Friday, October 17, 2014

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Hey everyone! Two posts in only three days time! I feel so accomplished. So, picking up where I left off on Thursday night from all the events/rounds that have opened in the last week...

Collabor88's theme for October is Spoopy Motel (the theme name makes me giggle). The items are all very nice, as usual; Not too many risqué items. Most of the outfits are classy enough, and have some have a bit of a spooky twist, or will remind you of a horror/thriller movie.  I bought two outfits, one from Fashionably Dead and the other is from UFO.

The outfit from Fashionably Dead I bought is pretty cocktail dress--the sleeves are a little lax and partially see through, and it is knee length with a bit of cleavage. I thought it was classy with just enough sexiness to still be tasteful...if that even makes sense.  I bought the red dress, and there are two different reds to pick from (as well as other colors). A deep red/crimson, and a brighter red. Both are pretty.

The UFO outfit from Collabor88 is comely. It consists of three separate pieces: The partial lace blouse, the longer wool skirt which goes just past the knee, and the large heavy knit sweater.  The look you get if you wear a loose pony tail with the complete outfit is very relaxed--looks perfect for an autumn day on a porch or on a walk looking at leaves. I think it is a very charming outfit.

Outfit: UFO Annabelle in wine with white blouse @Collabor88; Hair: Truth Posy; Boots: JK Penny Belleza Venus Black @FaMESHed; 

Also from this round at Collabor88 I bought a hair from Lamb, my first one from this designer.  It is perfect for Halloween, because it has a cat mask you can attach with the hair(comes with a color change HUD so you can match the mask with whatever outfit). I tried a demo of it with my typical dark blonde, and it wasn't dark enough, and the light browns had one color similar to my typical dark blonde, but it still didn't look right, so I tried the blacks, and the red/black looks great. Not my normal color, but the look with it is very bewitching.

Dress: Fashionably Dead Sweet Pleated Dress in Deep Red @Collabor88; Shoes: LaRoo Khloe Pumps; Eye Shadow: Senzafine Safira in Safron; Lipstick: Senzafine: Moonglow Vintage Reds; Necklace: Amorous Ankh; Ring and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Angelica's Ankh of Power in Red and Gold; Hair: Lamb: Pussycat in Black @Collabor88

The Theme Park opened this week...or maybe it was last week.....Anyway it is open, and it is SPOOKY as well....not really, but the items are cute, and have a fun Halloween thing going on. I got a Halloween dress from Leri Miles Designs. It has cute voodoo dolls on the front and back with pumpkins. The dress itself is black, and very tasteful. I immediately liked it, so I bought it straight away. It looks good with my hair from Collabor88.

Dress: Leri Miles Designs Lexy Dress Halloween @The Theme Park; Shoes: LaRoo Khloe; Hair: Lamb Pussycat@Collabor88; bracelet: Utopia Black Pearl

The Liaison Collaborative opened up this week as well, and there is no set theme. The designers just created something from the sparks of genius in their heads and I thank them for it. I liked some of the dresses, but nothing really jumped out at me...  There are these boots there I might end up picking up before the round is over...who knows.  I did get some furniture there, so there's that.

Lastly, Genre's theme this month is androgynous, so everything is neutral and unisex. I only bought a skin by Lumae(there is an option to by the flat chest tattoo as well as the skin for it to make you even more neutral). The outfits are too unisex for me, and not very colorful. But what can you do with androgynous...besides be neutral... So I am going to stay neutral on the topic.



The Liaison Collaborative:

The Theme Park:



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