Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tea Room Flashback #1

Dress: Salt. Watercolour Garden Dress; Hat: Salt. Birdwatcher's Hat; Hair: Truth Guinevere; Necklace: Zenith Earth Stone Butterfly Necklace
This week's post is going to be about those older outfits that you have in your inventory.  You know that one outfit you saved up your hard earned Linden dollars for? That one that you thought you would never get, and then once you got it, you wore it everywhere. Well, I have a few of those outfits, and they are all by a designer, who I wish would create more items (especially if she could do mesh, I think that would be marvelous) whose store is named Salt.

After I first joined Second Life, it was really hard for me to find outfits I was comfortable wearing out for any occasion. I hardly had any outfits in my inventory, thankfully my sister Earth was able to help me get my wardrobe started, but I still didn't have much.  When I went out inworld to go shopping, all I could find was provocative outfits, and most of the freebie outfits were just whorish.  So, I went out onto the marketplace to find some dresses (because I love wearing dresses both in Real Life and Second Life) which one could wear out shopping, hanging out at home with family/friends, and going out dancing.  Let me tell you something...Easier said than done. I was on the marketplace for what seemed like forever....Forever! And then, right when I was about to give up, I saw a dress that I instantly fell in love with. I immediately bought the dress, and proceeded to buy out the store in world.

Whenever I wear one of the Salt. dresses, I always get complimented and I just love them. The dresses are not mesh, and Tammy Goodliffe, the creator/designer, has not created anything new in a long while. Regardless, the dresses are reasonably priced, classy, and oh so magnificent. I love them. They were my first go to outfits, and whenever I am in doubt, I just put on one, add some accessories, and then BOOM! Outfit complete.

I am going to do more posts about older outfits I have, and older designers I love and I will post the blog title as a Tea Room Flashback. New is nice, but those oldies sure are goodies.

Salt. surl:
Salt. marketplace store:  It appears Tammy Goodliffe took down her marketplace store, the only store she has now is the one inworld. Please check it out! I don't know how long she will have her dresses for sale, and they are all must haves.

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