Sunday, June 7, 2015

Feni for Summer Parties

Yay for Sundays! This week has been long and fun; I am finally ready to start enjoying my Summer. Even though I still have to work and have no time-off scheduled, I am ready to soak up some sun and to spend my time in the water with fun cocktails and beverages. I hope everyone had a good week--now to this week's post.

The Arcade opened on Monday and of course I couldn't get through, even with my LetMeIn Hud. Tuesday evening I tried again and I got in after an hour! First thing I did was go to the Zaara gacha and I stayed there until I won at least one of every single item. That took a lot of time and a LOT of Linden, but oh so worth it. Her past gachas have been household items and such, but this time her theme is Goa, which is a state in India, and has a good mix of household and wearable items. Goa is very free-spirited and kind of a Hippie place. So, of course, all of Zaara's items are colorful and a bit trippy--I kinda like it. I love the pants and the bikini she has in the gacha as well as all the jewelry and accessories. The bikini is a rare(and has a color change hud included), and so is the beach shack build. There are about 8 different colors of the pants, and all the accessories are good quality.  The outfit I have put together looks perfect with one of the hairstyles from Truth located at The Arcade. The hibiscus flower included in the hair adds the perfect touch.

I, of course, played other gachas at The Arcade; Erratic had a Lazy Days gacha and seeing how I love lazy Sundays I had to play it. The negligee Alice is a rare and comes with a color change hud. It is very sexy, very pretty, and very lazy(ish).  I was able to wear it without an alpha; it fits so well. Also {anc}LTD's gacha has peacock pets and of course I had to play for them! I adore peacocks, so to have some peacock pets/familiars, it is just one of the best thing ever. PLUS, at my mom and dad's house a man down the way has pet peacocks and we can hear them calling at sunrise and sunset whenever we are outside. And mentioning pets/familiars, +Half-Deer+ has a dragon familiar gacha and they are super adorable. They have mermaid-like tails (which match the other gacha by +Half-Deer+ at the event) and come in cute colors. There are two secret colors, one looks gold/white and the other looks like a starry-sky. They are super cute and I don't think any color is better then the next, so you can play multiple times, or just play once.

Bikini: Zaara Morjim @TheArcade, Pants: Zaara Arpora Fisherman's "So Chic" @TheArcade, Hair: Truth Damaris with Hibiscus @TheArcade, Jewelry: Zaara Friendship Bracelets, Zaara Baga Nosering, Zaara Retro Sunglasses,Zaara Rudraksh Necklace ALL @TheArcade, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6, Slink Hands and Feet

FaMESHed opened as well on Monday and I didn't get too crazy with my shopping there as I normally do(I only really liked a few of the items). Glam Affair has a cute dress and cardigan set, all together costs about 450L$. I thought it looked really cute with some wedges I got at The Arcade and the other hair by Truth from this round of the Arcade. All together with a jewelry set my Maxi Gossamer, which is also at FaMESHed, reminds me of a girl from the 1940s or 1950s. The whole look is just very vintage, fun, and summery.

Outfit: Glam Affair Aya Bodycon Dress and Coldy Cardigan @FaMESHed, Shoes: Ingenue Carmen Wedges @TheArcade, Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Esmeralda Gypsy @FaMESHed, Hair: Truth Gilda @TheArcade, Sunglasses: Zaara Retro Sunglasses @TheArcade, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

So for The Arcade, I recommend getting a LetMeIn Hud to help teleport you into the event, and for FaMESHed just enjoy a nice leisurely shopping experience. It should get easier to get into The Arcade after next Monday and until the event ends at the end of the month. Please take some time to go check both these rounds out. Hugs and Smooches~

I know I normally don't post where I take my pictures at, but I recently was shown around by a friend the redone sim that is home to a dance club called Lestastic; the ground part is all beachy and fun and so awesome for those of us ready for summer (or to us bloggers wanting fun beach pictures). Lestastic is a Lesbian club and is open to women(female avatars) every day and to everyone on Fridays.


The Aracade:


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