Sunday, May 11, 2014

Would you like a cup of Camomile?

So, this is the first real post for my blog. There will be a post every Sunday, it's my goal at least. This Sunday, I don't have any life altering stories to share. I do have one small story though. Go ahead, get the kettle off the stove, steep some camomile with me.

So my Real Life and Second Life twin sister, Earth Tvilling, and I have a Second Life family. Most of the people on Second Life do, or at least are in the process of finding a family. Some people join groups, and the group becomes their family. For example if you join a role player group, a club group, or something along those lines. Others create a family from the friends they meet. Earth and I were lucky enough to have found our family...or maybe they found us... My family always inspires me and my outfits. They are my muses, they are honest with me if something doesn't look right for me, or if it just doesn't go. Overall, Families on Second Life, I feel are important in Second Life (not just so you know if those jeans make you look fat). Back to the story...

Earth and I have been offline for a lot of the fall and winter months due to Real Life issues. So the other day, I sent out a notice to our family members. It just said Earth and I would be online more, we missed everyone, and just wanted to say, "Hi! Missed your faces! Talk to us when you see us online if we don't talk to you first because we want updates. Hugs and Smooches." Maybe not in those exact words, but the heart of the message is the same. Yesterday, Earth and I were at Aggro, a cool dragon place, hanging out, I was taking pictures, like these:
Earth Tvilling: wearing Seawolf Adult Dragon Avatar and Purple Silk Collier by Spirit of Dragons

So as I was taking pictures of Earth, and she was strutting her Dragoness self, one of our family members IMs the two of us. We were so excited, Earth ended up doing dragon rides, which lead to a gryphon ride by another member of the family, which then ended up with, "Let's shoot Sun with arrows and go hunting." Needless to say we had a blast. Had not done that in a while. Just spending time with them doing crazy stuff was amazing.
Now you are wondering, were is the Fashion? This is supposed to be a fashion blog. Add your cream, sugar, and or lemon...Take a sip of you now perfectly steeped tea.
Skin-Unique Megastore India; Hair-Truth April w/hairpin; umbrella-{WhatNext}posing Umbrella; coat/dress- coldLogic coat goldingblue; rings-Earthstones SplendidLove on left hand, on right hand Zaara Raaga Oyster silver ring; Shoes- [Gos]Boutique Miranda Chunky Pump-midnight roses

I was inspired to create this outfit because I love the rain, because rain waters the plants, and I love gardening, so rain is awesome. Saves me from having to water all my flowers, nature does it for me! So what does my time spent with my Second Life family have to do with my outfit and rain? My family makes me smile; they are the soft gentle warm rain that you can go dance in and feel like life is the most amazing thing ever. They are what makes you feel exhilarated after a long day or night at work. And if the rain is hard, cold, and it is storming out, they are my umbrella. BAM! Bet you didn't see that one coming! Fashion Blog with a little bit of philosophy.

All in all, I just wanted to share with you how important my Second Life family is to me in my Second Life.

If you have any questions, comments, please leave a comment or email me. Check me out on Facebook--The blog has a group on it called "Sun Tea and Fashion". Open enrollment, just join the group and you are in(I was having problems with the settings earlier, but I fixed it!). Also feel free to join the group inworld, "Sunday Tea and Fashion".

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