Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thandai for Your Holi

As you all know I am Hindu, and tomorrow is the holiday of Holi.  For those who do not know what Holi is, Holi is the Hindu Festival of colors.  It is meant to celebrate the colors and beauty of spring. You may or may not have heard of it, but more than likely have seen it. It is known for the colorful powder we throw at others.

Outfits: Beautiful Dirty Rich: Colorful Life (includes body dye and sunglasses), Hairs: Exile (Sun After the Rain Sparkle) (Earth Sparkle and Fade), Skins: (Sun Glam Affair Amberly II Jamaica) (Earth LAQ Jessica Peach), Slink hands and feet, Jewelry: (Sun Maxi Gossamer Shira Teardrop necklace and Aisling The Good Wife ring) (Earth CAE Timey Whimey Things) 

Since Holi is tomorrow, I wanted to do a post to celebrate all the color in Second Life! Earth has mentioned before that there is a lot of variety in Second Life, and lots of options for people.  We all know it is wonderful to be able to control and customize our Second Lives, when in Real Life this isn't possible. When I first joined Second Life, I used to wear a ball gown everywhere--who wouldn't want to look like they are going to a fancy party ALL the time. Now that I have been on Second Life for 3 years-Oh My Goodness, three years goes by so fast-I adore all the variety in outfits, the patterns, and colors.

I know I normally wear a select few colors-lots of white, pink, blue, sometimes red-but I love it when there are lots of options. Tomorrow I will have all the colors of the rainbow on my clothes, skin, hair, and let's hope none in my eyes; I will be dancing, eating sweets, drinking Thandai, and possibly having some champagne (it's not a party until there is some bubbly). I hope you all will take the time out of your day to celebrate all the fabulous colors of Spring and of Second Life. Maybe you can even send a small note to your favorite designer/creator and say "Thank you".  They add so much color to our lives in the virtual and metaphorical sense.  They help allow us to express how we feel and how we perceive ourselves in a virtual world where our Real Lives sometimes limit us, giving us an outlet to freely express ourselves.

Outfits for both Earth and myself are Chandi (each piece if from a different set, we mixed all the colors) by Zaara, The bracelets are by Zaara as is ALL of my jewelry, Earth's necklace is CAE: Timey Whimey and her earrings are by Zaara.  Slink hands for the two of us, Earth's skin is LAQ and mine is Glam Affair, Earth's hair is Posy by Truth and mine is Minerva by Truth.
Photo done by Strawberry Singh

Happy Holi Everyone!!! And I want to give a shout out to ALL the designers of Second Life:
Thank you for all your wonderful creativity and for sharing it with all the world (in Second Life and through Real Life).

"Colors are the smiles of Nature." --Leigh Hunt

Last picture was taken by the very talented Strawberry Singh! Thank you Berry. If you are interested in booking a shoot with Berry, you can find more information here.

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