Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Happy April Fools' Day! I know not everyone celebrates the day of pranks and silliness, but I do. And I thought I would do a fun little impromptu post to celebrate with my Tea Readers.

I don't know how I can really pull a prank on any of you, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite pranks I have done. One year I put shaving cream inside a few of my dad's work jeans in the middle of the night. Of course that morning when he put them on....He had a mess everywhere...that I had to clean up after laughing. And one year I put saran-wrap around the toilet bowl....Funny, but again super messy (I would recommend not doing this one, it is really messy..and kinda gross...but the reactions are priceless(if one's family can take a joke)). My favorite memory of a prank(ish) I did to my dad was right before St Patrick's Day (I know, not April Fools, but I do love a good prank). My dad loves St Patrick's Day, so one year I got into his work van, and put four-leaf clovers and green clover garland all over the inside cab. It was around the steering wheel, the dash, all over his mirrors (outside and inside), on the back of the cab, around his seats. Basically it looked like a leprechaun threw up inside his cab. The really great thing about this was he didn't take everything down. He kept most of it up in his cab for years. We finally last winter had to take it all down when we sold it. Good times. I think I like that prank the most because I didn't have to clean up after it(and my dad loved it)....

This year I am going to carry around glitter and throw it at people if they say my predetermined word/phrase...I am not disclosing the word/phrase, but trust me, it will be epic.

What are some of your favorite pranks you have done or have seen? Go ahead and post them in the comments! I want to hear from you. I might need ideas for future pranks. *wink wink*

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