Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cup of Tea

So last week I posted about Collabor88, and this week not a lot rounds opened up until Saturday, yesterday. So let me tell you what I found...

Genre's theme this month is post-apocalyptic, same as Uber's from two month's ago.... Not too impressed with it, but I know a few people who will be excited to see some of the items, they are cheaper than Uber, and still of a good quality. Everything is under 100$L.  So for those of you into the Apocalypse, Zombies, etc. this is the Genre round for you. 

The Liaison Collaborative opened Saturday as well, and the theme this month is Winter Harvest.  It was interesting to see what designers were there and what exactly they created for the theme.  I liked the sweater by Coquet, due to it having snowflakes on it (one of my worst kept secrets is I LOVE snow).  One thing at TLC which I immediately bought was the "Let it Go" pose pack by Exposeur.  It includes the magical snow with each pose and it is just awesome.  The only "bad" thing is, only you can use it. It is not a pose ball, or an animation. It is a pose you wear.  BUT, it looks amazing. So....there is that.

Skin: Glam Affair AngelicaV2 Jamaica @Kustom9, Eyeshadow: Wicked Peach: White Witch, Outfit Fishy Strawberry: Winter Bliss with Cardigan @Kustom9, Necklace: Schandenfreude Sun @Collabor88, Hair: Truth Aida, Skates: KH Ice Skates (comes with the ice skating AO), Earrings: Earthstones Smoky Topaz studs, Ring: Earthstones Splendid Love, Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural, Nails: SLink Nail Enhancements with Wicked Peaches Winter Moon Hud
Kustom9 opened, on Saturday, and I enjoyed this round better than the last one.  Zenith has a sweater dress that I bought. I liked the style. Upon pairing it up with items and such I found out the dress, which is not a long dress....not short either, but defintely not long enough for this, has slits on the sides.  I paired the dress with some black/brownish lace leggings I had laying in my inventory and then put on some large boots.  It looks good finished, but the slits were a surprise. This just gives me, and everyone as well, a reminder to please try the demos before you buy.  Also Fishy Strawberry has a nice sweater/skirt outfit that you can also by a matching cardigan with.  The whole set together looks cute, not quite business-casual not quite informal.  I liked it, and I paired it with large boots AND a pair of teal pumps. Both look good, but I am not sure what looks better.  (I am wearing the outfit in this post, and I have on ice skates with it, so it really looks good with just about anything.)

The Secret Room opened up on Saturday, too (it seems everything wanted to open up at once this week).  The Secret Room is sort of a fanciful event that has some gotchas, some items you by separately, and all items are supposed to have a theme... This theme is Harvest Moon.  I can see autumn in a few of the items, but I did not really see much Harvest Moon. I ended up getting these lipsticks that turned out way to candy colored than I thought, and I did fancy a robe by Peqe; alas for 399$L I thought the robe was a bit too much.  I guess I am just picky like that.

I did find out about a shopping event called Cosplay--I teleported there to check it out. Again, as with a lot of events this month, was not very impressed, but I did like Glam Affair's skin and Hair pack inspired by Chobits.  The skin comes with the hair, the hair comes with the skin. So you have to pick out the color and style of skin and look at the colors of the hair it comes with.  Be sure you know which one you want.  At 699$L, buyers remorse for this pack might be ghastly--which is why even though I like the packs, I have yet to buy one.  This event is going on until November 30, so go check it out if you can.



The Secret Room:


The Liaison Collaborative:


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