Sunday, May 15, 2016

Don't Over Steep the Leaves

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this week has been wonderful for all. I want to keep this week's post kinda short and sweet, so I am only going to discuss briefly two events.

Outfit: COCO Cardigan Over Shoulder and Gifted V-Neck Dress @FaMESHed, Hair: Wasabi Pills Marissa @FaMESHed, Rings: Izzie's Spring Midi Rings Gold @Uber, Shoes: Cora Heels in Sailor, Earrings: Zoom Marine Earrings @FaMESHed as gift, Clutch: Zaara Patchwork Clutch in indigo, Skin: Glam Affair December II, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

FaMESHed opened at the very beginning of the month, and this is the birthday round. LOTS of free gifts to group members, so be sure to wear your group tag and click on the little present bags. My two favorite buys for this round are COCO's over the shoulder sweater and Wasabi Pills' fun braided hair. The sweater I had to buy has these fun navy stripes. This sweater just reminds me of country clubs, and sailing tourneys. The dress I am wearing in the picture is the FREE gift for the event by COCO. You can buy separate colors, or get the white one free! Be sure to JOIN the group.

Outfit: Moon Amore Wild&Free Top and Skirt @Collabor88, Hair: Besom Sable @Hairology, Rings: Izzie's Spring Midi Rings Gold @Uber and Schadenfreude Waits Set I'll Shoot the Moon @Collabor88, Necklace: Pekka Third Eye Necklace, Nose Ring: Yummy Diamond Flower Nose Ring, Bracelet: Zaara Goa Party Friendship Bracelets, Earrings: Zaara Sarika Feathers, Skin: Glam Affair Yolandi, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

Collabor88 opened last Sunday with the theme Americana. I am not very familiar with Americana, but to me it seems very bohemian and very relaxed. I ADORE this outfit by Moon Amore. The pieces come with a color changer hud, and I really like this printed skirt. There are these cute elephants on it, and to me it just adds so much. I decided while putting this outfit together I needed to go brunette because blonde just was too preppy looking. It didn't look natural enough. There are a lot of other fun items, and I would highly recommend going to the Seraphim shopping guide to help you plan and budget.

Last but not least, the winner for the Give-Away from my Anniversary Post is KhateraSara! Congratulations KhateraSara!!!! I will be messaging you inworld and sending you your cards ASAP. Thanks for commenting everyone. I appreciate all of you. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Much love! XOXO





Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Two Year~

Hey everyone! Today is my blog's Two Year Anniversary! Yay! I never pictured myself still as excited and into my blog by year two! And I never would of made it this far if it wasn't for you amazing Tea Readers!!!

I have another fun giveaway for Sunday Tea's 2nd Anniversary! I have quite a few gift cards to give away to one lucky reader! This year, the gift cards in the box are: (1) 500L Evie's Closet, (1) 1000L Zaara, (1) 500L Truth Hair, (1) 500 Pixicat. That's $2,500L in gift cards!!!! Same rules as last year: In the comments of this post please give me your SecondLife Username and let me know your favorite blog post.  I will put all the names in a random list generator on Sunday, March 13th. I will send a notecard to the winner, and once I get in contact I will send the present box with the gift cards inside. Hurray!

Good Luck Everyone! And thank you for reading! I really appreciate all of you~ BIG HUGS AND SMOOCHES~

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Let's Brew a Floral Blend

Happy Sunday everyone. This past week has been very emotionally rough for me, and I kept debating whether or not to do a post. But working on my blog posts have always been therapeutic for me, as well as putting outfits together. So let's get this week's post started.

Jacket: Foxes Free Love Leather Jacket in white @Uber, Shirt: Azuchi+Vinyl Fleetwood Top @Uber, Skirt: Tres Blah Revival Denim Skirt @Uber, Hair: NEW TRUTH Sorrel with Flower @Uber, Shoes: Pure Poison Dixie Pumps @Uber, Skin: Glam Affair Ellie, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Uber opened last week and the theme this month is Country Spring. Let me just isn't very country at all. Lots of leather jackets, bikinis, and cute shorts, yet not much "country". I absolutely adore the new hair by Truth, it reminds me of Maui for some reason. I think it is due to the flower add-on...even though the flower is a daisy and not a plumeria.  Moon Hair also has a really cute fat braid with daisy add-ons as well. Adds a bit of youthfulness and innocence to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

Jacket and Shirt: Azuchi+Vinyl Stevie Leather Jacket and Fleetwood Top @Uber, Skirt: Blueberry Denim Skirt, Boots: Reign Rhone Boots @Uber, Hair: NEW Truth Sorrel, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Vinyl and Azuchi has collaborated to create this really cool leather jacket and shirt combo. You buy the pieces separately, and you can then mix and match. I bought the brown leather jacket along with the Off Duty Mermaid tank--kinda badass, yet fun...a fun badass? If it wasn't a thing before, it is now. Foxes also has these AMAZING leather jackets with fun designs on the back and some of them have the designs on the sleeves. I bought two of the jackets, one with an elephant, and then the simple white leather jacket with just the bronze detailing. Very fun, and adds a bit of a bohemian edge to something normally rebellious.

Outfit: Tres Blah Mia Cami Blue and Revival Denim Skirt @Uber, Shoes: Pure Poison Dixie Flats @Uber, Hair: NEW Truth Sorrel @Uber, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Tres Blah has a cute tank and skirt combo out. Again you buy your pieces separately so you can mix and match as you would like. I think this outfit was perfect, and it actually follows the theme for this month. Very fun, very freeing, and very simple.

A few people have released bikinis and lingerie for this event. I liked the Blueberry's best. I bought two pairs, the red and then the pink floral. Each bikini comes with a cute little floatie you can wear and just chill on or you can use the hud provided with it to bump and follow your friends (your friends would have to be wearing a floatie as well). Reign and Just Because helped take part in the floatie fun and both of their floaties you can purchase separately at the Blueberry booth. I bought the Just Because black cat, because secretly I am a crazy cat lady.

Bikini: Blueberry Peach Bikini Pink Flower @Uber, Hair: NEW Truth Sorrel @Uber, Floatie: Just Because Black Kitty Floatie @Uber, Freckles: Stellar Rainbow Freckles, Eyes: IKON Charm and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Not much else to report. Pure Poison has two cute shoes out which are completely customizable via the texture hud. Reign also has come cool boots, I could never call them country because the metal boot jewelry attached makes it look way more biker-chick than anything. Still lots of awesome stuff from the grids creators this month. Check it out whenever you get the chance. Hugs and Smooches Tea Readers~