Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fashion Flashback#3

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I got to thinking, maybe now is a good time to post a fashion flashback.  So this Fashion Flashback is going to be about my ALL TIME FAVORITE designer, Zaara Kohime.

I first discovered Zaara while searching the marketplace for ethnic designs of Indian clothing after going through a Bollywood movie binge(don't judge me, you should do it). I am talking Sari's, Salwar Kameez's, Kurtis's, and such.  As most of you know-at least I hope you do-shopping on the marketplace can be sketchy.  If a product doesn't have a review or a demo, it is basically buy at your own risk. So, while searching for a new outfit, some of Zaara's clothes came up.  After looking at a few of her Kurta's, I decided to take a look at her marketplace store.  I remember-and this was about when I was 6 month's into Second Life-looking at all of the dresses, outfits, accessories, shirts, pants, shoes, and just overall stuff. So after spending a pretty heavy amount of L$ I took a landmark included with one of the outfits to her inworld store. Oh. My. Gawd. It was and still is a dream. I love the layout, I love the outfits, I love the sim. I just LOVE it. Love. It.

This was taken outside of the Zaara mainstore.
So, after purchasing even more items, joining her inworld group, exploring, taking photos, dancing and just having the best time ever, I put on all my spoils and created my outfits. Thus was born my adoration to Zaara Kohime.  May she forever create and be fabulous. I don't think she could ever create something I would not like. I honestly don't think she could. I love all of her stuff. Her older outfits, her new ones, her jewelry, her shoes..... Okay, I think I am done dorking out.

She has been creating items for The Arcade; she has done home items like living room items, kitchen, boudoir, and she even has done some Tuk-Tuks. So she is creating out of the box.  It has been mentioned on Strawberry Singh's blog there is a sort of home build Zaara has been working on, and there is no set date on release or even if it will ever get finished. I have seen updates on the Facebook page Second Life Inventory about her new Arcade home gacha for March. I am thinking this is the home build, but I am not sure. It could just be a certain portion of it, or a completely different build.  All I know is, I will buy it.  I don't even have a full sim anymore--I would probably buy or rent one, just to put up the build.
Be careful where you step!
I know I have posted on her annual 50% off sale last fall, but I wanted to do more on my history with Zaara, and my admiration for her. I think I have a lady crush... Enjoy your cuppa and your Sunday. Hugs and Smooches~

~These photos were all taken on the Zaara sim. All the photos have outfits done by Zaara, which are all available at her Mainstore and on the Marketplace. The hair is done by Truth and Exile. The Skin is Ethnic India by Unique Megastore, eyes by Redgrave as well as the eyelashes.  Shoes in the last picture are by Fanatik.~


Zaara's mainstore:

Marketplace link

Zaara's Blog on Wordpress

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