Sunday, February 21, 2016

~On a Whim~

Happy Sunday everyone! Really REALLY short post this week, but I wanted to give a bit of information on a new event called Whimsical. It opened on the 18th, and it is very...whimsical.

The Whimsical event was created by people from The Fantasy Collective and The Epiphany Gacha. The whole sim itself is very relaxing and landscaped so well--almost like you can take a nice spring summer stroll around a fresh garden. The vendor stalls fit in so well with the landscape; the whole event looks well put together! Kudos to everyone who had a hand in the landscaping and decorating! Well done! I love when you go to an event and everything looks nice and is easy to navigate. (There are also maps placed around the landing point so you can easily find where all the designers/creators have set up.

Hair: NEW Truth Henya @Whimsical, Necklace: ERSCH Stellation 9 Pisces @Whimsical, Crown/Starband: ERSCH: Stellation 16 RARE @Whimsical, Body: Maitreya Lara, Skin: Glam Affair December, Eyes: IKON Charm Emerald and Redgrave Natural6 Lashes, Teeth: Whatever Fang Mesh Teeth

I didn't buy any clothing items for my avatar at the event, however I did like some accessories, especially these constellation necklaces by ERSCH. I am a huge lover of the stars. I remember when I was younger going outside late at night with my father and finding all the constellations and looking for shooting stars. And even now, being a real and hard working adult I am, I still find myself looking at the same constellations and STILL I am in awe. The necklaces come in a gacha, so you can not buy the specific constellation you want, but you could get these really cool tiaras (they are the rares). Just an FYI:  there is one box in the gacha which is mislabeled. If you are a gemini, your item is #4, and when you open the box for #4 it will say Virgo. IT IS NOT VIRGO; I think the creator got the item names mixed up. #2 is Virgo and #4 is Gemini.

Truth is also at the event with a fun new hair called Henya. There is an optional  headband and feather add on which is really cool. I would of loved if there was a peacock feather option, but there are some nice color choices. Also you can add on a whisp of hair at your bangs, and also hair covering your front. In the picture above I have on only the whisp and the front hair attachment.

There are of course lots, and I do mean LOTS, of other really cool items and creations--I was just interested in the constellation necklaces and the hair by Truth. The event will be open till March 3rd, so go on over to Whimsical and take a look around. Even if you don't buy anything, it is still a lovely walk.

Let's be whimsical together!!!!! xoxo


The Whimsical:

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