Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rose Petal Tea for the Boudoir

Hey everyone! I took a small vacation from the blog last Sunday due to it being a holiday weekend in the States. Lots of family time and cook-outs, even though I was online most of the time.  This week's post is going to be about a few new rounds that have started, including a little about We <3 Role-Play.

FaMESHed:  A new month is up at FaMESHed, and lots of amazing mesh designs are out and ready for purchase. Zenith has a new dress called "Braces" which I am wearing in this weeks photos that come in an array of colors and a few select prints. I of course am wearing the pink floral print, but there are solid colors and a non-floral print you can choose from. The dress isn't expensive, and the leather belt comes with a hud so you can change the color of the leather to match whatever accessories you might have. I chose to go with the lighter color belt to go with the mesh necklace done by Xylon Bigbear (designer/creator of Zenith) for the Kustom9 round. Both of which go together, and you can see how well they look in the display picture at FaMESHed.
                       There is also this really gorgeous dress and sweater combo done by Lumiere, the only down get both the dress and the sweater it is over 600$L. It is a beautiful combo, but the price is way out of my budget for a combo. Other than that, the round is pretty awesome, and lots of nice mesh items.

Kustom9:  The round at Kustom9 is getting ready to close up, like I mentioned before in another post, the theme is Kawaii.  The Zenith necklace is there, and does pair well with the dress which is at FaMESHed, but you be the judge on what you want. Remember--every single round is good to the last drop.

We <3 Role-Play:  WHRP just started with a new round and lots of pretty head pieces for all. I haven't seen so much head gear, ever. There are tiaras of many kinds, hair decor, you name it.  There is one dress done by Luminary which I like, and it can be done for a fantasy look, or a modern look, depending upon how you pair your hair and accessories.  I have the dress (Victoria is what it is called) paired with a pearl necklace with a large pendant, black pearl bracelet, and a red floral bracelet.  So it looks like I am going to a night at the theatre, all I need is a cute fur coat/cape.

Uber:  This month's theme at Uber is the Apocalypse, and while the styles and looks are not Sunday Tea at all (very grungy and dark and well...Apocalyptic), the items are all five star. I ended up getting a few different items to create a whole new look, and I actually ended up liking it a lot. It is nothing like what I normally wear, and I can't even say my Anti-Sun would look right with the items either...So I named it my Apocalyptic Survivor outfit.

As these new rounds begin, old ones are closing and will be opening back up with some new amazing items.  Go ahead and grab as much as you can from the old, and take a look at the new--Plan ahead, and take some time to relax, and have a cuppa.

Hair: Magika Harmony (August round of Collabor88), Skin: Unique Megastore Ethnic India, Dress: Zenith Floral-B Braces Dress (FaMESHed), Necklace: Zenith Rattan Neckbag in Milk (Kustom9), Shoes: LaRoo Emily Wedge Sandals in Tan, Eyelashes: Natural by Redgrave
Here are the surls to the events:



We <3 Role-Play:


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