Sunday, July 12, 2015

Make Your Own Blend

Happy Sunday! This week has been another crazy busy one for me. Today is my only day off, then back to the long work week. Not big on working so much, but the money....sweet, sweet money. Okay, on with the post~~

Outfit: Ionic Margaery @TheChapterFour, Necklace: CAE Juno @FaMESHed, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Nose Ring: Yummy Diamond Flower, Hair: Magika Meadow, Shoes: Nadya (not pictured), Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

There is this new event that started on the first of the month, and I believe it is going to be a monthly event. The Mix is really unique--you have a list of stores which have an item (or items) out special for the event. The item is either a sale (discounted previous store release), new (brand new release for the store), or an exclusive (an item, new or previous release, in special colors out for the event). What is really cool, is for the tons of stores who participate, you don't need a landmark. Everything is listed and used via a special HUD. The HUD is color coded with the list of stores and help show who has a sale, new, or exclusive item. You click the store you want to go to and then you can teleport. No landmark, just BAM the map pops up and you can just click teleport. It's so cool!

I ended up only buying a few things. I bought shoes from, a necklace by CAE, and a Summer jewelry set from Maxi Gossamer. I really do enjoy Maxi Gossamer Jewelry. Whenever Maxi does a new release more often than not I purchase it. Her pieces fit whatever the theme is and yet remain versatile enough to be easily paired with other outfits. The summer set she has, are all previous releases, and at a low, low price of 699L for the bundle. Great deal for all those pieces. I was inspired by her flip-book/advertising photo by Strawberry Singh and paired all the pieces with a top I bought at FaMEHSed. The top is fun and very summery.

Shirt: Style Threads Summer Top @FaMESHed, Shorts: Addams Epiphany, Jewelry and Shoes: Maxi Gossamer's Summer LookBook for The Mix, Hair: Truth Randa, Skin: Glam Affair Yolandi, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet

FaMESHed is very ready for summer. There are several swimsuits and swimsuit covers. Maxi Gossamer also has a summer hat at the event. I ended up buying some sarongs by Rebel Hope and a hat by Maxi. I, surprisingly, didn't buy the dress by Zenith this round. I didn't like the way the bra looked on my avatar. I don't know...the demo looked odd on me (looks great on Earth though). There is also a dress by Valentina called Debutante. I don't really like the cut of the dress, but Earth really liked it. And to be honest, it does look really sophisticated on her.

Bikini: Zaara Morjim, Sarong: Rebel Hope Mesh Sorang @FaMESHed, Necklace: CAE Illuminati for The Mix, Sunglasses: Glamistry, Hair: NEW Truth Shaylee, Anklets: Zaara Nizam Payal, Skin: Glam Affair, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes, Hena: Letis Diwali, Slink Hands and Feet

One event I hardly cover, but go to every month, is The Chapter Four. Usually I only ever buy a skin set by Glam Affair or some random shirt or skirt or accessory, which sits in my inventory until I can pair it with something. This month there are a LOT of outfits which I was able to put together (I may have cheated a lot, because the outfits are all partially put together... Don't judge). My favorites are by COCO and Ionic. COCO has a cute sheer crop-top shirt and matching skirt. It is more modern of a look on me, but I have made it a bit softer by having a simple curly hair paired with it. The dress by Ionic has an attached cardigan sweater; it is really cute and the prints are simple and add a small bit of flare.

Sun is wearing... Outfit: COCO Sheer Panel Top and Skirt @TheChapterFour, Hair: Truth Lyric, Shoes: Just Design Boho Vintage Brick, Ring: Aisling The Good Wife, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: Redgrave Catgreen and Natural6 Lashes, Slink Hands and Feet
Earth is wearing... Outfit: Valentina Debutante @FaMESHed, Shoes: Reign Adele @FaMESHed, Necklace: Junbug Pearls of Wisdom @FaMESHed, Ring: Anara's Earth and CAE Belle, Earrings: Earthstones Sitara, Bangles: {anc} ThornCombiBandle, Hair: Truth Posy, Skin: LAQ Jessica Peach, Slink Hands and Feet

Season's Story opened on Friday and Collabor88 opened on Wednesday, but this week's post is already long. I will post more next week about Season's Story and Collabor88. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday cuppa and have a wonderful week~ Hugs and Smooches.

Huge THANK YOU to Earth for letting me use her new home (Glam Affair's item for The Mix!) as the location for some of the photos and for posing with me in her new outfit from this month's FaMESHed! HUGGLES~~~~


The Chapter Four:


The Mix Hud, it's free!

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