Monday, October 24, 2016

Trick or Tea?

Happy Sunday Tea Readers! I hope everyone has had an awesome week. I know this week has gone by super fast for me. Work has been good, my family is doing well, and in Second Life the Epiphany Gacha opened on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Dress: Foxes Dead Cute Dress @Epiphany, Boa: Zenith Shoulder Faux Fur, Boots: Reign Patent Mishi Boots, Hair: Tableau Vivant Lenor, Pet: Foxes Dead Cute Skelecat, Earrings: MaxiGossamer Angelica's Ankh of Power, Necklace: Random Matter Daphne, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and FATElashes, Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

There were three gachas I had to play at Epiphany. I really liked the Foxes gacha, which had these cute skelecat familiars. There are some nice corsets and dresses in the gacha, as well as other spooky familiars--but for me those skelecat familiars were the cutest. I also like the Fawny gacha rare of this cool bodysuit dress with a sheer skirt. I am really liking this sheer skirt fad. There is also a cute three-eyed cat holdable pet.

Dress: Fawny Coven Bodysuit and Skirt @Epiphany, Pet: Fawny Coven Cat for Hand @Epiphany, Boots: Empire Xylobium @in Luxebox for October, Bracelets: CAE Engraved Sisters and Mantra Peace, Hair Tableau Vivant Wicca, Necklaces: Yummy Hamsa, Shining Crystal, Crystal Choker, Rings: Izzie's Spring Midi Rings, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and FATElashes, Ears: Mandala Season 5 Steking

Jian also has these cute Inu-Shiba pets. The rares are dressed up in costumes, the commons range from regular dogs to trick-or-treaters. They also go from companions to wandering pets. I was lucky and got the rare Prince Doggo. He is so adorable!  

Outfit: Blueberry Secret Dress, Hat, and Panties @Epiphany, Boots: Reign Patent Mishi Boots, Necklaces: Yummy Hamsa, Shining Crystal, and Crystal Choker, Hair: Spellbound Malice, Bracelets: CAE engraved sister bracelet and Mantra Bracelet, Rings: Izzie's Spring Midi Rings, Skin: Glam Affair Katra, Eyes: IKON Charm and FATElashes, Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, Pet: Jian Hallow-Inu Prince Doggo Rare @Epiphany

With the Epiphany, you can trade in your extras for Epiphany points and then you can use the points to "buy" exclusive items you can only get for this round. Once the round is over, the exclusive items are gone forever. The only exclusive item I really wanted was the Day of the Dead applier for the Catwa mesh heads by Glam Affair. And Tea Readers, you know I love Day of the Dead!!! I have my applier paired with the Blueberry gacha items, which is a sexy witch outfit (also available at Epiphany). 

Full Outfit: Blueberry Secret (includes armlets, boots, dress, and broom) @Epiphany, Head: Catwa Nicki Static including eyes, Applier for head: Glam Affair Day of the Dead @Epiphany Exclusive, Hair: Tableau Vivant Longfall, Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

When Epiphany opened last week, it was really crowded, and I do know they were having some issues with lag. It should be better now, but below I am including the off-sim shopping landmark in case the main sim is full. I hope everyone has fun shopping, and remember to plan ahead. Check out the Epiphany Guide on their website, and look at Seraphim. Happy Shopping! Hugs and Smooches~


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