Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't Spew Your Tea...But....

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday's post is all about Zaara! Zaara is having her annual 50% off sale!!!!!!!!!! So, I have the link to Zaara's store at the bottom of the blog, all her items are 50% off...all. Everything. Did I stutter?! NO! Go now, check it out. This sale doesn't last long (it's last day is September 30), so please please please go check it out.

There are dresses, shirts, pants, Indian outfits, jewelry, shoes, accessories....Did I mention everything is 50% off? Why are you still reading this? Go to Zaara now! Gentlemen, there is a men's section, too. It is in the building next to the main building.  There is also an outlet store (The outlet store is not 50% off, but it is still cheap).

Dress: Zaara Ritika Maxi Dress in Ivory, Shoes: LaRoo Zoey Heels Cocoa, Hair: Truth Freya, eyes: Redgrave Cat Green and Boudoir's closed eyes Natural

Zaara SURL:

Why aren't you at Zaara yet?

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