Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's Good to the Last Drop

Hair- Truth Fleur with white flowers; outfit- MotiAme Off Shoulder top(white) with Bow Flare skirt floral option#2
Available for a limited time at KUSTOM9

Happy first of the month! Summer is halfway through, and for most kids, back to school time is coming up fast, so good-bye to summer vacation. For the the rest of us grown ups, the due date to put in for time-off to enjoy the summer is rapidly approaching, and pretty soon the summer will have flown by. There are a few other Summer Fashion events coming up in August, and one of those is Uber sponsored by Truth Hair. Okay, so honesty moment. This event, it's not huge, has AMAZING Mesh outfits, hairs, accessories, home items, a few skins...basically the items that are at the event are top quality, well priced, must have in your inventory NOW! items. Some of the items you might have to save for a rainy day when you are creating a new outfit (always a fun time), but everything is wonderful. Zaara has a new dress out exclusively at the event for now, and it is so flowing and free, a definite must have.  It is nice of Truth to sponsor a Summer event towards the end of Summer for those of us who don't want it to end just yet.

Season's Story is done with it's summer round, and I feel like it just opened up. I found myself teleporting over to their gorgeous sim at least once a week to take another look at a lot of the amazing clothes and items there. Collabor88 will be done soon with it's Safari round, so go ahead and take a look through if you haven't already (again, I keep going back to see if there is absolutely anything else I could want or need). Kustom9 is still going on, and I don't know when it will finish, but I bought a dress(really it is a shirt and skirt combo) and I am wearing it in this week's pictures.  I have been pairing it with a clutch I bought at Junbug called Princess Clutch (bought it in ivory)...Probably one of my new go to outfits.  Famished finished this week, but a new round opened up soon after, God Bless you Famished! The items at Famished are nice, and the outfits kind of make you think of the transition into autumn...cheeky designers. As some old rounds close, new rounds open up, and new events replace old.

Every event to me is just as good at it's start, as it is when it finishes. I find myself teleporting to the rounds multiple times to check things out, and sometimes when creating an outfit, I remember pieces from designers I saw at an event, and will check back to go grab it, or find something else.  So once you go to an event, don't just delete the landmark, or don't just go once--go multiple times. You don't have to buy something every time you go, but get to know what is there.  You might end up helping out a friend pick out a new outfit, or find that one missing piece the complete's his/her new look.  Do yourself and your friends a "solid", keep your eyes open for all that is there.  Keep going back. Because that one moment, when you think to yourself, "This needs something else, something to make me pop in the new outfit, " you want to be able to know where you can go to get yourself looking Awesome.

Hair- Truth Fleur with white flowers; outfit- MotiAme Off Shoulder top(white) with Bow Flare skirt floral option#2; shoes- Boudoir Moonlight Flowers; necklace: Fans & Co-Arwen's evenstar necklace




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