Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fashion Flashback#4

Happy Sunday to all of you lovelies. My lovely sister, in real life and Second Life, Sun Tvilling sadly is not able to start your day with fashion this week. However, she has graciously asked me to do a post again. Grab a coffee, a cuppa, maybe enjoy a refreshing beverage, because I’m about to talk about one of my favorite designers.


Outfit: Utopia Ursula Red
Hair: Truth Briony w/Roots
Shoes: Utopia Ursula Boot
Accessories: Ariskea [Coeur de terre] Peaceful Earth, EarthStones Tahitian Black Pearl/Gold, REDGRAVE eyelashes, Slink hands - Elegant, Anara's Earth Ring
Skin: LAQ- Jessica Peach

When I first started Second Life, over three years ago, I didn’t know much about fashion on the grid. It wasn’t until I met one of my best friends, Isoly, that I realized there was much more than the freebie malls. She asked me who was my fashion icon, to which I replied, “Audrey Hepburn.” Isoly knew just where to take me. My first Second Life wardrobe, which I felt represented me, was made up of entirely Utopia.

Outfit: Utopia Rhapsody
Hair: Truth Posy
Shoes: N-Core Pump/Black
Accessories: Anara's Earth Ring
Skin: LAQ- Jessica Peach

Oh, Utopia. This was of course before mesh. Utopia, by Saby Clary, was the store of my choice. I love it so. Beautiful ball gowns, classy casual wear, sensational accessories; it was heaven. Not to brag, but I completely am, I won many a contest in Utopia outfits. Naturally, when Sun started her Second Life the first place I took her for clothes was Utopia.

Those who are familiar with Utopia will know the outfits cost some heavy linden if you are going on a spree. However, I am a firm believer that her outfits are worth every bit of linden charged. When Utopia does an outfit, it does it flawlessly. For those who have transitioned into mesh, which means most of us, Utopia is behind the curve. There is a good explanation for it, in my opinion. Utopia never puts out anything less than perfect. In my mind, Miss Clary takes her time creating clothes and never puts out anything unless it meets her idea of perfection; she’s just like other creators. However, Miss Clary seems to want to make sure her mesh meets her specifications and I have the suspicion there’s not too much mesh in her store because she’s not completely satisfied with her mesh creations yet.
Outfit: Utopia Kate
Hair: Truth Jemima
Shoes: N-Core Cuore
Accessories: Anara's Earth Ring, EarthStones Tahitian Black Pearl/Gold, Ariskea [Coeur de terre] Peaceful Earth
Skin: LAQ- Jessica Peach

I cannot wait for the day she is, though. One of her partial mesh items is her dress Kate. One of my favorite outfits for walking around in Angel Manor, in world. This dress is divine and is one of my favorites for a reason. I know some of you remember my first blog entry and my admission of being a dragon most of the time in Second Life; this dress makes me feel as powerful as my dragon avatar. I feel in control. I feel powerful. I feel like taking down empires. It’s a wonderful thing when fashion makes me feel the same as when I’m a dragon.

Utopia brings out the lady or gentleman in all of us. We’re classy. We’re dangerous. We’re powerful. Your fashion says a lot about who you are, which is why fashion is different for everyone. It’s part of the reason why Sun and I love Second Life. It’s another way to express ourselves. Our fashion no matter what world, Second Life, real life, any life, should always say something about who we are. Utopia does it for me. I’m powerful. I’m in control. I’m classy when destroying villages. Elegant. Dangerous. Breath taking.

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