Friday, January 30, 2015

How About a Celestial Blend?

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has been safe and warm this past week, what with blizzards, chills, and just overall crazy weather...At least here in the United States. I know some of you are overseas, and I want you all to stay safe and warm, too! Go now; steep some breakfast blend and stay awhile.

Uber opened last Sunday, and as most of you know, the theme this month Celestial.  Not really so much with the Sunday Tea theme, BUT I am a huge Star Trek fan, and an overall nerd, so this theme was very fun for me. I ended up spending more than I originally thought, and bought some outfits I don't normally wear for myself.  When I think of Celestial, I think of space and time, of heaven, of stars, and, funny enough, Metaphysics. Don't ask why, it just does for some reason. My mind is a jumbled mess of crazy.

I bought two jumpsuits by Foxes, one in off-white and the other is a galaxy/star print. I don't normally wear jumpsuits, but when I was looking at the suits I just had to buy one, and then after a mishap with delivery (my fault, I have a click happy hand) I bought another.  Now, I bought the suit that has the sleeves, and has a deep quite a bit of cleavage, but as always with 99% of what I wear, it still tasteful.  I paired it with jewelry by Yummy which is also at the event.  The necklaces you can layer, and I also put on the short sun pendant by Schadenfreude which was available at Collabor88 last November for the Modern Alchemist round. The hair by Truth for this round is also a must have--a curly side pony with a braid and optional star berets.

Jumpsuit: Foxes V-Neck Nebula @Uber, Hair: Truth Esther with Silver Clip @Uber, Necklaces: Yummy Celestial Necklaces Burst and Moon & Schandenfreude Short Sun , Bracelets: Earthstones Krishna, Earrings: Earthstones Tennis Amethyst and Diamond, Ring: Yummy Twinkling Star @Uber, Shoes: LaRoo Alison Pumps in Grey, Skin: Glam Affiar Amberyl II Jamaica with Romy Lipstick for Jamaica, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural Lashes6, Slink Nails and Whatever Teeth

Zenith has a sweater out which reminded me a bit of Star Trek: Into Darkness(there is a unisex jacket there by David Heather which reminded me exactly of Khan's coat from the beginning. I didn't buy it, but I do know someone who I am going to make buy it because he would look so dapper and just awesome in it). The sweater is kind-of-almost off the shoulder, and the end of the sleeves have a hud you can color change. There are some necklaces there to pair with it (and Maxi Gossamer has a cleaner cut necklace of a very similar style) but I did not purchase those. I have it paired with some leather leggings by Plastik called Shine. I bought them a long time ago, and the combo of the leather leggings and this sweater..well, I think it is perfect, but you can tell me if I am wrong.

Sweater: Zenith Yuanyang Sleeve Sweater @Uber, Leggings: Plastik Galatea Legging in Shine, Jewelry: Yummy Celestial Necklace and Twinkling Star Earrings and Ring @Uber, Hair: Truth Esther with Silver Clip @Uber, Skin: Glam Affair December II Jamaica, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelashes: Redgrave Naturals, Slink Fingernails and Whatever Teeth
The Jewelry by Yummy I preferred to the other jewelry there (it is also priced very well, very cheap in my opinion for a quality so high). There is also a dress by Seul which I purchased  I think it fits well (the alpha layer, on the back of the neck does not match up well with the dress--so if you wear a short hair, or any hair that reveals the back of your neck, at the top of the dress, you can see through your body...not awesome, but the dress is so pretty, longer hair won't hurt it at all).  There is a jacket you can buy separately, but I liked the dress by itself, and trust me, It is simple and gorgeous by itself.

Dress: Seul Metallic Knit Dress @Uber, Hair: Truth Esther with Silver Clip @Uber, Jewelry: Earthstones Krishna Harmony Necklaces and bracelets, Earrings: Earthstones Tennis Earrings Amethyst and diamonds, shoes: LaRoo Khloe, Ring: Tea.s Starfleet Ring, Skin: Glam Affair Amberly II Jamaica, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Eyelases: Redgrave Natural6
Everything at Uber this round is running on the cheaper side, and my wallet thanks the designers for it.  Since Uber has opened, I have been at least 4 times. Again, the theme Celestial isn't quite Sunday Tea, but my inner nerd is so in love... so in love. Set some time, and some L$, aside this month and go check out Uber.



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