Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tropical Rooibos Anyone?

Hello my Tea Readers! Oh how I have missed you. I had a wonderful vacation; I relaxed, meditated, soaked up some Vitamin D; I had a lot of Sun Tea, and most importantly I had FUN. I tried to keep up to date on happenings through my facebook and Seraphim... It was tough; what with the beaches and the sunshine and all the fishing I did, but I think I did okay. So here is this week's post. Go ahead and let your favorite blend steep for a bit.

Dress: MotiAme Front Tied Denim Dress @Kustom9, Hair: Soonsiki Day Dreams, Hat: Ariskea Belle Hat, Skin: Glam Affair Katra @Skin Fair, Slink Hand and Feet with Whatever Fang Teeth

Kustom9's new round is pretty interesting. Glam Affair has a cute dress out. There isn't anything eye catching about it; it is just simple and has a nice cut(I am working on getting it styled real interestingly, I think it's simplicity makes it perfect for any style). Enfant Terrible has a really sexy romper which I did end up wearing to a club with Earth and my soul sister Kalia last week. Very sexy, more like a twist on a body suit than a romper....or maybe it looks more like the offspring of a romper and a body suit. I was really excited about a springy dress (I am so happy it is Spring) by MotiAme which I saw previews for and I KNEW I had to have it. It is SIMPLE. A plain dress with a denim tied crop jacket over it. The dress is boxy, not form fitting at all, and a color changer HUD is included for the dress itself. Again, very very simple....and I LOVE it. To me it looks like a dress you would wear if you were out gardening (and I love gardening in Real Life and Second Life). Very very pretty. I bought a hat by Ariskea to pair with it (hat also at Kustom9) but I need to find a hair to go with it. Your tea should be ready now.

Dress: GizzA Army Denim Dress @Creation.JP, Shoes: Reign Captive Booties @FaMESHed, Rings: Ariskea Mystery Girl @Collabor88, Necklaces: Yummy Hamsa, Shining Crystal, Small Crystal Choker, Earrings: Earthstones Mesilla Hoops,  Hair: Damselfly Sunhild, Skin: Glam Affair Katra @Skin Fair;  Slink Hands and Feet with Whatever Fang Teeth, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes

Creation.JP is out for this quarter and I was SO surprised to see Zaara there. She has two different handbag styles out with lots of amazing colors and patterns. One is a clutch(I bought the fatpack of this one) and the other is a cross body bag(I bought two of these)...kinda. Also there is a dress by NYU that has a scarf draping down and it looks very casual and almost "flowy".... I don't know how to properly explain it. The way the scarf drapes down looks so flawless and effortless I am sure it was a pain to create. It looks so natural. Also GizzA is there again with a cool denim dress. It is called Army Denim Dress--well I think that is what the designer was wanting it to seem like. I think it looks more like a denim jacket turned into a really chic dress(I don't really see the "Army" unless it is referred to the sharp cuts and angles). I really enjoyed putting the outfit together it just seemed to really create itself.

Shiny Shabby opened last Saturday....I think it was last Saturday...and I was overloaded with all the bohemian. The theme for the month is Boho Chic. I don't know if it was coincidental due to Uber's theme being Bohemian or if was done on purpose, but I was pleasantly surprised by a LOT of the designers.  GizzA has a dress out called Cara I HAD to buy. Had to. I couldn't not buy it. It has daisy flowers on the bodice and on the sleeves, with a knee length skirt which to me seems just whimsical. There is a cutout in the back, which I LOVE. So, yea....I had to buy it.  Also another had to...Zenith has a Tea Time Dress.... Again, I had to.  Sunday Tea and Fashion! I love tea time! And I love dresses!! So this dress equals perfection. I love the cut on the shoulder. The neckline has ruffles that are simple, yet add so much more depth compared to if they weren't there.  I did something different with this dress, I bought the white and black colored one, not the pink or the blue one. I have some Tahitian pearls which I bought by Izzie's a while back... They look amazing paired with this dress. So I think this was my favorite buy.

RAW SHOT: Dress: Zenith Tea Time Dress @Shiny Shabby, Jewelry: Izzie's Tahitian Pearl Set, Shoes: Gos Carrie Pumps Patent, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Hair: Truth Sally, Slink Hands and Whatever Teeth Fang, Skin: Glam Affair Katra @Skin Fair, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes

Also at Shiny Shabby there is a dress by B.C.C called The Good Feeling Dress....This dress I feel encompasses the whole Boho Chic theme of the event. I bought the dress with the mixed colored print on the skirt--it took me forever to decide on which pattern to buy or if I wanted the white or cream dress.... I still want don't know if I want to go back and buy another one. For those of you who like the dress, good luck to you buying a color/print. I hope it is easier for you than for me...silly indecisive brain. Also there is another short and sexy dress by Enfant Terrible called Willow. I thought it looked very flapper girlish. The really cool thing Enfant Terrible has out is a necklace called Spring in a Bottle.... I saw some pictures on the internet like EONS ago, of these small pots with even smaller plants in necklaces... The necklace has a small vase with what appears to be silver-ish Tulips. Again, another must buy. I loved seeing these necklaces a long time ago, and I definitely jumped at the chance to buy one for my avatar.

There are other events that opened when I was away, like Genre and The Liaison Collaborative, but I didn't really find anything at TLC(I did buy a charm bracelet fatpack by CAE. They are charm bracelets with themes from places around the world). Genre's theme this month is Biker and TLC's theme is Bon Voyage. I thought the theme was funny since I was on vacation when it opened. Also, the Skin Fair opened and I don't really have much to say on this event. It is pretty self explanatory... Lots of skins. I did buy a fatpack of the Katra Skin by Glam Affair. But other than that, not much to report.

Dress: B.C.C Good Feeling Long Dress Mix @Shiny Shabby, Hair: !Oleander~Bennett, Necklace: Yummy Embelished Key Necklace, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Earrings: Amorous Wild, Shoes: Maitreya Gold Pearl Antheia Sandals, Skin: Glam Affair Katra @Skin Fair, Slink Hands and Feet, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes

I don't have much else to say about the events that opened while I was gone. I have still been trying to catch up with everything I have missed. Hopefully by next week's post I will be all caught up. Much love my Tea Readers. Enjoy your cuppa and your Sunday! Hugs and Smooches~


The Skin Fair:
                        The SURL I have posted is for SIM  2 of the event. Glam Affair's booth is next to the landing point.



Shiny Shabby:


The Liaison Collaborative:

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