Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tea and a Seasoned Storyteller

Happy Sunday.  I hope this week has been productive and wonderful for all of you.  Last weekend was crazy in regards to events.  So this past week has been quite the reprieve from teleport craziness.

Season's Story opened last Saturday, and I had to try to teleport most of the day to get in. Once I got in, after trying on and off most of the day, only five booths fully rezzed for me.  Luckly, of the five booths, three of them were the designers I wanted to purchase from.  FYI, there are more gachas at this event than I have seen before. Zenith has a gacha, and the dresses for it are cute and simple. For some reason Xylon Bigbear is on a chiffon kick. Recently a lot of chiffon dresses and skirts have been released from her; FaMESHed, Uber, Season's Story, Shiny Shabby, lots of chiffon. NOT COMPLAINING. I love the look of chiffon. So when I saw the dresses in the gachas, I was able to get lots of dresses in different colors and patterns, and one of the rare sweaters (I got the short sweater with owl bag).  The dresses of course pair really well with the sweater, and you can wear the dresses by themselves (they do look perfect for a luncheon or a brunch).

Outfit: Zenith Tiffany Chiffon Dress and Sweater Short Coat @Season's Story, Shoes: LaRoo Spencer Heels Nude, Bracelet and Necklace: Yummy Pearl & Diamond @Uber, Other bracelet: Noodles Positivity Bangles @FaMESHed, Hair: Olive Snow Princess Tea Stained, Skin: Glam Affiar Sia Skin Fairy Tales Jamaica @Collabor88, Eyes and Eyelashes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural
There are some random items I also purchased at Season's Story, some sweaters, some leg warmers (for slink feet I do not have yet, but plan on getting in the future), a lace skirt, some Ugg-like boots, and a pair of leggings. Again, random items, and I haven't properly paired them with anything yet. They don't really fit the theme of the blog, but still nice. I did get a shirt/fur vest combo from Kitja.  It is my first purchase from this designer. I liked the combo together, I have yet to try the vest or the shirt separate, but I think I will be able to pair these items with other combo's in my inventory. 

I did go to We <3 Role-Play a few days after it opened the week before last.  I did not see much that screamed had to have. There is a hair there I liked by Tableau Vivant, but I thought it would look better on a male avatar than a female. But I am not too into warrior-like hair.  There were not really any outfits or accessories that jumped out at me, but like always, I saw some items that would look great with friends and such. So go ahead and take a look.

Liaison Collaborative, Kustom9, Kawaii Project, Genre opened up this Thursday. I will put up a post with pictures and thoughts most likely next week! As always much love and enjoy your cuppa. Hugs and smooches~


Season's Story:

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