Friday, February 13, 2015

Rose Tea and Romance

Happy Valentine's Day Tea Readers!  This past weekend some events opened--some monthly and some for Valentine's day.  I am going to talk about two of the Valentine's events I enjoyed, and then Collabor88.

The two events I went to last weekend were "Love Is In the Air Fair" and "With Love Fair".  Now, I didn't get too Linden$ happy with buying a lot of items. I did get jewelry from Maxi Gossamer at both events (she does have a free gift at "With Love Fair" for everyone, you don't need to be a part of the group).  At the "With Love Fair" I also bought a ring by Izzie's called "Initial Love Ring".  I like how you can change the initials on it and the color of the heart. It's a very simple ring and very pretty.  Maxi Gossamer also has a very pretty heart necklace(I enjoy a lot of Maxi's jewelry).  I don't really have anything to wear the necklace with at this time; the heart is very large and has a lot of details bursting from it.  So the "With Love Fair" for me was more about jewelry than outfits. And come on, who couldn't use more jewelry? Am I right or am I right?

"Love Is In the Air Fair" was a surprise for me. Why you ask... Because Zaara is there!!! She has this vintage looking gown there. The gown itself is very simple, and the bust has a few strips of sequins. It is around 695L$ if I remember correctly, and she has it at a special discounted rate for the fair (so when it goes up in the mainstore it will be more Linden$).  I bought the ruby colored one, because with something so simplistic I wanted a deep color to make it stand out more. I am still working on pairing it with accessories, so when I have a finished product I will be sure to post a picture on Facebook, ASN, and on the blog. 

Dress: GizzA Cecelia Dress @Love Is In the Air Fair, Shoes: .Enfant Terrible. Rose shoe (former Arcade item), Bracelets: .Aisling. Elyan Bracelet, Ring: .Aisling. The Good Wife, Necklace and Earrings: Earthstones: Vintage Romance Princess, Skin: Glam Affiar Sia, Hair: Truth Sally (new release), Eyelashes: Redgrave Natural 6, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen, Slink Elegant 1 Hands and Mid Feet

Maxi Gossamer has another necklace out at "Love Is In the Air Fair". It reminds me of those Origami Owl necklaces. You know, the ones with the charms inside the pendant.  Again, I bought the necklace, but I don't know what to pair with it. I want to pair it with something to make it stand out, so when I have it done, I will be sure to post pictures.

GizzA has a GORGEOUS dress at "Love Is In the Air Fair"! It is very simple; it has a shear overlay, and it is high-low.  I love high-low dresses, so this was just the best. I bought the white one (surprise surprise).  I have it paired with deep red lipstick, nails polish, and simple rose gold/rose floral heels I won at the Arcade a few rounds back from Enfant Terrible. I am in Love with this dress. I saw the previews for it, and I knew I had to have it.  There are lots of other outfits and designers at the fair, and I never had a problem with lag or with teleporting to the event. Both Fairs end towards the end of the month, so you should have plenty of time to teleport over and get some sexy shopping done.

Collabor88 opened on Sunday with the theme "My Love", and teleporting took forever.  The first time I teleported in, none of the demos I tried would load properly due to lag(BTW: the Glam Affair skin photos do NOT match the actual skins, at least they didn't when the event opened. You need to try the demos to see what they look like. Hopefully this will have changed by the time I post, but if not, please please please always try the demos).  I saw some previews on the Second Life Inventory Facebook page, and I had mixed feelings. The event's colors are more subdued--they are darker than I normally like. There are LOTS of overalls. I am not an overall at all. Foxes has a very pretty dress I bought with a cardigan. Also COCO is there and has an Equestrian Riding jacket. I love horse back riding in Second Life, so this jacket was perfect for me!

At this round of Collabor88, the designers are celebrating "prom", so a lot of the designers had "dates" to this round--Dates meaning co-collaborators. A LOT of the stalls have two creators per stall.  It is very cool. My favorite pair is Baiastice and Bauhaus Movement. Baiastice has a nice blouse and dress combo, and the combination of this Violin and floral headpiece by Bauhaus Movement....Just breathtaking. You need to at least check out the display photo at the stall... Breathtaking. 

Dress: Foxes Wallflower Dress and Cardigan @Collabor88, Shoes: Eudora 3D Dahlia @Love Is In the Air Fair, Bracelets: both by Noodles Right: Initial Bracelet Gold @FaMESHed and Classic Love Bracelet @Collaobr88, Ring: Aisling Good wife, Necklace: Amourous Granny's Necklace, Hair: Exile Scribbled Hearts @Collabor88, Skin: Glam Affair Ellie skin @Kawaii Project, LipGloss: Glam Affair Goddess Romy, Slink Casual hands and High Feet, Eyes: Slink Mesh eyelids

Overall, these events were fun.  Everyone should take some time and go check them out. You don't even have to spend that much, there are items there within everyone's budget.  Happy Valentine's Day! Much Love, ~Hugs and smooches~

***UPDATE: Love is in the Air Fair last day is February 15th! Please go check out the event before it closes***


Love Is In the Air Fair:

With Love Fair:


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