Academy.


Laughing Academy:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cup of Tea

So last week I posted about Collabor88, and this week not a lot rounds opened up until Saturday, yesterday. So let me tell you what I found...

Genre's theme this month is post-apocalyptic, same as Uber's from two month's ago.... Not too impressed with it, but I know a few people who will be excited to see some of the items, they are cheaper than Uber, and still of a good quality. Everything is under 100$L.  So for those of you into the Apocalypse, Zombies, etc. this is the Genre round for you. 

The Liaison Collaborative opened Saturday as well, and the theme this month is Winter Harvest.  It was interesting to see what designers were there and what exactly they created for the theme.  I liked the sweater by Coquet, due to it having snowflakes on it (one of my worst kept secrets is I LOVE snow).  One thing at TLC which I immediately bought was the "Let it Go" pose pack by Exposeur.  It includes the magical snow with each pose and it is just awesome.  The only "bad" thing is, only you can use it. It is not a pose ball, or an animation. It is a pose you wear.  BUT, it looks amazing. So....there is that.

Skin: Glam Affair AngelicaV2 Jamaica @Kustom9, Eyeshadow: Wicked Peach: White Witch, Outfit Fishy Strawberry: Winter Bliss with Cardigan @Kustom9, Necklace: Schandenfreude Sun @Collabor88, Hair: Truth Aida, Skates: KH Ice Skates (comes with the ice skating AO), Earrings: Earthstones Smoky Topaz studs, Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural, Nails: SLink Nail Enhancements with Wicked Peaches Winter Moon Hud
Kustom9 opened, on Saturday, and I enjoyed this round better than the last one.  Zenith has a sweater dress that I bought. I liked the style. Upon pairing it up with items and such I found out the dress, which is not a long dress....not short either, but defintely not long enough for this, has slits on the sides.  I paired the dress with some black/brownish lace leggings I had laying in my inventory and then put on some large boots.  It looks good finished, but the slits were a surprise. This just gives me, and everyone as well, a reminder to please try the demos before you buy.  Also Fishy Strawberry has a nice sweater/skirt outfit that you can also by a matching cardigan with.  The whole set together looks cute, not quite business-casual not quite informal.  I liked it, and I paired it with large boots AND a pair of teal pumps. Both look good, but I am not sure what looks better.  (I am wearing the outfit in this post, and I have on ice skates with it, so it really looks good with just about anything.)

The Secret Room opened up on Saturday, too (it seems everything wanted to open up at once this week).  The Secret Room is sort of a fanciful event that has some gotchas, some items you by separately, and all items are supposed to have a theme... This theme is Harvest Moon.  I can see autumn in a few of the items, but I did not really see much Harvest Moon. I ended up getting these lipsticks that turned out way to candy colored than I thought, and I did fancy a robe by Peqe; alas for 399$L I thought the robe was a bit too much.  I guess I am just picky like that.

I did find out about a shopping event called Cosplay--I teleported there to check it out. Again, as with a lot of events this month, was not very impressed, but I did like Glam Affair's skin and Hair pack inspired by Chobits.  The skin comes with the hair, the hair comes with the skin. So you have to pick out the color and style of skin and look at the colors of the hair it comes with.  Be sure you know which one you want.  At 699$L, buyers remorse for this pack might be ghastly--which is why even though I like the packs, I have yet to buy one.  This event is going on until November 30, so go check it out if you can.



The Secret Room:


The Liaison Collaborative:


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who Doesn't Enjoy a Good Herbal Tea?

Hey everyone! I wasn't going to post this week, due to mild disappointment with some of the new rounds, but Collabor88 opened Saturday, yesterday, and I have to blog about it!!!

Okay, last week when I said I was looking forward to all the new rounds opening up, I wasn't lying. I was really excited about them. FaMESHed, Uber, We <3 Role-Play, and such.....held so much promise...but alas they were not as amazing as I was hoping.  FaMESHed had a few items I really liked--Zenith has an oversized sweater that is cute, it was hard to pair it with mesh bottoms, but I managed to get find something decent to go with it. The one item I really liked was by LaGyo, a Hamsa jewelry set. Now the necklace is really pretty, but for me the earrings leave something to be desired, after pairing it with a beautiful hamsa, the earrings look like blah in comparison.  Erratic  also has a very pretty coat out at FaMESHed, and I did pick that up. It looks like it is something to keep you perfectly warm on a romantic winter autumn night out.

Uber....Uber....Uber..... This month's theme at Uber is Macabre, and to me Macabre seemed very promising. There is so much you can do with death. It doesn't have to be horrific and bloody. And at least to me there is much potential in Macabre, but some of the designers left SO MUCH to be desired.  I did get the leather long sleeved shirt by [Foxy], the hair by Wasabi Pills, and I even got the white dress by Fishy Strawberry...but like I mentioned much left to be desired. I left the event somewhat disappointed.  I have seen people across the grid in some of the items from Uber, and I am glad everyone else is enjoying the Macabre. Alas, I will have to wait for next round to be uber impressed.

We <3 Role-Play opened up earlier this week, and again, another wave of disappointment for me, BUT I had so much fun at the Mystic Realms Faire and the designers had so much amazing stuff, I feel like I have to cut them some slack.  I can't compare the next year's rounds of WHRP to Mystic Realms...I can't. So, I only ended up getting some poses and a Chinese/Korean-Bindi-type thing at the event.  I am going to go back in a week or two to check it out again, hopefully with a clearer mind.

There were some other events that have opened up that were given a lot of Promotion on Facebook and by some designers..... Sad November and Xiasumi School Festival.... Sad November was...sad. The sim was designed amazingly! And there were a TON of shops and designers there. I only ended up getting a fang tooth attachment from [whatever].  And for the Xiasumi School Festival.....I got a fox pet-companion.... But for those two events, I know the styles of the outfits were just not my style, so it was legitimately a ME thing, others seem to really like the events, and I am always excited to see people across the grid in the items I have seen at these events.  As I always do with events like this, I go back through the month to see if there was anything I missed or if anything else catches my eye.

skin: Glam Affair Skye India1 @Collabor88, teeth: [whatever] teeth Fangs 2.0 @Sad November, Hair: Tableau Vivant Wicca, Necklaces: Schandenfreude Alchemy Necklaces @Collabor88, outfit: GizzA Nordic Outfit @Chapter Four, Boots: LaRoo Riding Boots, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement(with nail polish  by (NO) called feathers @Collabor88), Bangles: Zaara Banjara Kada stacked, Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love

Finally, the big event for me this week...COLLABOR88!!!! Okay, please go check it out. I mentioned briefly at the end of last week's blog Modern Alchemist was going to be exciting see....and the designers did NOT disappoint.  Zaara is one of the guests at the event this round, and I broke down and bought the fatpack of the jewelry she released.  Necklaces and bracelets/bangles......amazing.  So worth it. And the items are at a discounted rate again just for the event. So be sure to pick them up while they are discounted.  Glam Affair has some skins out at the event, like they normally do, and the India skin-toned Skye is Gorgeous! I am wearing the skin in all the pictures, and I think I might have to make this one of my normal go-to skins.  Also, there is a necklace set by Schandenfreude, necklaces of different lengths you can wear together and pair up with of astrological symbols and such. LOVE THEM! At 88$L I bought a few....but I am going to go back for more!!! Also the hairs at this round.....None of them disappoint. I bought three of them. I went a little Linden happy at the event when I was finally able to teleport in.

Also Chapter Four is open, and there are some cute outfits there this round.  I am wearing in the pictures the dress by GizzA.  There are other cute Fall/Autumn items there. So if you get the free time, and have some extra Linden, go check it out.





Chapter Four:

Sad November:

Xiasumi School Festival:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween and that you all have a happy Dia de los Muertos!  Earth did a great job with her guest post last Sunday, and I just wanted to thank her. Hopefully she will be able to do more guest posts for me.  Go ahead and put on the kettle, it's going to be a long post.

Now time for the awesome stuff. Utopia has a new Halloween outfit (one of the colors is set at a special group price of around 599L$) and it is more of a Dia de los Muertos. The dress is purple, and it is modeled after La Calavera Catrina, or the elegant skull. Saby Claire came out with a few different colors, but the purple/teal one is the one I bought due to the discounted price.  I really like candied skulls, and I like La Calavera Catrina style. And it is funny because this year in Real Life I will be dressing up as a candied skull, so this was a great way to combine my Real Life with my Second Life...granted I will probably look more put together in Second Life than in Real Life...not that great at drawing, but I will do my best.

The outfit won't be have the special group price for long, so if you are a member, go now. If you are not a member of Saby's Claire's Utopia group, the price to join is 500L$ one time only. For me the price to join was worth it for the quality of the outfits and for the quality of the group gifts.  As you know I am willing to pay the price for a great quality item, and the outfits at Utopia are well worth least for me they are.

So, I have a short little story to add to this week's blog post. I haven't done a story in a while, so it is long overdue. Lately I have been trying to put myself "out there" more. I have been craving people interaction. Normally when I log on, I go straight to fashion events, look around, and sometimes I talk to friends who are on.  This past weekend I went to the first annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  I saw a post on my Google+ feed posted by Second Life's Destination Guide, and as I was looking through the event's website I decided what a great way to give to the American Cancer Society and meet people.  If your kettle is whistling, take it off, and get ready to steep.

Outfit: Utopia Khalida Purple Candy Skull complete outfit with Sugarskull Tattoo C, Hair: Truth Thalia, Shoes: N-core Noir Intense; Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen

I ended up going around 11:45 SLT. I caught the end of the survior and caregiver walk. I wore a jogging suit by Gizza Creations, and I had a pair of earbuds in that I later changed the color of to pink.  I didn't walk, I ran the whole time, figured if I don't run much in Real Life, I could run in Second Life.  I was there for about two hours running. I saw quite a lot of people, but I didn't talk to anyone who were at the event, but I put myself out there. I have talked to a few friends in the last few weeks, and one friend in particular who I think completely understands why I am the way I am when it comes to new people. He and I were talking and we have found we are both more shy when it comes to meeting new people due to past experiences in Second Life. Unfortunately, some people bring drama from Real Life into Second Life and try to ruin the game for people. My friend stated we are both just more cautious when it comes to meeting new people due to our past dealings with "drama" and we are just trying to protect ourselves from strangers. Steep your tea, let it soak the flavors.

Outfit: GizzA Work Out White with Sneakers, Hair: Truth Honey, Earbuds: Volmaak

I miss the new days of joining Second Life, where you meet what seems like lots of people at a time, and you all friend each other and you spend time discovering and talking all night getting to know one another.  Alas, my friend is right, as you spend more time on the game, sometimes your get burned by people. So as to help myself gain back the "new" feel, I have been trying to put myself out there. So I did the Making Strides walk.  After I got done with the walk, I visited another friends SIM, and I met a member of his family who I got to talking to and we both ended up going to The Woods club and dancing. I am excited about putting myself out there to meet more people.  I want to regain some of that "I am new" feeling.

Back to the fashion, most of the rounds are closed and won't be open until later this week for the month of November.  Please take the time now to save up.  Mystic Realms fair closed last Monday, and I was so thankful to everyone who helped put that event together, and I can hardly wait for next year's!  Uber has started (theme is Macabre), We <3 Role-Play should be starting up soon again, FaMESHed should begin soon, and the next round of Collabor88 (which I am totally stoked for. It is  Modern Alchemist) starts on the 8th. Save your Lindens, get your lists ready, and drink your cuppa.  This is going to be another busy month! Only a few more weeks till Christmas!

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos!