Sunday, July 20, 2014

~Sweet Tea or Unsweet Tea? In the End It's Still Tea~

Happy Sunday everyone. I have been thinking, and planning, and consulting, and doing more thinking about this week's post. Last week I mentioned and posted pictures of my other "persona" on Second Life. Same avatar, different skin, eyes, hair, style, etc... I was talking about how creating a new look, completely different look, and the hunting for the clothes and items for the different looks was almost meditative/therapeutic for me. Well, I wanted to share the story behind my other persona, or as I refer to it as, the AntiSun. Go ahead, put your kettle on-it is story time.

Almost a year ago, my real life became really crazy. My family and I were experiencing a crisis. Before this crisis happened, I was experiencing a lull in my Second Life. I used to be open to changes and  being flexible, but since I have gotten older I find I like consistency and stability. When there are lots of changes (and if you worked were I worked you would COMPLETELY understand) it is frustrating never knowing what to do. Being flexible can only help so much. So anyway, my Second Life was getting pretty predictable. I was doing the same things whenever I was logging on, nothing fashion wise was taking my interest, even though new things were coming out; I wasn't really talking to many of my friends and Second Life Family, I was just in a lull. So, there I was going through my inventory(doing a clean up) and I noticed I had some skins which I bought intending to be used for a role play, that sadly I never ended up starting, and I had some clothes that I bought because I liked yet the outfit wasn't my style... So there I am looking at a these skins and outfits and I started to think...why not create a whole new look. Why not build a completely different avatar out of some of this stuff. 

It took me a whole weekend to create the whole look of the AntiSun. Were I am tan, the AntiSun is pale; I have blonde hair, AntiSun has jet-black hair; I have green eyes, AntiSun has pale Lavender eyes. Even the shapes are different. When wearing any of my AntiSun outfits, I enjoy going places I don't normally go in Second Life. I feel more domineering and assertive when wearing the AntiSun. Normally I feel bright and full of life, but wearing the AntiSun I feel darker and just mysterious. The AntiSun is to me as a White Dwarf is to a Star. Your kettle is about to whistle, if it isn't already, go ahead and take it off the burner. 

SUN: hair-Truth Dasha Blonde, dress-Zenith Bohemian Summer Rose, necklace- Fans & Co Arwen Evenstar, Earrings-EarthStones Floral Stud Fire Opal, skin- Unique Megastore India, eyelashes- RedGrave elemental 16, eyes-RedGrave Catgreen
ANTISUN: hair-Truth Carrie Black; outfit-Utopia Dalila; necklace-Amorous Ankh; Earrings- Gold Diamond (got them on the marketplace a long time ago...); skin-Redgrave Fairy Vampire Skin-Bella; lipstick-Redgrave BloodRed (came with the bundle of skins); eyelashes RedGrave Elemental 16, eyes-NoirOptix Pale Violet

Soon after making the AntiSun, my family(in Real Life) underwent a horrible tragedy. I was not able to get online, and when I was online, it was only for a few minutes at a time. After a few months, my Real Life was changing into something I was coming to terms with, and I was able to really get online and when I got online, I was trying to get caught up on what I missed while offline, and I found myself creating more different looks. I was creating different looks for my normal look. Nothing offers more inspiration than trying to do something completely new and different and against the norm. And, my AntiSun outfits aren't really anti-me. It is still me, just a bolder more provocative me. Go ahead and pour yourself a cuppa.

In keeping with this week's post, I make a different Avatar look from some of the items I found at this month's Genre round. This month's theme is Baroque. Well...The notice said, "Let them eat cake" but we all know it is done in the Baroque style. Lots of colors, beautiful pieces which seem out of time and just priceless. So I made a Baroque Avatar.

Hair- Boudoir, Baroque hair silver; dress-The Library, Marie; necklace- [L] Marie Necklace, Antoinette Gold/Cream; skin-L~Delphine: Honey/Versailles Mild Cleavage; eyelashes-NOYA Vamp eyelashes; eyes-RedGrave CatGreen 

Well, that's it for this Sunday. Feel free to comment or send me a question. I would be happy to answer. And just remember, even though someone else looks different, no matter how different, they are still the same. Hugs and Smooches my Tea Readers!

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