Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunshine and Good Times

Happy Sunday everyone! What a beautiful week and weekend. The sun has been shining, the temperature is finally warm, and my windows are open! Let's have some tea and talk a little about the Epiphany Gacha before I leave to spend another day outside.

Corset Outfit: Yasum Burlesque Complete Maitreya EXCLUSIVE @EpiphanyGacha, Hair: Spellbound Interlude, Shoes: The Secret Store Boudoir Slippers, Puppy: Jian Silly Shibes Companion Pup @EpiphanyGacha, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natrual6 Lashes, Teeth: Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Earrings: Yummy Pearl Studs, Lipstick: Glam Affair Romy Lipstick, Skin: Glam Affair Yolandi, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

The Epiphany Gacha is a quarterly event, and is a gacha lover's dream. I have written about it before in an earlier post, but for a refresher course on how the event works:  you play the gachas you want, and you can redeem your extras and any unwanted items in for points. When you get 25 points you can get an exclusive item from one of the creators. The awesome thing is up to 100 points each round carries over to the next. So if you don't use them all one round you can use them next without having to play more gachas. This round was fun because there were only a few items, gachas and exclusives, I was interested in getting. Luckily I got them all, and I ended up having way more points than normal. So I got a few more exclusives than I was planning, all good things, all good things...

The big items I was playing for were by Truth and Jian. I really wanted all three hairstyles Truth Hawks released for the event. They are braided hair styles and I think they look pretty Badass. Jian also has these really cute shiba puppy companions. You can play for a hold-able pet, a roaming pet, and a following pet. I think there are a few decor ones as well. I was lucky and got the hold-able, roaming, and follower in my first, and only, three plays. Foxes has an exclusive item which is a pitbull companion. I love my little buddy. I think he is just adorable.

Sports Bra: Moon Elixir Chakra Sports Bra EXCLUSIVE @EpiphanyGacha, Pants: Erratic Daria Pants, Pitbull: Foxes Urban Fallout Hound Brown EXCLUSIVE @EpihanyGacha, Shoes: The Forge Strider Plus, Hair: NEW Truth Kora @Epiphany Gacha, Watch: Le Primitif Node Gear Watch, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Tattoo: The White Crow Inner Universe @KawaiiProject, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

The one exclusive I really wanted was by Moon Elixir. Moon Elixir has some cool athletic pieces. I wasn't a fan of the underwear like bottoms or the robe-dress thing. I was really interested in the Chakra Sports-Bra. the textures are wonderful and the Om clasp in the back is so cool! I really like it. I have the outfit paired with a cosmic tattoo and some sporty leggings by Erratic. I think it gives me a boxer/fighter look. Again...Bad Ass.

That's it for this week. Please take some time to check out Epiphany Gacha. The event ends on May 5th, so there is still plenty of time to drop some Linden and win some prizes! Enjoy your day out in the Sun my Tea Readers! Hugs and Smooches~


Epiphany Gacha

Epiphany Gacha Off-Sim Shopping

Kawaii Project

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Green Tea with Mint for a Refreshing Spring Day

Happy Sunday Tea Readers! I know, long time no post. Lots have been going on with my life and some changes in Second Life. Not too much has been missed, Collabor88 opened on March 8th, and the theme is "A Touch of Green". It is a very lovely round.

Outfit: Zaara Ruhi Layered Blouse and Mahi Patchwork Shorts @Collabor88, Hair: Tableau Vivant Ivy @Collabor88, Nosering: Zaara Ayanna, Bangles: Zaara Goa Party Friendship Bracelets, Rings: Yummy Flower Ring set (last month's Collabor88),Eyes; IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Freckles: [Stellar] Rainbow Freckles, Shoes: Candydoll Diamond Flats Mint (not shown), Tattoo: Letis Color Arama @BodyFy!, Skin: Glam Affair Yolandi, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

My favorite release at the event is of course by Zaara Kohime. She has released these really cute layered blouses, Ruhi, and patchwork shorts, Mahi. Each piece is 188L, or you can buy the fatpack for 888L (888L for the blouse fatpack and 888L for the shorts fatpack). I bought the fatpacks, because I love the hand-drawn designs and patterns--it is so easy to mix and match. Ruhi and Mahi are both exclusively made to fit the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body--so demo before you buy.

Outfit: The Secret Store Eva Lacey Tank and Paula Denim Shorts @Collabor88, Jewelry Set: Yummy Spring Bud in Gold  (included Pearl Berry earrings) @Collabor88, Hair: Truth Bernadette, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Freckles: [Stellar] Rainbow Freckles, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

The Secret Store also has a really pretty lacy tank top and lacy shorts for this round. I know the color for the round is "green", but I went for white and red. The shorts come with a hud you can use to turn on and off the lace. I bought the white shorts, and while the white lace is is there you have to look hard to see it. It's okay for me, it just adds a bit if detail. Yummy has a cute bloom jewelry set available which I thought paired well with The Secret Store's set.

Outfit: ISON Long Sleeve Romper @Collabor88, Jewelry Set: Maxi Gossamer Karina Karina Daydreamer @Collabor88, Hair: Moon Mysterons @Collabor88, Ring: Ariskea Poetric Women Wedding Ring, Shoes: Enfant Terrible Rose (not shown), Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Freckles: [Stellar] Rainbow Freckles, Slink Hands and Feet, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Maxi Gossamer has released a really cute set called Karina Karina Daydreamer. The "stones" on the necklace and earrings are more shell-like, and there is an option to change the texture colors. I like the blue option, because it reminds me most of mother-of-pearl.  For the blog I am wearing the ISON long sleeved romper, which is another Collabor88 release. I really like this mint color for the romper. It adds some green, but nothing too strong, and perfect for the freshness of spring--PLUS the Maxi Gossamer set pairs really well.

Not much to add for now, I hope to bring you more next week. Just some FYIs: Uber has another freestyle round, some nice items if you want to check it out; FaMESHed has been open since the start of the month, and there are a few cute accessories and single pieces, you should check it out as well. Again, sorry for such a long wait on a new post. I hope everyone has a happy Sunday. Hugs and Smooches Tea Readers.





BodyFy!  New event filled with lots of amazing tattoos. Check it out if you like ink or want to check some out!