Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tea Room Flashback #2

Since this month has proven to be a bit disheartening when it comes to some of the rounds, for me, I have decided that this week I will do a fashion flashback...Plus I am way past do for a flashback.

My first flashback was over Salt and funny enough, while I have been exploring around during events and such, shortly after one event I found another designer whose store goes by the same name. I hope I didn't confuse anyone.  So this Fashion Flashback is going to be over an oldie, but goodie.  This designer reminds me a lot of Salt, and the only reason why I know of them is because I found it right next door to Salt's.  This outfit is done by Laughing Academy.

Laughing Academy does a lot of period pieces, and again(like with Salt) it does not have any mesh items, all are prim dresses and such. Don't let the "primitiveness" fool you--the detail and the textures are really well done.  The dress I have on in the pictures is the creator's flapper girl dress from the 20s.  I used to wear this dress to clubs and parties.  The skirt looks so whimsical while dancing, yet the dress is "form-fitting" when standing/lounging around.  Again, this is a dress I got lots of compliments on, and I still do--it is really well made.

Skin: Uniqu Megastore Ethnic India, Hair: Truth Guinevere, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Elemental, Lipstick: Senzafine Moonglow  Dress: Laughing Academy La WiniRose, Crown: Lark Olive Crown,  Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love, 

In this picture, I have it paired with a mesh olive crown I bought a few months back at The Liaison Collaborative.  I think it gives a more Tuscany feel for the dress, especially with the ivy back drop...but this isn't a blog about photography. This is a fashion blog. I guess you can say this picture shows the dress's versatility.  If you are looking for a fun and pretty period dress, check out Laughing Academy.


Laughing Academy:

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